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Used and abused in my first foursome.

2023-01-23 00:01:59

My previous stories have all detailed terrible beatings. In this one I have explored fantasies of myself being used in a group sex scene. I have kept up the idea of being used and abused, and have kept a degree of BDSM in the story.
At the insistent suggestion of one reader, I have introduced something rather dirty which may turn some readers off, but presumably, might excite others. I will be interested in receiving some feedback on that issue.
Anyhow, I hope that, for men and women alike, you all masturbate while reading my story, as I did while writing it.

For several months after her last beating, Yvonne's husband made no further attempt to involve her with any other men. It seemed that his perverse desire to see his wife suffer, had at least temporarily been satisfied.
It was certain that Yvonne's own bizarre need for such cruel dominance had well and truly been sated.

At times when she thought back over her experience, Yvonne considered herself to have been so stupid to have submitted to such violent treatment. On the other hand though, another stronger train of thought gave her a sense of deep, personal satisfaction that she had undergone such treatment and that she had excited such lustful violence in the men who had used her.

The months slid by with Yvonne and Rob's sex life having reverted to one of normality. Lately though, Rob had once more had lustful desires to see his wife being beaten and abused by another man. With these thoughts in mind, he began to consider that it was time that she should be used by several men at the one time. Accordingly, he began to seek out sadists on internet porn sites. The few that he found living relatively local to him, were treated to full and explicit descriptions of his wife and of the perverted sessions of cruelty that she had previously undergone.

Now, one night as he fucked his wife, he began telling her of the several men that he'd been in contact with. Instinctively, Yvonne immediately knew where this talk would lead. She felt a tremor of emotion through her body, but it was a tremor of lustful excitement rather than of fear.

Rob spoke generally, not being specific on any detail, as he tested his wife's reaction.
Yvonne just very momentarily hesitated, but then, unable to help herself, she enthusiastically took the bait.
"How many men?" ....... "huge cocks, you say!" ............ "love being cruel - you always seem to talk to those types darling."

Her husband, knowing his wife's mind so well, at once knew that she was ripe for more cruel, sadistic use.
Once he might have led her on very slowly, all the time testing and easing her further and further into his scheme. Now however, he went straight to the point and told his wife, "three guys together will be a whole new experience for you."

Yvonne's mind was in a turmoil - she thought back to her previous sessions and imagined what terrible treatment might be in store for her if she let herself be led into the hands of these men. Those thoughts told her to resist, but perverted lustful feelings led her further and further on. She knew that it was madness to once more submit to such horrors of cruelty, and yet she couldn't help herself.

What a strange marriage theirs was. Yvonne's husband obviously loved her very dearly, and yet he had this need to see her degraded, abused, and suffering. Indeed the more they spoke of this new scheme, the more loving and tender he became towards his wife. She on the other hand, thrilled that she could stir such debauched lust in her husband, and be the cause of leading men to do such appallingly cruel things to her.

Rob had often marvelled at his wife's willingness to submit to the cruelties of the men he had set her up for. It was not as if she could easily bear the pain - she sooked like a baby if she should happened to bump herself or to get a scratch.
He felt great satisfaction with his achievements. Yvonne had been so innocent and pure when they had married, indeed she still appeared that way to her family and friends - they would be amazed if they knew her true feelings and if they knew of the activities she got up to.

Shortly after their marriage, Rob had introduced his bride to pornography - soft core at first, but rapidly escalating to the crudest that could be found. He delighted that Yvonne had immediately shown such interest in the filthy magazines and videos that he had shown her, and that she was so willing to experiment with the new ideas to which she was introduced.
She had baulked a little when introduced to BDSM, but soon agreed to try being spanked. She surprised both herself and her husband the way that she had rapidly progressed from wanting no more than just some playful slapping on the bottom, to being enthusiastic in being genuinely hurt and wanting her husband's leather belt to inflict some serious pain.

Yvonne wondered about her lust and believed herself to be perverted and abnormal because of her bizarre and unnatural desires. She thought back to the constant fantasy she'd had as a child, when she would lay in bed touching herself and imagining that she was displayed naked in some public place, with dozens of men stopping to view her. At that stage she had never imagined any physical abuse, she had only revelled in the idea of being degraded and humiliated.

Over the next couple of day's, Yvonne's husband got busy with his emails. Soon all was set. The three men would meet together, then come and use Yvonne in her own house.
The time came. Yvonne had spent a long time preparing herself, and was beautifully made up and all ready to be given to the men. She couldn't keep still, so tense was she with nervous anticipation. First she would sit, then get up and look out of the window. Then into the kitchen to get a drink, but then leave it untouched as she went back to the window. No sooner at the window than she would go to check that her hair was right. She was fired with sexual anticipation, but also so very, very nervous and a little scared.

Finally, as she glanced out of the window for the fiftieth time, Yvonne was transfixed as she saw a car pull up. She watched the three men get out and stand talking as they looked towards the house.
"They're here," she excitedly told her husband, her voice filled with conflicting emotions.

The men walked towards the house, one middle aged, short, swarthy, and powerfully built; another taller and athletic looking; the third quite a bit older than what Yvonne would have expected, somewhere in his sixties, with small cruel looking eyes.
Rob opened the door and greeted them as he would someone who was extremely welcome.

The men seemed a little apprehensive, perhaps thinking that this all seemed too good to be true and wondering if it were some sort of bizarre joke. These thoughts seemed to be confirmed when Yvonne was introduced - she was altogether too lovely, with too pretty a face to be someone involving herself in this sort of thing.
Rob sensed their suspicions and, to put them at ease, asked if they would like to have his wife suck their cocks.

The old man with the cruel eyes was the one to jump at the offer. "Come on then slut," he sneered as he unzipped his pants and took his big, heavy, rapidly swelling cock out.
Yvonne, wanting to ease her own tension and nervousness, immediately knelt down and took the base of the man's large cock in her soft hands. She kissed his big, heavy cock, licked the hard, swollen head, then engulfed it with her lips and slowly lowered her mouth down over the thick, pulsing penis.
"Arrhhh," the man half growled and half sighed. He reached down and screwed up Yvonne's hair in two fistfuls and dragged her head so far onto his cock that it pushed right to the entrance to her throat, causing her to gag and choke.

"Ha! Listen to the fucking slut," the old guy sneered jubilantly as Yvonne struggled and coughed and choked with gurgling, retching sounds emitting from her as her head was held tight and deep fucked right back to her throat. She struggled and reaching up with her arms tried to push the guy away. He simply tightened his grip on her dark hair and shoved his cock right into her epiglottis, causing her to wretch violently as her body tried to vomit out the cock that was invading her throat and blocking off her airway.

The other two men, seeing Yvonne's husband simply grinning and standing by watching this physical abuse of his wife, now undid their pants and took out their large, thick, hard cocks.
The two rubbed their cocks over Yvonne's face, unable to do little else while the old guy was fucking her mouth so savagely.

Yvonne's eyes were staring and she began to thresh about wildly as she slowly suffocated. The old guy, seeing the need to perhaps let her have a few breaths, pulled his cock out and gave her a hard slap across the cheek. "You stupid, fucking, cunt-whore," he snarled, and then once more plunged his cock into her mouth.

One of the other guys glanced across at Yvonne's husband, thinking that such abuse might be too much. One brief glance though, told that the husband approved entirely of this perverted use of his wife. Accordingly, this second guy now wrenched Yvonne's head around in preparation for also fucking her throat.

The old guy, having been displaced from Yvonne's mouth, now got down and half ripped her blouse from her shoulders, revealing her small breasts with their large, firm nipples. Opening his mouth he bit into one, causing Yvonne to buck about and give a muffled, gurgling yell as her mouth and throat were, at the same time being fucked.
Leaning back, the old guy admired the teeth marks that he'd left on the soft, white flesh of Yvonne's breast. Now, with the flats of his hands, he began to viciously slap her tits so that they lurched from side to side and to rapidly glow red.

Yvonne was gurgling, choking, retching, grunting as her throat was fucked and her breasts were slapped and beaten.
"Stand the cunt up while I get her skirt off," the older guy ordered in a way that had to be obeyed.
Yvonne dragged up by her hair, struggled to her feet and stood submissively while the old guy fumbled with the catch and zipper of her skirt.
"Let me do it," she said after a moment as she saw the guy struggling to get the hook undone. She then deftly undid the catch, slid the zipper down, and let her skirt fall to reveal lovely lace top white stockings and the sexiest little pair of bikini panties.
Yvonne made no hesitation in sliding first one, then the other stocking down and playfully kicked them from her feet. Her delicate, slender hands then slipped the panties down over her belly, down her naked thighs, to fall around her ankles. She then stood there stark naked for the three guy's lustful inspection.

The three men stood gazing for a moment, transfixed by the sight of Yvonne's lovely body, her lovely unblemished skin, her firm, shapely figure with the small white breasts surmounted by her quite large nipples.
Once more it was the old guy who took the initiative. "Fuck! I'm going to ruin that fucking beautiful body," he sneered cruelly.
To put his promise into action, he grabbed a handful of Yvonne's hair and forced her down onto her knees. He then proceeded to once more fuck her mouth while at the same time, having dropped his hands to her throat, began to half strangle her by pressing both thumbs against her windpipe, just occasionally releasing them only to give her a few firm slaps across her face.

The other two guys, not being slow in taking advantage of what one laughingly described as a piece of free fuck-meat, dragged Yvonne into position on all fours so that one could get up behind her and plunge his massively hard cock deeply into her wet, dribbling cunt, while the other began to tightly bind her small tits with a substantial length of cord.

Yvonne's husband, having stripped naked, stood by gloating at his wife's abuse and alternately urged the guy fucking her cunt to "really sink your cock into the fucking whore," then prompting the guy with the cord to "bind her tits so tightly as to nearly cut them off," then promptly turning his attention to the guy fucking his wife's mouth by telling him to "strangle the slut while you fuck her throat."

Each of the men were constantly hurling verbal abuse at Yvonne as they went about their business of abusing her body. "Filthy little whore, stupid fucking bitch, dumb-ass fucking harlot, dirty fucking cunt," the abuse was continual and washed over Yvonne in torrents of degrading ideas as she felt her tits aching and throbbing from their bindings; as she gagged and choked and gasped for air from being mouth fucked and strangled, and as her body lusted and filled with thrilling sensations as the huge cock plunged back and forth, back and forth in her wet, slippery pussy.

The guy slid his cock from Yvonne's squelching cunt. The cock was massive at perhaps nine inches in length and the thickness of Yvonne's slender wrists. It was glistening with the combined juices of its own oozing cum along with the copious quantities of juice which Yvonne was dribbling from her lustful cunt. The veins along the length of the guy's cock stood out like whipcords, the pressure of which pumped his cock to its huge, swollen size.
He leaned forward and slid his tongue across Yvonne's tightly closed asshole. He then dribbled saliva onto it and began to press the ball of his finger onto her hole, opening it slightly and working his saliva in as a lubricant.

Yvonne spread her knees a little more and slightly pushed her bum further upwards. She knew what was coming next and she lusted for that dirty and unnatural form of fucking.
Yvonne's hole was loosening. Two fingers now probed and pulled and stretched at her anus. The guy's saliva dribbled in. The fingers slipped about now, becoming easier to slide in and out. The fingers came out and the cum oozing head of the huge cock now pressed against Yvonne's hole.
Pushing and pressing forwards the cock stretched the opening to Yvonne's anal canal until it entered into her body, causing her to emit little gasping moans of delight.
The guy's large hands gripped Yvonne's soft ass cheeks, spreading them apart as his cock began to ease up into her body. In, in, further and further, stretching her until the guy's pubic hair pressed firmly against the flesh above her asshole. His cock now deep within her, hugged firmly by her anal tube.
In and out the guy slowly pumped his cock. Her intestines felt warm and slimy on his pulsing, lusting cock. He eased his cock half the way out and looked down at its hardness, glistening with slime . How degrading to make her suck it, the thought occurred to him.
He pulled right out, his huge cock swaying out in front of his belly.
"Let the slut suck this," he said to the old guy as he tried to push his way towards Yvonne's gagging, gasping mouth.

The older guy seeing the value in giving way, let the guy push his smeared cock between Yvonne's lovely lips, swapping position so that it was now the old guy fucking her ass as she sucked on the cock which had previously been deep within her now well stretched bowels.
The two set up a rotation, each of them alternately fucking Yvonne's ass and then her mouth.

Yvonne's husband, so worked up at watching his wife being abused in this way, knelt beside her and reached his hand into her now vacant cunt. Three fingers easily slipped into her slippery wetness, and moments later he had four fingers exploring her sloppy fuck-pit, and pushing in until her cunt stretched enough for the fingers to enter right in past the knuckles of his fist, with just his thumb sticking out.
Rob worked his wife's cunt in this way for a moment or two, then lay his thumb alongside his fingers and began to push his hand forward with the intention of inserting his entire fist up inside his wife's cunt.

Yvonne had had her husband's fist inside her on several occasions and soon her husband had all fingers and thumb in her cunt and was pressing forward and twisting his hand back and forth so that his knuckles were stretching, stretching, stretching her hole.
Yvonne's cunt was literally dribbling her juices so that they trickled down the insides of her thighs. Suddenly her cunt, having stretched so much, engulfed her husband's entire fist and it slid totally inside her body.

Rob had a definite intention in getting his fist up inside his wife's cunt. He straight away twisted his hand so that his fingers could press against the thin flesh membrane separating cunt from shit tunnel.
"Yes!" he exclaimed, as he actually felt the guy's cock moving up and down at the other side of the separating wall inside his wife's cunt. He pressed on the separating flesh within Yvonne's cunt, and then the old guy, who happened to be the one fucking Yvonne at the time, exclaimed that his cock could feel the husband's hand pressing against him inside the slut's body.

Yvonne was going crazy with the treatment which she was receiving. A cock in her mouth, a cock up her bum, a fist inside her pussy, and her breasts swollen and being slapped around, was just heaven to her. Her whole being was filled with fabulous sensations of lustful desire.
She had totally surrendered herself in every way to the men who were using her so crudely and pervertedly. She was so thrilled that she had abandoned every scrap of decency, every shred of morality. She was at that moment the absolute antithesis of purity, chastity and decency.
Fleetingly, her marriage vows came to mind, something about honour and fidelity, something about being true and faithful to her husband. Her lust revelled in the thought that she had so totally violated those vows.

At the odd moments when her mouth was not full of cock, she moaned and gasped softly in her unbridled lust. "Oh God," she moaned at one of these moments, "you can do absolutely anything you want with me."
The guy in the process of transferring his cock from her ass to her mouth, laughed and said, "we already are you stupid fucking cunt."
Yvonne giggled at his retort but her laughter was immediately stifled by the cock stuffing into her mouth right to the back of her throat.

Meanwhile, having Yvonne's tits firmly bound, and by lots of slapping and nipple twisting and pulling, the third guy had her tits in a state of hard, bulging firmness with a colour somewhere approaching a deep purplish red, her nipples standing hard and protruding perhaps half and inch or more from the round curvature of the swollen breasts.
Bending his fingers into a claw shape, the guy slowly dragged his nails across Yvonne's bulging breast, leaving a red, scratched abrasion. Yvonne gasped at the pain, along with her gasping for breathe as the other two guys continued rotating their fucking from her ass to mouth.
The guy continued with his scratching, slowly moving around each tit until they were both lightly lacerated with his claw marks.
Yvonne, busy with being ass and mouth fucked, wasn't sure just what was being done to her breasts, she just knew that whatever was happening, it was extremely painful and her breasts not only hurt from the sharp pain being inflicted, but they also ached and throbbed agonisingly.

The guy working on her tits, next slipped across to where he'd tossed his pants onto the floor. He'd come well prepared for such an eventuality and, reaching into his pocket, he took out half a dozen large safety pins. He smiled as he undid a pin and looked at the cruel, sharp point.
Back to Yvonne's swollen breasts, he, rather than just stick the pins through her flesh, amused himself by spiking her tits all over by sticking just the tip of the spike into her flesh.
Yvonne gave squeals of pain whenever she had her mouth free of the two cocks. She jumped and flinched at each painful protrusion of the pin into her flesh.
Each little prick resulted in a red dot of blood on her skin. The guy kept on and on and on, pricking and laughing at each gasp and each little lurch or twitch of her body as she felt the pain of the pins penetrating her flesh.

After a half an hour of tormenting Yvonne's breasts in that way, the guy suddenly felt a surge of cruel, spite, and he suddenly grabbed one nipple and savagely drove the pin into it, then pushed viciously until the pin had driven right through and out the other side. One pin, two pins, three pins through one nipple. Yvonne was squealing and whimpering in pain.
Next two pins viciously driven, one after the other, through her other nipple.
The guy hesitated in driving the last of the pins through Yvonne's nipples. Instead he used the sharp point to drag it all over her breasts, leaving horrible deep scratches that wept little beads of blood.

Yvonne had struggled to get up and free herself as the horrible painful scratching of her breasts was taking place. The two guys alternately fucking her ass and mouth had no notion of stopping their filthy game though, and they slapped her face hard, a half dozen times to make her be still. "Stay where you are, you fucking whore," the one snarled at her as he gave her a particularly hard slap which sent her head jerking backwards.

This last blow took Yvonne by surprise and she gave a yell of pain and dismay, but then enthusiastically submitted once more to the perverted game of having the two cocks rotate from her ass to her mouth, and mouth back to ass. The blows had done nothing to dismay her, they in fact made her more and more satisfied with the abuse of her body that was going on.
Yvonne was crying now as the last of the pins was gleefully stuck through her nipple. The tears streamed down her cheeks. She wanted all of this to happen to her, but she nevertheless struggled to bear it.

Standing up, Yvonne's tit torturer suggested to the other two guys that they get her into a sandwich with one up her ass, one up her cunt, and the third fucking her mouth. This suggestion was enthusiastically taken up and Yvonne was helped to lay backwards on top of the guy whose cock was firmly up her ass.
Having attained that position, Yvonne leaned back on her elbows so as not to completely squash her ass-fucker underneath, not that her tiny frame she had enough weight to do that anyway.
She brought her knees up and spread apart ready for one of the others to take up his position in her wet, slippery, and gaping pussy.
That position being filled, the remaining guy squatted astride her head and plunged his hard cock into Yvonne's eagerly open mouth, jamming it first into her cheeks so that they bulged out with the shape of the cock, then plunging it straight in and dragging her mouth and throat onto his massively hard cock.

The three guys fucked and fucked Yvonne's every sex opening all together. On and on, frantically and lustfully.

Yvonne was approaching a delirium of delight at being fucked in such a lewd, obscene way. Her husband, just as frantic in his lustful enthusiasm, began masturbating violently until he rushed to his wife to deliver his spurting cum all over her face as she looked up at him with a look of pure delight.

Looking at Yvonne's face with the considerable quantity of white cum slowly dribbling down over her forehead and cheeks seemed to inspire the guy fucking her mouth. Taking a firmer grip on her head, his large hands held her face and fucked more and more frantically until the tears welled up in Yvonne's eyes as she gagged and gurgled with the most fantastic choking sounds with the guy's cock jammed tightly right down her throat.

These sounds in turn inspired the other guys and the one fucking her cunt began to plunge and drive his cock in and out of Yvonne's cunt which was so slippery and wet as to squelch with the most obscene slurping sounds.

Yvonne's body, in spite of her being half choked and throttled, was rapidly racing towards uncontrollable orgasm. Her body was lurching vigorously as she pumped her body, as best she could in her position, onto the three cocks which were fucking her.
Her lust was surging out of control. It was fabulous! It was gorgeous! It was sensational! It was more than she could bear! She would go mad with the wonderful feelings! She moaned, she groaned, she gurgled and grunted in a wild abandon of lustful orgasm.

The mouth fucking cock withdrew from her throat just in time for the cum to spurt into her mouth. She moved her tongue through the gooey stuff. She swallowed it greedily.

Cum pumped into her pussy, turning its already slippery wetness into an obscene, sloppy, slimy fuck pit.

Cum gushed up her bum, making that fuck hole just as sloppy as her cunt.

The fucking had stopped. Yvonne wanted more, more, more. Her hands went to her pussy and she masturbated like a wild thing, driving herself on to continuing frantic orgasmic delights.
Finally she began to calm down. The men stood over her grinning.
"Outside cunt!" one of them laughed as he dragged her upright by her hair.

Yvonne was led out into the back yard of the house, then roughly shoved down onto the hard, cold concrete path.
All four men stood around her directing their still half-hard cocks towards her.
Yvonne knew exactly what was to come but she still felt so lustfully and wantonly like the degraded slut that she indeed was, that she eagerly looked up into the men's laughing, sneering faces.

The urine came in a spray. First one, then two, then all four spraying her with their warm, yellow fluid.
It splashed onto her belly, her breasts and into her face.
"Open wide," the laughing order came.
She opened wide and tasted the tepid, disgusting urine as it splashed and gurgled in her mouth. She began to drink. It was revolting. She kept on swallowing and swallowing. Mouthful after mouthful. With four men all pissing there was plenty to drink.

The spray finally stopped.
"You dirty, disgusting, fucking cunt," one of the guys said as they all stood looking down on her.

Yvonne felt dirty and degraded but she felt wonderful.