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The Thirteen Club

2022-06-20 01:10:02

Carla walked into the ice cream parlor and ordered a strawberry gelato. It was a hot summer’s day and a gelato sounded good. As she took a seat at a table she looked over hearing the sound of two girls laughing. Just a few feet away were three two girls, maybe thirteen.

One of the young teens looked familiar, she was blonde and very hot. The girl was sitting in a rather provocative position. She was wearing one of the retro micro miniskirts, and it was hiked up in such a way that her pink panties showed. Carla glanced away licking her gelato slowly, she didn’t want the girl to catch her looking.

She glanced once more. The pink panties were tight, so tight that Carla could see the outline of the girl’s tender labia. She was also wearing a t-shirt that was so tight she could see her beautiful perky breasts, and her nipples pushing against the fabric, probably as a result of the cool air in the shop.

Carla was in her mid thirties, living alone at the moment, and was definitely aroused at the sight of such sweet young pussy. However she realized that these girls, especially the cute little blonde probably didn't realize what she was doing, not that Carla didn't appreciate the view, as she stole peeks now and then trying not to be obvious. As Carla sipped let her tongue take long sensual licks of her gelato in between peeks. She noticed the girl had moved, and now she had one leg extended showing even more of her crotch. The pink fabric of the panties seemed to grip at the folds of the girl’s young cunt, it was obvious to Carla the girl was shaved clean. Her thighs were so damn soft and creamy, Carla felt her own pussy lurch as she tried not to stare.

As the girls talked she heard the dark haired girl call the other one Sara. Carla realized that Sara lived on her street a few houses down. Her parents as she remembered were divorced, and her Mother was beautiful and dressed in short skirts like her daughter. As Carla looked up she caught Sara looking at her, smiling and running her tongue over her lips in a most provocative manner....was she mocking her, did she know that Carla was a lesbian? But then again, how could she know...Carla had never mentioned it to her, and Carla made sure that on those rare occasions when she was entertaining, she was very discreet.

Carla looked over again, this time Sara was running her hand up and down her soft thigh. Carla couldn’t believe her eyes. The brunette seemed oblivious to what Sara was doing under the table. Carla looked at Sara’s hand caress her firm soft thigh, it was really making her aroused, which in turn made her feel uneasy. Carla finished her gelato. Again her eyes caught the young blondes. At that instant Sara moved two fingers into the crotch of her panties, sliding up and down making the crease in the panties even more obvious. When she moved her hand away she blew a kiss at Carla.

Carla thought she would explode. She couldn’t take anymore. She smiled got up and walked to her car, on shaky lags. The young teen had got to her. She was only 13, what was she thinking? She could never do anything with a girl so young, could she?

Carla sighed when she walked into her cool air conditioned house. She took off her dress, and pantyhose and slipped on a skirt and a blouse sans her bra, it was so much more comfortable. Then she went in and got a glass of wine and took a seat on the sofa. No sooner had she taken a sip of win than the doorbell rang. Wondering who was at the door Carla opened the door and found Sara standing there.

"Well hello Sara, what brings you by?" said Carla her voice trying to hide her excitement.

"Oh, I saw you at the ice cream shop, and I thought I'd drop by, if that's OK?" the fir said brushing past Carla and into the house.

"Ah sure, come on in." Carla was astounded by the confidence the young teen processed.

"Would you like something to drink?" Carla asked again trying to keep her emotions under wraps.

"No thanks." said Sara walking into the living room. Her little bum looked so hot in that skirt thought Carla.

Carla and Sara sat down on the sofa chit chatting, with Carla wondering what Sara really had on her mind. Sara’s micro mini skirt was hiked up again, showing her beautiful legs. Carla could feel herself becoming aroused just from the sight of Sara's thighs. Carla felt uneasy, Sara was so young. At thirteen she was just a girl really.

Sara moved suddenly, causing her skirt to ride up more, her pink panties coming into full view again. Carla's heart started to beat a little faster as she tried not to stare. Then she looked at Sara asking, "So Sara...why are you really here....this is not just some social call."

"You're right," said the young girl with that disarming smile of hers.

"I saw you looking at me in the ice-cream shop, and well, I liked the way you looked at me. I mean you WERE looking at lil ole me right?" Carla couldn’t bring herself to look the girl in the eye.

"Yes, I have to admit I was." Carla said glancing down again at Sara’s lovely legs

"And you do like me, right?" And as she asked the question Sara spread her legs wider.

"Yes of course I do Sara,” said Carla almost swallowing the words.

Then much to Carla's surprise, Sara reached over and took her by the wrist and placed Carla's hand on her young thigh. She held it there saying, "I think you're really beautiful Carla, and not only do I like being looked at...I liked being touched. I could tell you wanted to touch me."

"Sara, how old are you?" Carla tried to lift her hand but Sara held it firmly to her thigh.

"I'm thirteen, why?" asked Sara as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

"It’s just that you are so young. I could get into big trouble if I… "

"I like the feel of your hand on my skin. I’ve been with girls before Carla, I'm old enough to know what I want."

"Are you sure of that Sara?"

"Shhh, please don't say anymore...you and I both know you want me, and I want you to....I could tell by the way you looked at me. The way you couldn’t take your eyes of my panties, my little cunny in the ice cream shop."

Sara was smart beyond her years, she obviously knew what she wanted. Carla wanted to touch her alright, and then some.

Sara removed her hand from Carla's wrist, seeing if Carla would take her hand away. But Carla had no intention of doing so. Sara's thigh felt so soft and warm, Carla could feel her pussy starting to tingle. Carla jumped when she felt Sara's hand touch her thigh, slowly caressing her.

Carla moved her hand slowly up Sara's thigh, as Sara hiked her mini skirt up, pulling it up over her hips, her crotch and panties now fully exposed. The young teen sat there silently, as Carla's hand inched ever closer to her pink panties. Carla struggled with the idea that Sara was only thirteen, but then that's what made it so sinfully exciting. Sara’s mother was so hot and her daughter was even hotter.

Sara leaned back into the sofa as Carla's finger tips reached her panties. Carla could see that Sara's panties were moist, probably as moist as her own panties had become. Carla's finger trembled slightly as they touched Sara's panties.

Carla began to slowly trace the outline of Sara's mound with her finger tips, as Sara mewed softly. Carla moved her fingers over the indentation of Sara’s pussy lips, sliding them over her little crevice. Sara parted her legs as far apart as she could for Carla, as Sara reached over, moving her hand higher and higher up Carla's thigh.

Sara raised herself up allowing Carla to cup her pussy in the palm of her hand, as she slowly began massaging Sara's mound. Sara moaned softly as her fingers reached Carla's crotch, running her fingers over Carla's panties. Sara's panties were soaked through from her juices as Carla moved down between Sara's legs. Carla placed her nose to Sara's crotch, taking in Sara's bouquet. Then she began licking and chewing on Sara's wetness. Sara raised her hips, moaned and cupped her own little breasts in her hands. After a few minutes, Sara peeled her t-shirt off, tossing it over her head.

Carla watched as Sara twisted her stiff little nipples between her fingers, wanting to take them in her mouth. Carla rose up, and kissed Sara, their tongues dancing an exotic dance until Carla started to kiss her way down Sara soft neck, eventually taking Sara's small nipples into her mouth, where she licked and sucked them as Sara reached down between Carla's legs and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. Carla sucked the young girl’s sensitive nipples, and Sara moaned and mewed like a little kitten.

Carla gasped when she felt Sara slip her hand down the front of her panties, her middle finger exploring Carla's pussy, awash with love juice. Carla moaned as Sara slipped her finger into her slick cunt, and begin searching for her 'G' spot.

Carla sucked and caressed Sara's young breasts, causing Sara's body to shudder with her first orgasm. Carla moved down, pulling Sara's fingers from her pussy as she yanked the young teen’s panties down, pulling them off over her feet and giving them a toss. She smiled when Sara sucked her fingers into her mouth, the same ones that had just been in Carla's pussy.

Sara sucked her fingers finally removing them from her mouth saying, "Mmmm Carla, your pussy tastes so good...taste me...please. I know you want to lick my little pussy, I could tell by the way you looked at me in the ice cream shop."

With Sara's legs splayed wide, Carla lowered her head and began gently kissing Sara's sweet pussy lips. Sara cooed and moaned as Carla parted her young cunt lips, lapping up the juices that flowed from Sara's pussy down onto her tongue. Carla drank in Sara's love nectar, as she explored her young pussy, and slid her tongue up and down Sara's creamy slit. Carla suddenly pushed her tongue as far as she could into Sara’s tight cunt hole.

Sara was beside herself with lust, the young teen moaned and tugged at her stiff little nipples, calling out to Carla, "Oh fuck Carla, make love to my pussy. Oh yes....lick me...lick every inch of my young cunt."

The more Sara encouraged Carla the more aroused Carla became. Any concern that Carla had about whether Sara really knew what she was getting herself into, was gone. Carla loved everything about the young girl’s pussy, the taste and smell of it, tangy sweet, pungent but so clean tasting.

The young girl’s clit popped up like a little button when Carla spread her outer lips and the woman couldn’t get enough of the slick clit flesh on her tongue tip and the flat part of her tongue. She then pushed her tongue into the girl’s pussy and plunged it in and out as she lapped the girl’s juices as she seemed to be approaching another climax.
Carla jammed her middle finger into the tightest pussy she had ever felt. Sara squirmed as Carla began moving the finger in and out and at the same time renewed her attach on the girl’s inviting little clit. Carla sucked Sara’s clit into her mouth and let it slip out again against her lips. She spit saliva on the young girls clit then sucked it up again.
Sara was moaned as her body began to tremble, “Oh fuck Carla, so good, so fucking good don’t stop!”
Carla took a second finger and slid it into the tight throbbing cunt hole as she nibbled on the little girls tender clit with her teeth. Within seconds Sara erupted, as she bucked her hips, and pressed her pussy into Carla's face.

Sara went through a series of climaxes as Carla sucked Sara's clit between her lips. Sara melted down into the sofa, panting and toying with her nipples. Carla told her to turn around, with her back to her, and to lean against the top of the sofa.

"What are you going to do to me Carla?" Sara said still panting

"Take to places you've never been before, you hot little bitch, now do as I say," Carla said with a hiss.

Sara obeyed. She turned around and placed her knees on the cushions, and her legs spread wide. Carla started out placing soft kisses on Sara's ass, working her way all over Sara's tight ass. Then she moved to the dimple at the top of Sara's crack, running her tongue along the dimple, as Sara cooed and sighed. Sara wiggled her ass in Carla's face as Carla teased her dimple.
Then Carla started to move her tongue down Sara's crack, as Sara moaned, "Oh ya....that feels so fucking hot!"

Sara instinctively reached back parting her cheeks, as Carla slipped her tongue between Sara's cheeks, and slowly trailed her tongue from the top of Sara's ass down to her pussy, where she licked her sweet cunt lips.

Carla moved her tongue back up again, and pause, letting her tongue circle Sara's ass, then with the tip of her tongue penetrated the young girl’s ass, and twisted one finger into Sara's pussy.

Carla was intoxicated with the taste of the young teen’s perfect little ass. She drove her tongue as deep into the hole as she could and felt the young girl begin to relax her muscles. Her cunt was so slick Carla could now pump two fingers into her pussy without too much discomfort. She removed her tongue and spit onto the girl’s ass hole then let her finger circle it.

She wanted her fingers in this hottie’s ass and pussy at the same time. Without warning she twisted her index finger into Sara’s ass while pumping two fingers into her young cunt.

“Oh fuck, what are you doing to me Carla…Oh fuck I never felt anything so hot. Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum again!”
Carla felt the girl’s ass and cunt as the pulled on her fingers. Sara began to lose control and wildly humped back onto the fingers in her ass and cunt.
Sara exploded in a powerful orgasm, cumming over and over again. Her young body convulsed against Carla’s fingers but she rode them not wanting Carla to remove them until her orgasm had subsided.

Carla sat down next to Sara, waiting to see what would happen next. Sara moved in and began kissing Carla. Sara opened Carla’s blouse and caressed her breasts. Carla's breasts were larger than Sara's and her nipples were very sensitive and hard. Sara kissed her way down to Carla's breasts, pausing to squeeze Carla's titties, as she flicked her thumbs over Carla’s stiff nipples.

"Oh Carla, your breasts are so beautiful, I hope mine will look like yours someday."

Carla smiled, "You breasts are beautiful as they are Sara, don't worry about a thing."

Carla took off her blouse as Sara took Carla's nipples into her mouth, and sucked them hard. Sara moved her hand up Carla's skirt. Sara was really driving Carla crazy with lust, she seemed to have a natural talent for suckling nipples. Sara moved down, helping Carla remove her skirt. Sara moved her hands up Carla thighs, and looking up at the older woman kissed her inner thighs.

"Oh Carla, your pussy is so amazing, your lips are so thick, and your clit is so big....I want to suck it. Can I?"

"Oh yes sweetie suck on my lips and clit, oh baby I need it so bad."

Sara lowered her head, taking in Carla's aroma as she slid her tongue up and down Carla's cunt. Carla was amazed at how well this young girl knew how to pleasure a woman orally, obviously this was not her first time. As she licked Carla's drenched pussy, Carla reached down, taking her head, and moving Sara to the exact spots she wanted pleasured. Sara was a good student, and followed Carla's lead, as she focused her special attention on Carla’s clit and pussy hole. Sara loved the taste and the aroma of Carla's cunt, tongue fucked her, as Carla moaned her approval.

As Carla had done to her, Sara slid her fingers into Carla's pussy, and sucked the older woman’s clit into her mouth. Carla couldn’t believe the unbelievably hot image of this young girl’s soft mouth on her cunt lips. From the moment she saw her spread her legs in the ice cream shop this is what she had wanted-- to have the young girl lap at her pussy, taste her juices. It was almost too much.

Sarah now had three fingers inside Carla’s pussy and pumped them fast and hard so that wet sounds filled the room she devoured the woman’s clit with her mouth and tongue.

“Oh fuck you little slut. Oh fuck I’m so close. God I loved the way you spread you legs for me in that shop, fuck I wanted you then and I wanted this to have you…fuck me and suck my clit…oh Sara, Sara you cunt licking little slut!” Carla moaned.

Sarah nibbled at Carla’s cunt lips with her teeth. The young teen pulled at them then she turned her attention to the woman’s engorged throbbing clit, and bit down on it gently, then sucked it forcefully through her perfect white teeth. The sensation put Carla over the edge, making her cum over and over--one orgasm after another. Finally Carla pulled Sara to her face, and kissed her love juices from her sweet young face.

Sara asked Carla to turn around as she had, she wanted to pleasure Carla in the same way. Sara ran her tongue over Carla's ass, moving her hands over her thighs, cupping her pussy in her hand while running her tongue up and down Carla's crack. Sara penetrated Carla's ass, while working her fingers in her pussy, tongue fucking her ass as Carla started cumming, just as Sara had.

Afterward, the girl lay in Carla’s arms, as they caressed and kissed. Sara asked Carla, "Would it be alright if a girlfriend of mine comes by."

"She was with me in the ice-cream shop, and like me, she thinks you're so beautiful."

"Well I don't know Sara, I mean one young teen is amazing…but two? I like being discrete if you know what I mean?"

"Yes I do....please....she'll be very discrete, and she wants to learn how to make love to a woman....I told her I'd ask you."

"I don't know Sara, I don't want anything to go wrong, if you know what I mean."

"You don't have to worry, Amy knows that she into women, and she wants to learn the right way to make love to a woman."

"She's my age and completely trustworthy or I wouldn't even ask you."

"Alright, if you say she's discreet."

"Call me before you send her over though, and I want to talk to her first to get to know her...maybe we can meet somewhere."

"Yes, we can meet in the ice cream shop if that's OK... I'll let you know when to meet her."

After Sara left, Carla smiled, remembering how attractive Amy looked. Now Carla was getting excited at the prospect of teaching a young girl the art of making love. As for Sara, Carla was sure she'd see her again, and was looking forward to their next meeting.