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True Maniac

2022-01-16 02:00:03

My name is Jerry. I'm not sure if I am a normal person but I have these twisted fantasies about rape and causing great pain to female victims whether they are old as dirt, or even very young. I'll begin by telling the story of a very vicious sexual encounter I had with Samantha, a young girl who lived next door to me with her grandparents. Samatha's mother was a deadbeat and Samantha had been living with her very old grandparents every since she was born. I would see Samantha outside from time to time, riding her bicycle, but not very far as her grandparents kept her very close. Samatha was the perfect victim in my thirst for rape and violence. I often thought about what it felt like to take control of an innocent, unassuming victim, and have my way them. On the night of August 13, I finally got my chance.

It was late at night like about 11pm. I could not sleep and I had a raging hard on while thinking about Samatha. I got up out of bed and began to gather some things before going next door and making my move. This was going to be a long night. I grabbed some weed, come coke with which to blow, and a few pills of ecstacy. I also grabbed a leather belt, some rope and mouth gags and a hardcore porn movie and proceeded next door. I broke in quietly though a basement window dressed in all black and a black ski mask. Since I had been over to the house before to help out with some misc things I knew my way around. As I made my way upstairs granpa mustve gotten up to use the bathroom so I waited right outside the bathroom door and waited for him to come out. I got myself ready as I heard him washing his hands, indicating he was about to come out. When he opened the door I shoved my hands over his mouth while pushing him back in the bathroom. Since I had on black leather gloves he was incapable of crying out for help. I put him in the chokehold until he passed out, then I tied him up using some of the rope I brought from home, and used one of the mouth gags to keep him quiet after he wakes up. I then went to the bedroom where grandma was sleeping, did the same thing to her, then dragged them both down to the basement area where I would keep them while I have my way with Samatha. After dragging grandma and grandpa down to the basement, I made sure that they were tied up, gagged, and that no lights were working in the basement area so they could not see where they were when they woke up. I even turned on the radio, not too loud, too keep their muffled noises from being heard.

Exausted from having to deal with grandma and grandpa, I lit up a joint, popped a pill of ex and just relaxed....thinking about how much fun I am about to have. There is something about ex pills that get me really worked up sexually...its like I turn into some kind of sexual demonic monster. Ahhh, I am starting to get that feeling. The weed accelerates the euphoria from the pills. I now snort a little coke, and proceed upstairs. I grab the hardcore porn video and pop it into the dvd player upstairs. I make sure it is playing, then I cut off the television set so that when it turns on, the porn video will be playing. I take off my ski mask and my all black clothing and underneath my clothes I have on basketball shorts and a t shirt. I then go to Samatha's bedroom, where she is sleeping. I wake her up by gently shaking her. "Hey there, your grandparents are gone to the casino, and they asked me to come over and stay with you while they are gone." She just looked at me, then said. "ok". Samatha took dance lesssons at her school, so I used that as a way to get her up to the front room, where the porn was playing but the tv was still off. "Sam, I'd like you to show me how to do one of your best dance moves. Charlotte, (my unsuspecting girlfriend) says I need to learn how to dance so we can go out dancing togther, would you mind coming to the front room to show me?" She giggles, "OK" and we go to the front room. Sam was wearing a pajama set, nothing out of the ordinary, just a button down top and pants. I cut on the local radio station and she starts to do some of her steps. I act like I am very interested. Meanwhile the ecstasy is starting to kick in and I am getting horney as hell. I tell her I am going to the bathroom and on my way I cut the heat on full blast, even though it is hot as hell ouside. Told you I was a maniac. I take off my basketball shorts and now only have on my boxer shorts, and a tank top...my shoes and socks are off at this point as well. While in the bathroom I pop two more pills and hit the joint again. I am now getting a really intense feeling of euphoria and the devil is starting to really kick in. I come out of the bathroom and while walking back to the front room where Sam is I make sure my limp dick slips out of the front hole area of my boxers but I act like I dont notice. I can see Sam look at it but then look away like she wasnt supposed to see it. Currently, she does not know or suspect anything as of yet. I then tell her she is boring me with her dance routines and that I would like to watch television. I then tell her that I will be back in a second and tell her to turn on the tv and find something good for us to watch. I act like I am going to the kitchen and return about 40 seconds later to see the bewildered look on Sam's face because the porn was playing. "What are you doing young lady?" I said to her. She just looks at me. "Sam, what the fuck is this shit you're watching?" "I, I dont know." She responded. I leave to go and get my leather belt and return about a minute later. The porn is playing and there is an african american couple engaging in sex acts. The black man is getting his humongus dick slobbed on by a sexy thick black female. "I am gonna ask you again, what the fuck are you watching??" She is now getting scared and starting to cry. my dick is now still hanging out of my boxers limp but I act as if it is nothing. Then, I slap the shit out of her. my dick begins to harden. I slap her again, and again and she falls on the floor. "Get your ass up!" I then hit her with the belt as she lay on the floor, first I go for her body while her pajamas are still on, then I hit her across the face with the belt a couple times. I stand her up, strip her pajama top off exposing her little knob of breasts, then hit her again with the belt. She fell on the floor again, that is when I rip her pajama pants off as well as her panties. She is laying butt ass naked on the floor, and I beat her ass again with the leather belt. I kept swinging harder and harder, as she is trying to crawl away. The monster inside of me has been unleashed. I stop with the belt action, then I get down on my hands and knees, and creeep up on her like a lion on the prowl. It is hot as hell in the house as the heat is still on full blast. When I get close to her, I turn her over with her stomach facing down, and proceed to bite her on her back...hard quick bites all over her back. Then I bite her ass cheeks, making her scream in pain. I turn her back over, i bite her face, then head butt her in the head. I stand her up, and head butt her fucking head again as she falls on the floor in pain. I tie her up and leave her on the floor while I sit down on the couch to smoke another joint. I decided it was getting too hot in the house, espcially since I was high and proceeded to cut the heat off.I came back in the living room and chiiled out on the couch for a while. I start rubbing the nipples of my chest, creating more of a euphoria while I smoked my joint, watched the porn, and kept an eye on Sam. About 30 minutes pass by and I snort some more coke. I then proceed to Samatha again. I get her up on her knees, and start rubbing my cock all over her face. Ahhh this shit feels good! I start getting all crazy with it, grabbing hold of her head and smearing my cock on every inch of her face. My balls are now really firm and big and I still her to stick out her tongue and keep it out as I proceed to motion her face with her tongue out to massage my balls. After that, while she is still on her knees, I put my cock in her mouth. My cock is rock hard and I begin slowly going deeper and deeper because I want to see her choke on it. She begins to gag but I keep going...in and out in and out..then I start going faster and harder, she is trying to back up but I wont let her..."AH! AH! AH"! I moan and then she pukes on my cock. I'm breathing hard.....I take her to the bathroom now so we can get cleaned up. She is crying and begging me to stop, asking me why am I doing this to her. After we clean up the puke I pick her up and hold her where her backside is against my chest. I put her legs on the bathroom sink and we are both facing the mirror. I then grab some of the vaseline and lube my cock, and slowly force my cock up her tiny tight little ass. I start off slow and then go faster, she is bucking and trying to scream but I have her mouth covered. I grab more vaseline and start rubbing her little nipples while fucking the shit out of her ass. We then go back to the living room where I position myself on the couch and put her on top of my to ride my cock. I move her back and forth violently and I cum all inside of her.
I wake up to find that it was all a wet dream. Wow, what a nightmare that was..........