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Through the Window

2022-06-26 00:00:03

After stumbling upon my girlfriends diary, I discovery she has a secret rape fantasy. I was happy to help, maybe too happy.

I had the whole story written up and wanted to post it all at once, but unfortunately, people do not like long stories, as I have found out with previous stories. So I am posting this story in separate parts, sorry about that. This is the first in the series.


Desma gave me a sly grin as we walked around the corner up to her house, "parents are gone."

It took me a moment to figure out how she knew that. A quick look and I figured it out. The two-story home looked more inviting every time I had come over that week. The renovations, almost over, had the whole place looking better than ever. The clean windows and fresh paint made the whole place sparkle crisply. All except for the side of the house where they had run out of paint, leaving a tall ladder propped up against the house. Tucked away behind neatly trimmed hedges, we could not see the drive way until we had rounded the corner and what Desma had noticed first was the empty drive way.

"What about your sister?" I asked.

"She still has another hour of school, remember?"

My cock twitched, "you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Desma glanced at the bulge in my pants and stepped closer, giving me a light kiss on the lips while her hand rubbed my crotch, "what do you think Riki?"

It had been a week since we had last had any intimacy and at that age with that kind of libido, a week was a long time. After a short race up the stairs, we were soon tearing our clothes off. I fondled her breasts and kissed her. She returned the favor fondling my cock. Our lips never left each other while we explored one another with wandering hands, we never even closed the door. I am not sure if I pushed her or if she pulled me but, she ended up tumbling backward onto the bed with me on top of her. A thump followed as something fell of the bed but we paid it no mind. Light from the window opposite the bed, illuminated her long flowing hair as I traced her soft skin with light fingers making her shiver. Meanwhile she coddled my testicles and coed in my ear for more.

Desma wrapped her legs around me pull me down on top of her. Her breasts pressed into my chest as our bodies rubbed together. She broke the kiss with a gasp when my penis moved down her shaved runway and began sliding up and down her wet slit.

Smiling I continued to cover her with kisses as I made my way to her nipples and asked between kisses, "want...to...use...a...condom?"

We used condoms most of the time, Desma did not have birth control, but every once in a while, we would risk it. I would always pull out when we did of course but, that did not make it any less exciting. The idea that she might end up knocked up turned us both on and the sex was always better.

The way Desma's eyes light up and smiled as she shook her head, "no" was so cute if I had a recording of it, I could have made a .gif that I could watch forever.

She did not need to tell me twice. Her pussy juice had already covered my cock and I had a drop of precum threatening to fall from the tip. Sliding into her pussy took no effort at all but I took my time doing it. Her lips parted in a hungry grin as her eyes dart back and forth between mine and the probing cock about to enter.

Teasing no longer, I pushed my way in. We both let out sigh of satisfaction. Desma wiggled her hips for a moment to adjust and then she rocked back, ready to begin.

We went at it fast and furious, each of us letting out our own moans, sighs, and grunts of pleasure. Desma's fingers grasped at the sheets while I pulled on her hips driving deeper and deeper. The warm embrace of her pussy caressed my probing cock sending endless pleasure through her and me.

When we lost our virginities a year back, I would always cum first, it was embarrassing but I had come a long way since then. It was not uncommon for me to outlast her, spawning multiple orgasms but there was no way I would be accomplishing that at the rate I was plowing her. So, I cheated.

I took my hands off her hips and started rubbing circles on her clitoris with one hand and massaged her breast with the other. Desma's eyes shot open and she let out a loud moan. Her back arched lifting her breast into my playful hand. I had her just where I wanted her. I toyed with the nipple, giving it a flick before gently tweaking and was promptly rewarded with another moan. Her swelled clitoris button, slick and warm to the touch, found no escape as I pinched.

Desma, in the final thralls before orgasm, writhed at my touch but could only take so much. She cried out, unable take any more. Her back arched while wrapping her legs around me, trapping me inside. My eyes shot open this time as her vagina vibrated on my naked cock, held within her. I let out a groan as I toppled over the point of no return while my balls boiled, ready to blast a hot load of cum deep within her unprotected womb.

Pinned inside her with fresh sperm already rushing down my shaft, I ripped myself away, a feat I to this day cannot fathom how I managed. The tip of my pulsing penis exited her virgin the same time the cum spewed forth. As remarkable a withdrawal as it had been, there was no way to keep all my cum from find its way inside her. The first blast shot inside the warm dark hole of Desma's pussy I had recently vacated. While the next coated her labia, then her pussy mound, and finally her belly.

Thick ropes of cum oozed down her pussy and even more dripped form my tip. Desma continued to tremble underneath me, her legs still pulling me into her body.

"What the hell Desma? I nearly came inside you. Are you trying to get pregnant?" I am not sure if there was more fear or anger in my voice.

Her voice was distant, not fully grounded back into reality, "one time can't hurt, Riki..."

"Oh yes it can. That's how my mother had me," I informed her.

Desma smiled up at me, "well aren't you glad she did?"

Do not get the wrong idea, my mother loved me. She would not trade me for the world but I was an accident. The way she put it, or rather quoted from Bob Ross, "a happy little accident." I however had no desires for any accidents, happy or not.

"Look," I said, "if you really want me to cum in you, lets at least get some morning afters."

She merely rolled her eyes but I gave her a stern look and held her gaze until she sighed, accepting defeat. Relieved I looked down at the mess we had made. Her pussy was plastered with cum with a good stream flowing on her belly. My dick had not gone completely flaccid but it perked back up as I admired our handy work.

Desma gestured me over. She then licked up my shaft from the base several times before swirling her tongue around the head and plopping it into her mouth. She gave me one final good squeeze pulling the last drops of cum from my cock before pulling her head off with a loud plop. Desma had me hard again and I let out a soft sigh. I loved the way she cleaned me but she was still a mess and covered in cum.

Although we both would have preferred to go at it again, now was not the time, "uh...you might want to go shower and clean that up. I think some of it did actually get inside."

Desma looked down panicking a bit now that the mind fog of orgasm had passed, "really?"

"Probably a little, I think you'll be ok if you wash it quickly."

She stood up and cum streamed down her legs. "Right," she said running to the door, and into the hall totally naked. She came back a moment later. "you'd better go. I don't know when they'll be home and it wouldn't be a good idea if you were hanging out in my room while I was showering."

I nodded and got off the bed to get dressed. She turned to leave again before looking back at me with a humble and thoughtful expression, "uhh, thanks for thinking with more than your dick by the way."

I laughed, "at least one of us has to think straight."

She smiled one last time before dashing out for her shower leaving me alone. I went to gather my clothes when I found it. At the head of the bed, on the right wall and on the floor were my pants. On top of which was a book, it must have fallen off the bed, from under the pillow perhaps, making the thump earlier. I picked it up and turned it over for further inspection, not a book a diary, Desma's diary. I raised my eyebrow in surprise, I did not know she had a diary. Setting the book on the bed I finished putting my clothes on.

The sound of the shower told me I would not see Desma for probably a half hour. Besides I had not planned on staying much longer since I had no idea when her parents would return. I went to leave but the diary caught my eye once more. A quick peek would not hurt.

Lifting the book, it opened near the middle where she had left a pen in as a bookmark. I had not been prepared for what she had written.

"Dear diary, why am I so horny all the time? This morning, I was rubbing my pussy before I was even awake. I cam twice and I was dreaming about getting rapped! Is there something wrong with me for that?"

I took a step back I was so blown away by the entry, Desma had a rape fantasy? I had to know more.

"I walked home from school with Riki again. It has been almost a week since we last had sex, god I wish he would just tie me up and ram his cock up my pussy. If I, could I would let him do so every day but I'm sure he would think me a perverted slut if he knew. Besides, privacy is hard to come by with my parents and my sister around. Speaking of my sister, I'm not the only one with high libido around here. I heard Kesha masturbating again. I don't think she realizes how thin the walls are. I couldn't help myself. When I heard the sound of her moaning, I masturbated too. I kept it quiet at least. I feel kind of sorry for her though, I at least have Riki for fun but Kesha is a virgin."

I drooled as I read, sex appeared to be the primary thing Desma wrote about. I flipped through the pages reading similar entries. If I had known she had such an insatiable sex drive I would have been banging her every day. As I flipped through the pages one stood out due to the heavy markings and strikethroughs. Intrigued, I took a closer look.

"Dear diary, I woke up horny again this time..."

I could not read the next part it due to the heavily scribbling used to cover the text but I could read the end segment.

"I can't believe I wrote that. I need sex today."

I went back to the scribbled-out text too curious to passed it up. I found if I tilted the diary just right the light would catch it and I could read a fraction of the original words behind all the scribbling.

"...night...leaving...window open...someone sneaking in...tying...sleep...rapping me...only a fantasy...would be terrified...if it was Riki...Imagine if...found...diary...darkest dream yet...safe...Would it be so bad..."

A car drove into the drive way pulling me away from the text. The parents were home and Desma was still in the shower. "Awe crap," I thought and peaked out the window. I could not quite see the car but I did see something else. The ladder still propped up against the side of the house was right outside. "Perfect," I had forgotten they were painting the house. That was my ticket out of there. I waited for the front door to open and close before I opened the window. It only took a few seconds to pull myself out and swing my foot to the left and climb down the ladder. I casually walked off the premise glancing back at the ladder an idea forming in my head.

Impossible thoughts began as I walked the short distance home. Desma wanted to be rape and she had even fantasized about me doing it. Even in my wildest dreams I had never considered such a thing but with the seed planted, I could not shake the thought. My heart beat increased and my cock grew just thinking about it. It would not be true rape but would certainly be the most intense roll playing we had ever done. Against my better judgment, my next line of thinking went into how.


I had never been in a sex shop before. Nothing in there really surprised me but I did feel like a pervert for being there. No one else seemed to notice me or care though so I did my best to act natural as I pursued the store. I exited minutes later with the softest silk rope I could find, a small ball gag, and little box of pills. I then spent the next few hours online learning and practicing various knots for later that night.

As I approached Desma's house in the dark, I could hardly believe what I was doing. Could I actually go through with this? Rape had never been one of my fantasies but after reading her diary there I was. Standing at the bottom of the ladder looking up to the open window on the right, ignoring the other shut ones. I had to psyche myself up a few times before I made the ascent. I could still smell the paint drying as I reached out for the window. I stared into the open window and into the dark room, and directly across from the window. I could just make out the small figure of Desma on her bed. So peaceful for now but I made up my mind, this is what she wanted and I wanted it now too.

Like a cat, I climbed through the window without the slightest sound other than my heavy breathing, not sure how that was not waking her as it was. I carefully closed the window and walked around the bed, locking the door too. I pulled out the ball gag and snuck closer, my heart pounding so hard it might burst out of my chest. Details were lost in the dark but I stood over Desma for probably a few minutes holding the gag ready before finally moving in.

Her eyes filled with panic as they opened. Hands flew up grabbing the gag but too slow and weak to stop me. The screams never made it past her lips. Jumping on the bed I straddled her, wrestling the gag into place. Desma could do nothing to stop me. Gag in place, I pinned her hands under my knees. She squirmed one hand free, punching me in the nose. It hurt but I shook off the pain and I soon had it pinned again. With her held underneath, I only had a few seconds to get the rope off my shoulder while my hands were free. With the silk rope out I quickly bound her hands, made easier by pre-tying some of the knots. All I needed to do was synch them up but I had not expected her wrists to be so tiny. I had to adjust them more than I had planned. She attempted to buck me off again but the difference in mass made it a fruitless endeavor. Her kicking legs were much more difficult than her hands. That took another several minutes but at last I had her all tied up. Thank god her bed was sold and not prone to squeaking. The struggling would have made quite the racket otherwise.

She could not scream for help and her limbs were immobile but she was still capable of far too much movement. I laid on top of her for a few minutes getting the rest of the rope ready while she wore herself out. The next part was getting her tied to the bed. Again, her hands were the easier part. I held them above her head and attached another rope to the head board. For her legs I had to keep them pinned to the bed while I stretched her out, she kept trying to curl up and kick with both feet. After tethering her feet to one corner of the bed I untied one foot, could not have them tied together after all. She gave one last kick that hit me square in the ribs before I got her other leg bound.

I rubbed my ribs grimacing at the pain, but it disappeared for the most part in the following minutes. I then took my time adjusting the bindings, the hands were almost lose, and admired my catch.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as her struggling died down, too tired to continue. The long pajama T-shirt had ridden up in the struggle and her cotton panties were visible, contrasting to her skin in the dark. Perhaps it was because of her trying to pull her legs and arms in, or maybe it was because of the dark, or possibly the fact she was so helpless, but as I watched her struggle, she looked so much smaller to me.

I knew it was wrong but this was her fantasy and besides, I was not there to hurt her. I watched her panic spike again with her struggling as I began to undress. She watched in horror as I slowly took every bit of clothing off and neatly folded them, prolonging the experience. My erection protruded proudly and I made sure she got a good look at it before climbing on the bed once more.

Her struggling never let up and redoubled as I began lifting the T-shirt and further exposing her panties and bare breasts, not surprising she went to bed without a bra. I could not remove the clothing entirely without untying her and had contemplated ripping them off but decided against it. I did not want to ruin her clothing, so I pulled the T-shirt up over her head up to her tied wrists. I began lightly stroking her skin while she attempted to pull away from my touch. I pet her a few times each time getting my hand closer to her bare tits and her panties. I eventually cupped her breasts, they felt smaller than I remembered, and she squirmed in response but could do nothing about it. Meanwhile my other hand crept its way under her panties to her pussy and had a pleasant surprise. She had shaven the runway off since that afternoon. I do not have a preference for clean shaven or a neat runway, I would enjoy it all the same.

I fondled Desma's helpless body, kneading her breast and lightly pinching the nipples with one hand while the other propped her pussy under her panties. I kept at it until the nipples hardened and moisture seeped from her pussy. Satisfied with the results I looked her in the eye, perhaps it was just the darkness but they looked different. There was terror there sure but there was something else about those eyes that I could not quiet place. I held eye contact with her until I lowered my head and sucked a nipple into my mouth.

Again, she attempted to wiggle free but the bindings held her fast. My fingers worked their way deeper into her vagina making her squeal but the gag kept her quiet. Once her pussy was soaking my fingers, it was time for a better view. I got off her and untied one leg, temporarily, but long enough to pull the panties down her legs. She fought me the whole time of course but I managed to avoid getting kicked that time. With her leg tied up again and panties at the ankle, shirt wrapped around her wrists, and tears trailing down her cheeks, I climbed back onto the bed.

Picking up where I left off, I started trailing kisses down from her hard nipples and soft breast while probing her exposed pussy. My kisses eventually made their way to her pussy. I probed my fingers into her warm orifice a few more time before diving in with my tongue.

Desma cam at once. I licked her slit lapping up all the juice I could while her body twitched. Breathing in the sweat smell of her snatch and the delicious juice, I could not help but notice it was different than usual. Not better or worse, simply different. Desma must have been getting off on this more than I thought and my probing intensified. How long did I eat her out? I am not sure but it was enough to give her at least three back-to-back orgasms. Each time her hips would buck into the air and her body would go ridged while her pussy contracted over and over.

I let up giving her some reprieve but only a short one. I straddled her and moved my cock in close, the heat from her pussy radiated so strongly I felt it without even making contact. After the powerful orgasms she failed to notice me moving in. I probed her with the head of my cock and her eyes flicked down seeing the danger. She shook her head no but her dripping pussy said yes. I slowly pressed into her, savoring it, while she desperately pulled away and cried out into the gag.

Desma had always been a good fit but I would not have used the word tight. That was until that night. For how wet she was, I had expected to slide right in. I did not have to force it, she was well lubed, but it was indeed tight. Her vaginal walls constricted and slowed me much more than I had grown accustom too. Centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, I went deeper enjoying every moment of the extra tightness until I bottomed out, pressing my nuts into her.

I allowed her to adjust, willing or not, before I withdrew. I kept it slow, suede rape or not, I had no intentions of hurting her. I bottomed out again letting out a soft sigh of satisfaction while Desma's cries of protest were hampered by the ball gag. Again, I withdrew and again I bottomed out. Over and over picking up speed little by little. The amazing warmth and tightness pushed me closer as did the role play rape. I admit the role playing was one sided for now, I wanted to give her the full experience before the reveal. I plowed into Desma with zeal eager to give her one more orgasm before finishing but my own fast approached.

The only way to push her over before I cam would involve a little extra help. I grabbed one of her tits, gently squeezing it, and prodded and tickled her citreous just like I had that afternoon. The response was immediate. She cried out into the gag and arched her hips high into the air. Her vaginal walls constricted in pulsing waves, making it even harder to enter but also increasing my own pleasure. A few more strokes subjected to that was more than I could handle. Grabbing her hips, I buried myself to the hilt and for the first time ever, cam inside her womb.

The hot jets of cum blasted into her giving her one last orgasm. She writhed and twitched while I held our hips together. Locked in place, I gave a few more spurts and let my cock soften for a few minutes before withdrawing. She was still panting when I got up, letting the thinnest trail of cum seep out of her pussy. Desma looked a mess, a hot mess but a mess all the same. Tear streaks went down her flushed cheeks. Her hair splayed out around her while her chest rose in fell in deep breathes. Her shaved pussy dripped with her own juice and now, for the first time, my cum. To top all that off Desma could not even move with her T-shirt pushed up to her wrists, tied to the head board and her legs pulled apart and tied to the corners of the bed, with her panties around one ankle.

Too bad the dark obscured most of the view but I had enough and so had she. Desma laid on the bed like a limp rag, no longer concerned with struggling or hiding herself. She had already failed to do so after all. She whimpered again when I approached but did not move away. I gave her a small kiss on the cheek and stroked her soft skin.

I had planned to turn on the light for the reveal but another idea popped in as I watched her chest rise and fall. I gave her a smile, she might not have even seen in the dark, and began to dress. The small box of pills, I pulled from my pocket and shook it in front of her making sure she saw it. I then set it on the night stand. Last thing I did before departing out the window was losing the bindings on her wrist. I did not set her free, I simply made them loose enough that she would be able to work out of the knot in a few minutes, long enough for me to leave. I opened the window and blew her a farewell kiss before descending the ladder, making my get away.

By the time I reached my house, only a five-minute walk, I called Desma. Figuring she should be free by now, I planned on giving her the big reveal. However, the surprise I had planned for her was nothing compared to the one I got when she answered.

"Hello?" Desma answered with a yawn.

A yawn, she was yawning after being rapped like that? What the hell? I did not know what to say to that, "uh... how was it?"

Silence followed except for the sound of her rolling over in bed, "how was what? Do you know what time it is?"

Wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG. The whole thing was wrong. I do not care what kind of kicks she had or fantasies played in her mind. There was no way she could be acting so casual after that. My turn for silence while doubt and horror grew in my mind.

"So why are you calling," she yawned again.

It was like getting hit by a truck and then backed over when it occurred to me. I had to hold myself up against the fence and I swear I almost blacked out. "Desma?" came my voice soft and faint. "How is Kesha doing?"

"Kesha?" came Desma's confused voice. "Fine I guess, I don't know. She has been making some funny noises for the past few minutes though and..." I heard a door open in the back ground and Desma stopped talking.

I panicked and sprinted back to Desma's house shouting into the phone before hanging up, "GO CHECK ON HER AND DO NOT CALL THE COPS!"