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Night Burglar Pt 3. The Retreat_(0)

2022-05-28 00:43:57

Night Burglar Pt 3 The Retreat
It had been over three months since Jason killed Monica and her two daughters in their home and he needed that rush again. He was sloppy and although the police had no idea of his identity Jason knew if he didn’t take more precautions it was just a matter of time before they would be knocking on his door. Almost every night Jason would relive the moment Monica realized he was going to kill her two daughters and make her watch and every night he would shoot a huge load of cum. Today he would find out if his offer for the cabin was accepted by the current owner’s and if so, he hoped within a month he would be able to satisfy his lust for blood once again.
It was the perfect place to bring his victims to and Jason wasted no time in doing the necessary renovations to transform the underground root cellar behind the cabin into a fully functional torture chamber with full video capabilities. He built three cell like rooms on one end of the cellar, each with a 1 foot door window made out of a series of metal bars like a jail cell. Several sets of chains with cuffs hung from the rafters and also mounted into the concrete floor. His crowning jewel however was the wall where every type of whip, pliers, torches, knives, etc was neatly displayed so his victims would see all his evil torture devices. Outside, Jason had built a gazebo over the entrance to the cellar so even if he had visitors they would never suspect there was a torture chamber located less than 50 feet from the cabin itself. With all the renovations he had to complete in his spare time from his job, it took Jason almost 2 months to get the cellar ready once he took over ownership. Now with a total of five months without a taste of blood or the feel of draining the life out of a victim, Jason decided he would just have to grab a couple women off the street and forego his usual planning each step out. Now that he had his own place in the country to bring his victims to, there wasn’t any reason to research a victim to find their routine and living habits.
Cynthia didn’t even see Jason move up behind her as she was walking home from band practice and when he grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth and nose with the chloroform soaked rag she was in a helpless state of sleep within a few seconds. Jason figured she was in her mid teens and although not beautiful she did have a look of sweet innocence on her face. It was this innocent look Jason had noticed when he drove by her and it was this innocence that made his loins ache for satisfaction. Five foot three or four and one hundred twenty pounds, she was a healthy specimen. The only negative part about Cynthia was she had short hair and Jason loved long hair so he could use it to his advantage when dragging across floor or yanking their weakened body up when they collapsed.
Jennifer knew it would be at least two days before her drunken parents would even realized she was missing and by then she hoped to be several states away. Even though Jennifer had heard all the stories about women being raped and even killed by strangers, she told herself it couldn’t happen to her and that’s when she made up her mind to try to hitch a ride. Jason seemed polite and normal when she walked up to his car and besides, there’s no way she could have guessed there was another helpless woman in his trunk tied and drugged. When Jennifer told Jason she just wanted to get as far away from this town as possible he told her he was driving two states away. Jennifer was an eighteen year old with long blonde hair and although she was very petite she had enormous breasts. Jason knew her breasts had to be at least a 40DD and his mind conjured all kinds of torture he could do to them. As Jennifer turned around and leaned over the front seat to get into her back pack, Jason used the stun gun on her and quickly tied her hands and ankles with duct tape to subdue her once she came back around. Using her own scarf, he gagged her before heading to the cabin.
Damn they looked so hot hanging from the chains with nothing but their panties and bras on. Even with the deep red welts on their backs and legs Jason thought they were extremely sexy. When they screamed as the whip tore into their flesh Jason’s cock would react by growing longer and harder. He encouraged them to scream, knowing a bomb could go off and no one would ever hear it. Not only was the cellar underground but the nearest house to his was over a quarter of a mile away. The blood was running down their legs and forming a nice pool on the floor the smell of fresh blood only heightened Jason’s desires.
After two days of repeatedly sodomizing and using the whips and belts on Jennifer and Cynthia Jason had that itch to get to work and show these girls what real pain felt like. Going over to Cynthia’s cell first, Jason dropped her to the floor with the stun gun and then with the aid of a leash and collar he dragged her to the middle of the room and hung her back up. Having another three to five minutes before she became coherent again, Jason went to Jennifer’s cell and after stunning her, his cock dripped precum as he used natural long hair to drag her in place and string her up. Taking a seven inch Bowie knife, Jason began cutting off the rest of Cynthia’s short brunette hair telling her if she wanted to look like a boy he sure would help her. Once he had chopped as much off as possible with the knife Jason went to his wall of implements and got a hand held blow torch.
Her screams and the smell of burning flesh was more than Jason could handle as he finished removing the hair on her head with the torch. His cock was so hard and his heart was beating out of control from the desire in his loins so grabbing both breasts viciously Jason shoved all seven inches of his cock into Cynthia’s ass and fucked her until he seeded her once again. Her screams had diminished to a loud whimper by the time he finished his sodomy, so using the blow torch once again, Jason removed the stubble of public hair bringing shrill screams from the young girls lungs again. When Jennifer tried to turn away and not watch the torture Cynthia had to endure, Jason would slash one of her breasts and tell her to either watch or he would slice her up beyond recognition. Turning back to Cynthia and telling her he will continue to give her the boy look she evidently wanted, he cut both breasts off flush with her chest. One nice thing about the breasts are they consist mainly of fatty tissue so no major veins that would quicken her death. Taking duct tape, Jason wrapped it around her upper torso to stop the bleeding from where this young girls breasts used to be. Cynthia spit in Jason’s face as he finished his tape job and without hesitation he punched her in the mouth three times with enough force to break all her upper and lower front teeth off at gum level. He had planned to torture her for at least another five or six hours but he was tiring of her defiance and decided to finish her off with a very painful death.
He saw the punching balls at K-Mart a couple years ago and bought a dozen knowing they would come in handy sooner or later. They were made of a heavy rubber and when blown up they could be used as a punching bag. Using a wood dowel rod, Jason forced the balloon past Cynthia’s cervix and had it firmly placed inside her womb. Wanting the discomfort to slowly turn to pain Jason used a bicycle hand pump and began inflating the large balloon. Slowly Cynthia’s stomach grew looking as though she was going through a nine month pregnancy within a matter of minutes. As her womb stretched and her skin became so tight it was beginning to split, Jason pumped the air into the balloon faster. Cynthia’s heart was beating a hundred miles per hour and her breathing was getting more erratic as Jason used his free hand to masturbate while his eyes were locked on hers as the pressure of the balloon was pressing against her lungs and heart and it was a race to see if the balloon would rupture and kill her from the force of it or she would die from her organs being crushed. As she gasped trying desperately to suck air into her lungs the balloon exploded and skin, blood and pieces of internal organs splattered all over Jason, Jennifer and the floor.
Jennifer was screaming uncontrollably as blood and guts covered her from head to knees and it was all she could do to keep from going into shock. Seeing this Jason slapped her hard several times to get her back to reality and reminded her that Cynthia asked for it when she decided to spit in his face. When Jennifer’s eyes pleaded with him for mercy, Jason told her that although she would have to die, if she behaved and took it like a trooper he would make it as painless as possible. Taking a garden hose, Jason washed the blood and innards from Jennifer’s body and left her hanging there to dry as he went to his cabin for the night.
Before leaving to run some errands in town, Jason went to the root cellar and punished Jennifer by removing all her teeth with a pair of slip joint pliers and then almost killed her while he shoved his cock down her throat and held it for long periods of time as she gagged and struggled to breathe. When she would pass out due to lack of oxygen, Jason would revive her by shocking her with 110 volts of electricity. Being satisfied sexually for the time being and Jennifer in a very agreeable mood, Jason attached a 8 foot chain to her leg and then released the chain that was keeping her in the upright position from the rafters. Cutting her panties off and putting them In her mouth to soak up some of the blood and cum drippings. Jason cut Cynthia’s limp and mutilated body down and using a chain saw he cut her limbs and head from her body. Setting a portable pot a few feet from Jennifer and bringing the garden hose over, Jason told Jennifer when he got back he expected the place to be spotless and all of Cynthia’s body parts put into the heavy duty trash bags he now gave her. Before leaving for his errands, Jason motioned to a small table with a bottle of water and a sandwich and told Jennifer it was for her and the pot was for her to use if she needed.
The room was clean when Jason returned and the trash bags closed tightly so Jason told Jennifer she done such a good job he was going to reward her. Forcing her to crawl over to the table he just pushed to the center of the room he had her lean over it while he tied her hands and ankles to the table legs. There was a sizable opening in the middle of the table which allowed Jennifer’s huge breasts to hang down freely. Using a quarter inch drill bit, Jason drilled matching holes in her breasts about two inches from her nipples. In those holes, Jason inserted large “S” shaped hooks then connected the exposed ends of the hooks with a small chain. Jason was rock hard again as Jennifer’s screams pierced the room and the blood and drool was pouring from her severely abused mouth. Jason attached a five pound weight to the connecting chain and when he let loose the weight of it stretched her breasts another two to three inches. As Jason fucked her from behind, the weight would swing and torture her breasts more with each thrust. When Jennifer began screaming profanities at Jason as he was brutally fucking her, it only turned him on even more but he knew he couldn’t allow this bitch to slander him. As he rammed her harder causing the weight to swing even more, Jason grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and repeatedly slammed her face into the metal table top. He could hear the cartilage in her nose crush and the smell of fresh flowing blood caused a chain reaction in his loins as another load of cum was sprayed into this sweet teens cunt.
For the remainder of the afternoon and deep into the evening Jason would add additional weight to the chain and Jennifer’s breasts stretched at least six inches longer than before. They were also twice the size in diameter from the natural swelling due to the torture they’ve been receiving all day. Sticking from her ass was an eighteen inch electric soldering iron and after he plugged it in Jason pulled a chair up to the table and while holding Jennifer’s head up by her hair, he watched the look of discomfort turn into one of extreme pain as the irons temperature continued to increase. Standing up, Jason shoved his cock into the girls mouth and face fucked her violently as her body began to convulse from the intense pain .The smell of cooked meat was making Jason hungry. Jennifer’s gagging was getting weaker and weaker as she was being cooked alive and the last few seconds before she died her throat muscles involuntarily tightened and sucked the cum from Jason’s driving cock. Jason had to hold onto the table to keep from collapsing as all energy was drained from him with the massive orgasm he experienced.
Jason had hours of video he could watch and masturbate to until his need grew too intense and he’d have to go out and find new victims. Jennifer and Cynthia would make great compost for his garden next spring and he could hardly wait to share his vegetables with his friends. Perhaps he should send a vegetable basket anonymously to Jennifer and Cynthia’s families.