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Off Limits

2022-05-28 00:49:46

Shiann could only be described as a burnout. 18 years old, no drivers license, couldn't hold down a job, pothead. She couldn't hold down one of the trashy boys she met on Tinder for longer than a month.

When she graduated high school, she was living in Washington with her father. Several fights with her dad's girlfriend later, and she was essentially homeless. She begged her dad for money for a plane ride back to Minnesota and, like always, she got her wish. Sadly, there was no room for her back home. Her mom and her step dad had just moved to a small apartment and couldn't take in another kid. Granted, the second bedroom was unoccupied at the house, so maybe there was more wouldn't than couldn't. So she did what she had always done best. Played the guilt trip and begged her sister, my fiancée, Emili, for a place to stay.

Emili hadn't wanted to let her stay, but it was with us or on the street. I had put in my own two cents that we should let her stay with us. She could pay us rent (discounted of course) to help on our bills and save up for a car and her own place.

Six months later, she had had two jobs with two walkouts (or firings, I couldn't pin down the real story) and two months of being unemployed. Between tax returns and stimulus checks and the grace of God (read: Emili and I paying for her groceries when she couldn't) she hadn't missed a rent payment. This meant I couldn't kick her out as I so desperately wanted.

It was a lazy Sunday. I was in bed with Emili, gradually kissing down her neckline to a steamy combination of moans and giggles. She raised her foot and trailed her toes up my thigh. She knew about my foot fetish, but didn't act on it much. When she did, it drove me wild. I nibbled softly on her neck and pushed my hand up her shirt. My forearm had raised her shirt up enough that her wonderful large breasts stole a glimpse of the sunrise creeping into the room. My lips flocked to her nipples and a groan escaped her lips. My hand went down to her waiting, wet clit and rubbed it above her panties.

Emili and I were both considered plus size. I had a bit of a belly and not much else. She had wide hips and huge tits, the fact that the rest of her body had to grow to match took nothing away from her sex appeal. To me, it was a match made in heaven. Her double D breasts were perfect, her ass was the muse of my fantasies, and her face was beyond gorgeous. Especially as it was now, basking in the sunlight that had snuck past the blinds and were lighting up her eyes and lips in two firm streams of light. I pulled her panties to the side and continued kissing towards her wet, waiting...

A knock at the door. Shit.

"Yes?" Emili called out as she angrily pulled her panties back over her sopping wet vagina and pulled the blanket up. I climbed back up to my pillow. Dejected. This wasn't the first time having a third body living in the apartment would ruin my fun. I'm sure it wouldn't be the last.

Shiann twisted the knob and found it locked. Emili got up and unlocked it, pulling it open. "Yes?" she repeated.

Shiann stepped into our room. Luckily, I had pulled the blanket back up to cover my erection and the wetspot on my underwear. Shiann looked at her sister, then at me. A mocking smile crept onto her lips. "I hope I'm not interrupting?" I could see it in her eyes and small lips she was trying to stifle a giggle. She knew she was interrupting. She looked back at her sister and explained how she needed a ride as she had an interview for a restaurant across town in the afternoon.

I could picture her as a waitress. She was petite, small for her age. Her dyed-black hair grew down well past her shoulder blades and she consistently had to pull it out of her pretty face. She likely had A-cup breasts and whatever the equivalent of an A-cup ass was. She was skinny beyond belief, her skinny legs and tight abs and her small cute feet. It took me a second to realize I was looking over Shiann's body and I felt guilty for a moment. She wasn't necessarily my type, but here I was checking her out anyways. I remembered my pre-existing hard on and felt justified. I was still horny.

"You can do that, right Sammy?" Emili was looking at me. I hadn't really been paying attention, but I had the jist of the request. Emili had to work and since I was off, I was being asked to give Shiann a ride to the restaurant.

"Yeah, no problem." I couldn't refuse. I was off all day. I had literally no excuse. Plus, I liked to help out where I could. And I hated having to say no. Shiann left and Emili didn't bother closing the door. She had to get ready, after all. No sex would be had. I understood, but was still disappointed. I'd have to take care of myself, after dropping Shiann off of course.


Shiann and I had a pretty decent relationship. Even though she bugged the hell out of me and was a complete brat half of the time and a mooch the other half, I still liked her. She had helped me set up my proposal, I had helped her get over a few breakups. We talked sometimes, no more than a brother to his fiancee's sister. That was important to Emili. I had just dropped her off and she assured me it would take an hour only. Since it was a 10 minute drive, I wasn't planning on waiting. I could go home and nurse the blue balls I was given that morning.

The first thing I did was go into the bathroom. After grabbing my lotion, I froze. Sitting there on the counter were two small, pink socks. I could tell by the dirty imprints in the toes that these were used. They were Shiann's. She was a slob, so there was no surprise. I picked them up and went to toss them into Shiann's bedroom. Instead, I looked at the toe imprints and felt a stirring in my underwear. I pulled them slowly to my face. By the time they were three or four inches away, I could smell the rank smell. I had mentioned my foot fetish, right? Well to me, this was the equivalent of striking gold. Smelly socks worn by some very petite feet.

Emili had given over to my foot fetish a few times. Let me lick or kiss them while I jerked off or fucked her, but she never quite seemed to enjoy the worship as much as me. I appreciated her allowing me to indulge, but there wasn't much beyond that. She was rather vanilla, I was a closeted deviant. How I wished she would leave her socks out for me to jerk off while she was gone... But alas, she didn't.

I squirted the lotion in my hand and pictured Shiann being the one to shove these socks in my face. When I came into the toilet, it was all I could do not to shove them into my mouth. That would probably be hard to explain. I cleaned up and dropped the socks into Shiann's room. I looked at the clock on my phone, I was already five minutes late picking her up. I felt a pit of guilt in my stomach for more reasons than one..


Shiann had texted me once or twice letting me know I was late. Even though I knew waiting outside for a few minutes wasn't the end of existence, I still felt like shit. It didn't help that the reason I was late was that I was masturbating to her socks...

She got in the car and was rather pleasant. It had been hot, so I cranked the air up.

"Sorry I was late."

"It's no big deal. I got offered the job."

"That's awesome!"

"Yeah, I don't know if I want to be a waitress." I looked over bewildered.

"Well, better than nothing, right?" She nodded and glanced out the window. I looked over at her, saw the sweat dripping down her forehead. I cranked up the AC another notch. She turned up the radio and I groaned at the song choice. Some Ed Sheeran breakup song.

"Letting me listen to my music is the least you could do since you were late." My eyes glanced down to the reason I was late, her feet. One foot was tucked inside her slip on Toms shoe, the other was... crossed over, dangling the shoe. I could see that she wasn't wearing any socks. I felt myself harden again as I stared. I started to smell the familiar scent of her foot as she noticed me looking. My eyes fled back to the road. "Yeah, sorry, that probably doesn't smell the best. I hadn't showered yet but I figured I wouldn't have to stand around in the hot sun for 10 minutes." I laughed it off and told her to shut up, jokingly. She looked at me with her pretty hazel eyes, wrinkled her nose at me and laughed. "You know, the smell may have helped. The waitress I talked to before my interview told me the boss was a pervert with a foot fetish."

"Eww." I shook my head, convincingly.

"Yeah, disgusting freak." I felt my cock twinge again. Luckily, we were pulling up to the house. I carefully left the car and got into the house, hiding my growing erection. Not only did she mention her feet, she talked about a guy with a foot fetish with disgust. My humiliation kink had me fully aware of the choice of small underwear I had picked out after.. well after jerking off in a humiliating scene in the bathroom just an hour ago.

She went into her room and I into mine. I was about to send a message to Emili when I noticed a tap at my door. Opening it, I saw Shiann staring at me. She held up her socks that I had used earlier. "So, you want to tell me why there's spit on my sock and a bottle of lotion on the floor?" She had a disgusted look in her eyes. I felt my face redden with embarrassment as I tried stammering out an explanation. I was fucked.