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My cheating bisexual girlfriend

2022-08-16 00:00:03

Hi, I'm a 32 year old lesbian in a happy and fulfilling relationship with Katelyn, a bisexual female. Like a lot of lesbian couples. My partner is a "fem," while I was more of a tomboy. But that's not to say that I'm a "Bull dyke" or even a "butch." As I certainly couldn't pass for a man. But I am into sports. I played stick ball, touch football and basketball with the boys growing up. Played volleyball, soccer and lacrosse in college. I always had more guy friends than female. So much of my attitude and behavior towards other girls was in part shaped by this. But I was still feminine, and never had any problems attracting interest from guys. Yes I dated guys, even went to my HS prom with a guy. But I always had strong lesbian tendencies. Which of course, I kept to myself.

So I didn't really embrace my sexuality until I turned 18 and went off to college. In college, I didn't have to hide my attraction for girls. But it was during spring breaks. That I really embraced my sexuality. I usually went with a group of 4 or 5 girls. I would regularly hook up with, and bring other girls back to our room. My friends always got a real kick out of it, and openly marveled at it. After all, those girls were normal college girls like them. Identified as straight, and looking to meet and have a good time with cute guys. Yet these girls were hooking up with me for some girl on girl fun. My friends would often walk in on me and some girl in the shower, or in bed together. But they were always good sports about it. We had a "no guys" rule, but that since I was bringing back a girl, I was given a pass. My friends were always amazed at how easily I was able to hook up with these girls. At how I got them to openly sit on my lap or let me get all touchy feely with them, and how they openly made out with me. But that was because I knew exactly how to talk to, and act around a girl. I realized, that my tomboy side added to my persona if you will. In many ways, I acted towards them just like the guys these girls normally came across. My feminine, athletic physique, and with a more masculine approach. Making me very appealing to adventurous bi curious girls.

So I was one of those lesbians that liked to "turn" straight girls. Of course you can't "turn" someone gay or bi. I simply enjoyed getting a girl to explore her sexuality with me. Also my "player" attitude was further enforced in me. By two older women I slept with after college. Both women were in their thirties and were married with children. They showed me that even married moms. Were not off limits to my charm. All my lesbian friends encouraged me to seek out other lesbians, and not waste my time with straight or bi females. But I got a rush and a high when I pursued, or was pursued by a female. Especially if they weren't actually gay. So I basically saw myself as a "confirmed bachelor, or bachelorette" in my case. Not interested in committed relationships. Even when I dated a lesbian, I cheated on them. Totally unconcerned at how it would affect the relationship. But then as often happens. A "player" meets someone who changes everything. That's what happened when I met Katelyn. My soulmate and love of my life.

My relationship with Katelyn hit me like a ton of bricks. My feelings for her were unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Katelyn or as she preferred to be called, Katie. Had been with her live-in boyfriend for over a year when we met. Although Katie was bisexual. She was more accurately, "Pansexual." She could "love" either gender. There is a difference. Most of the women I hooked up with were sexually bi, but romantically straight. But Katie loved the person, gender simply didn't matter. My lesbian friends always warned me not to get seriously involved with bisexuals. Which is a real, if not well known, conflict amongst lesbians and bi fems. Many lesbians view bi fems as "greedy" or just confused. Which was fine if you're a lesbian only looking for sex. But not for lesbians looking for a serious, committed relationship. They felt bi fems simply wanted "cock" too much to ever be truly be happy with another woman. Thus I should avoid getting into a committed relationship with Katie.

But before I even met Katie. I had been very unhappy with my life. I just went through the motions in college. Graduated, but with no career path planned out. So I simply drifted from job to job. Mostly working retail. My best job without doubt was working at a Victoria's secret store in a local mall. As I got to flirt with a lot of females. One of those married moms I hooked up with was a customer. But things eventually took a turn for the better when I got reacquainted with Lisa, my best friend growing up. Lisa shocked me when she joined the Navy after HS. I constantly made fun of her for it. But Lisa knew exactly what she was doing. Lisa had recently got back to town and looked me up. So here I was, living paycheck to paycheck. Occasionally having to ask my parents to help out with my rent or car payment. While Lisa was working full time as network administrator. Driving a better car and living in a much nicer apartment. They both encouraged me to join the Navy. Pointing out that even at 25, it wasn't too late. Also Lisa's mom was a police officer, and I had practically idolized her growing up. So I actually wanted to be a female cop myself. But I knew this wouldn't go over well with my parents. But when Lisa's mom told me the easiest way to become a police officer was with prior military training. I finally had a goal in life. So I took their advice and joined up. This time I really applied myself. Having a college degree also helped, and I was able to quickly advanced through the system. I was serving in the Navy when I met Katie. I had served 3 of my required 4 years of active duty when Katie and I rented a small ranch house off base, and moved in together.

Katie comming into my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. katie was amazing in every way. Extremely attractive and highly intelligent. Warm hearted and very emotionally supportive. But despite my genuine feelings for katie. I just couldn't control my "player" ways, and I cheated on her. Katie looked the other way for a while. But finally threatened to end our relationship if I didn't stop. So I simply had to learn to put away my childish and immature behavior, and fully commit to Katie.

As I mentioned earlier, Katie was highly intelligent, with a Master's degree in biochemistry. But many would've been shocked to learn that Katie also had a rather kinky sexual side. Katie really loved to masturbate. She had a draw full of vibrators, and I was always walking in on her. Katie was also obsessed with the "female orgasm" Especially the clinical side of it. She read all the clinical studies. Katie also loved to watch other women having orgasms. So female masturbation videos were a particular favorite. But what really got her going were videos where women were being masturbated by a partner. For instance, there was this one guy who made what he called "hands on" videos. Where he would masturbate a series of women to orgasm. Either with a vibrator or using his fingers. There was also another guy who made similar videos. Only more of a clinical variety. Which demonstrated the concept of "tantric orgasms." He would "edge" women. Bringing them to the brink of orgasm, then bringing them back down. All as the woman consciously delayed the orgasm as best she could through deep breathing. Katie simply couldn't get enough of these videos. Katie even flirted with the idea of contacting the producers. As Katie wanted to be one of the models, or even be the one who masturbated the women. Katie also made a compilation tape of genuine female orgasms she dubbed from porn videos.

In fact Katie was so into sex toys. She actually made her own home-made vibrator. She took the nozzle from one of those clit pumps and rigged it up to a vacuum cleaner. She would place the nozzle directly onto her clit and literally suction her clit to orgasm, but without the pumping effect. I loved watching her use this. However she didn't like using it too often. As it always left her clit quite sore afterwards. Katie would lay perfectly still, just letting the suction work its magic. The powerful suction combined with the vibration from the vacuum gave her some really intense orgasms. I loved seeing her pussy as it began visibly, rhythmically snapping. Her juices literally oozing out after each snap of her cunt. I really enjoyed that because I got to rub my thumb along her lips and taste all her delicious juices oozing out. Katie even worked her love of masturbating into our sex life. Being in the Navy meant I was away for months at a time. So Katie would set up a camcorder to video herself masturbating. She'd talk through it, telling me how she missed me, and pretending I was there and we were having sex. Her favorite thing was grinding up against a pillow. Again talking directly to me as she pleasured herself. Then when I returned, we'd watch the tapes together. I liked this as it made me feel all warm inside knowing how much Katie was missing me and wanted me while I was away.

I had recently returned from a deployment and Katie was at work. I wanted to get a new car. So I was selling my old car, but I couldn't find the title. After going through all of my papers. Thinking it might've gotten mixed up with Katie's, I l started going through her stuff. When I came across the box she kept all her sex tapes. I decided to take a break from looking to watch some of the DVD's. As I was going through them. I noticed a quite a few of them had a large red X in magic marker on the plastic sleeves. Some had a single red X, others had XX on them. But I didn't recall ever seeing those marking on any of the DVD's Katie brought out for us to watch. So this immediately caught my attention. Simply out of curiosity, I picked out the marked ones. What I saw on those DVD's took me completely by surprise.

I started out with the ones marked with the single X. The DVD started with Katie standing in front of the camera which was on a tripod. Katie is wearing her bathrobe. Its untied and I can clearly see that she is completely naked otherwise. But I also see that Katie wasn't alone. Another female is in the room. I immediately recognized her. It was Kristen, the 19 yr old daughter of a guy on my coed softball team. Although Katie was very much into physical fitness. She was into yoga, running and playing tennis. Playing softball wasn't something she liked. But Katie always came to watch me. So all the other wives and girlfriends new Katie. Kristen often showed up with her mom to watch her dad play. Although I often saw Katie and Kristen talking during the games. I never sensed anything odd or suspicious about it. But clearly something was going on here that I was completely unaware of. Kirsten was behind Katie next to the bed. Although Katie was naked under her robe. Kristen was fully dressed, wearing jeans and tank top. But once Katie is done adjusting the camera. Katie turns and moves directly beside Kristen. Katie then looks directly at the camera and says. "OK, this is Kristen. She and I are going to demonstrate the art of edging, or as its also called, the expanded orgasm." Then with a smile Katie says, "But before we begin, I just have to explore this girl's sexy ass body a little bit first." With that, Katie begins to undress Kristen.

Kristen just stood there as Katie unbuttoned her jeans. Kristen put her hand on Katie's shoulder for balance as Katie slid Kristen's tight jeans off, one leg at a time. Katie then stood up and began lifting up Kristen's top. I could clearly see Kristen's erect nipples showing through her white tank top. Kristen lifted both of her arms up as Katie removed her top. Katie was totally calm and in control. She then began to literally manhandle Kristen. Katie proceeded to touch, squeeze and rub practically every part of Kristen. Katie's hands were all over Kristen's butt, stomach and lower back. She squeezed and gently slapped Kristen's butt cheeks, and rubbed her hand across Kristen's stomach. She rubbed her upper arms and kissed Kristen's neck and shoulders. Katie then sat down on the bed, and continued to explore Kristen. Katie grasped both her of Kristen's butt cheeks and squeezed them as she licked,kissed and gently nibbled on Kristen's stomach. Kristen was looking down and watching it all. Yet I was rather surprised by how little reaction Kristen was showing. Although it was clear Kristen was sought of enjoying it. She just didn't seem to be very into it all. Katie was giving long slow licks with her tongue. As if Kristen's stomach and lower groin area were made of candy. Katie then started focusing in on Kristen's belly button. Katie actually spent almost 5 full min kissing, licking and eating out her belly button. But Kristen clearly enjoy it, that much was clear.

Even though I was watching my woman being unfaithful to me, and with a much younger girl no less. I was aroused watching this. Katie was a grown ass 33 yr old woman, and Kristen was a 19 yr old college girl. There is a difference, and that's what made them so hot together. Katie finally stopped enjoying Kristen's belly button and reached up and gently but firmly pinched and squeezed Kristen's nipples. Katie then reinforced my own feelings by looking up at Kristen and telling her how sexy Kristen was and how she just couldn't keep her hands off her. Katie then told Kristen that it was time to begin the edging session. Katie helped Kristen get into the most comfortable position to receive oral sex. I loved watching as my Katie physically spread Kristen's legs apart. But again it was clear that Katie couldn't resist exploring Kristen's young sexy body. Katie rubbed, licked and gently bit Kristen's inner thighs. She also ran her well manicured nails along Kitten's stomach and up and down her thighs. Kristen's legs actually twitched from the sensations as Katie gently scratched her thighs. Katie continued this exquisite foreplay by sucking and playing Kristen's nipples. She worked on both for about 5 min, then slowly worked her way down, kissing and licking Kristen all the way down to her crotch. Katie was fully in control and I couldn't wait for her to actually start going down on Kristen. I was fully aroused as Katie finally began exploring Kristen's pussy. "Hmm, baby, you're so wet." Katie tells Kristen as she rubbed Katie's lips with her thumb. "Wow, girl, you're all juiced up. Then after some more thumbing, Katie finally started going down on Kristen.

Initially it looked just like any lesbian porn video. Katie was using her tongue, and was also rubbing Kristen's clit with her thumb. Although I had been surprised at Kristen seeming lack of enthusiasm up to this point. It was obvious that Kristen was enjoying Katie's technique. Almost immediately, Kristen began fidgeting and moving around on the bed. Her breaths started to become more pronounced. I could clearly see Kristen's stomach muscles contracting and she began gently rolling her hips. Katie clearly sensed that Kristen was already close to an orgasm. So she stops. Kristen finally opened her eyes and looks down at Katie, and asks why did you stop" Katie then gently reminds Kristen they were making a edging video. So it was important that Kristen relax and breath out the waves of pleasure. With that, Katie then resumed licking and rubbing Kristen's clit as before. However it only took about a min before Kristen let out a deep moan. Her whole body suddenly stiffened, her feet went rigid and her thighs closed around Katie's head. Kristen had just climaxed. Katie quietly watched as Kristen came down off her orgasm. But I was a bit surprised when Kristen practically scolded Kristen about not listening to her. "Remember what I told you about how edging is supposed to work." Once Kristen had recovered. Katie asked her if she was ready to try again. Katie then told Kristen to tap her arm or the bed whenever Kristen was about to cum. That way Katie could slow down or stop an allow the orgasmic wave to pass before resuming.

Kristen agreed and with that, Katie began another session. As instructed, a couple of times Kristen gently tapped Katie's hand. So Katie stopped and let Kristen calm down before resuming. But then Kristen suddenly banged the bed with her palm like someone tapping out in wrestling match. it was almost as if Kristen had forgotten about letting Katie know she was close, and was desperately trying to let Katie know she'd better stop. Katie immediately stopped, and just kissed Kristen's inner thighs as Kristen slowly calmed back down. So everything seemed to be going better this time around. But then once again, Kristen suddenly climaxed. Again Kristen's body tensed as her orgasm surged through her. Katie waited for Kristen to calm down before voicing her frustration. Katie shook her head, "you know! you just don't listen do you. You're hardly putting any effort into this, gees!" But Kristen quickly shot back, "Well I'm sorry, I like cumming, gees." Yes of course I realize that sweetie, but we're supposed to be resisting that urge to cum. I mean how many times do I have to explain this to you!"

Then Katie through in an unexpected wrinkle when she then told Kristen that "I'm paying you to help me make a tantric sex video. Your still going to cum, but if you do like I say. Your pleasure will last much longer and your orgasm will be even more intense by delaying it for so long. So if you want to keep smoking pot, I suggest you stat putting some effort into this for me here. This part really surprised me. Kristen was actually getting paid to do this. But the pot reference, helped me to understand all this. I was aware that Kristen liked to smoke weed. I knew from her parents that Kristen and a few of her teammates were thrown off the college volleyball team for smoking pot in the locker room. So it seems Kristen was using the money Katie gave her to support her weed habit. I wasn't thrilled with knowing that Katie was perhaps enabling Kristen like that. But hey, Kristen was 18 and soon to be 19, and free to make her own decisions. Albeit I'm sure Kristen's parents would've seen it that way.

At this point, Katie suggested they switch roles. So Kate reclined back on the bed, arranged the pillows and got herself comfortable. Katie then spread her legs as Kristen got into position to go down on Katie. Kristen rubbed her palms up and down Katie's thighs a few times before spreading Katie's lips between her two fingers. With Katie's lips spread apart, Katie dived right in with her tongue and began fucking Katie with her tongue. This was clearly Kristen's preferred technique at eating pussy. But Kristen also knew enough to also rub Katie's clit with her thumb as well. But just as before, things didn't go as Katie had wanted. It was clear that Kristen wasn't giving Katie the chance to control her own pleasure. Kristen only seemed to know on speed. Kristen was clearly a natural at eating pussy. Just where she learned this is still a mystery to me. it wasn't long before Katie began telling Kristen to slow down and to ease off. Kristen would then slow down momentarily. But then quickly get right back into it. Katie was clearly struggling to stop from cumming. I could hear Katie trying to breath out the waves of pleasure, I could see Katie's stomach muscles clenching, and her hands were tightly gripping the sheets as she visibly squired around as Kristen kept up her relentless assault.

Finally unable to hold back her climax. Katie grabbed her Kristen head with her hand and held it tight as Katie body began tensing and spasming. Katie's sounds of intense pleasure signaled how close Katie was to orgasm. Finally her body tensed in one powerful contraction her back arching slightly. then visibly relaxes as Katie fell back into the bed, breathy moaning in orgasm. I was amused by the proud, almost smug look on Kristen's face as she watched Katie Slowly come down off her orgasm. Katie, still breathless, says, "dam girl, why didn't you slow down like I asked. I mean you didn't even give me a chance there." "what do you mean, I got you off!" "Yes you did sweetie, but tantric sex is all about delaying and riding out the urge to cum, but you fast tracked me." So again Katie explained to Kristen about the concepts behind a tantric orgasm. After a break, the tape starts up again with Kristen again going down on Katie. But as before, Kristen quickly forgets about the tantric aspect, and despite Katie's desperate attempts to get Kristen to slow down and ease off. Kristen again gets Katie to orgasm quite quickly. Again Katie is clearly exasperated by this, and again admonishes Kristen and actually calls Kristen a "spoiled little brat" for purposely not even trying. But it seemed to me that Kristen simply didn't care about tantric sex. Kristen felt letting Katie eat her out and in turn going down on Katie, was good enough to justify getting paid.

But I liked how Kristen was actually getting paid to have sex with Katie. That the weed she bought and shared with friends was obtained by having orgasms. So Kristen was getting off while earning money to support her weed habit. Which is why I believe Katie was annoyed with her and called her a spoiled little brat. But there was even more to this than I had thought. When one of the dvd's opened with yet another woman with Kristen and Katie. I was shocked when I immediately recognized her as my next door neighbor. Susan was married, 44 yrs old with two college age kids. Here she was sitting with Kristen on the edge of the bed. Katie was off screen and behind the camera and began setting up what was going to happen here. Here I actually learned that Kristen wasn't just doing this solely for money. Susan asks Katie if Kristen was a lesbian. Katie then chuckles and tells Susan, NO, but she bi, but only attracted to older women. Susan smiles and is clearly excited by this. "Oh lucky me then I guess." Kristen explains how she isn't really attracted to girls her own age, but did find herself attracted to one of her friends mom. Kristen says it was her friends mom that taught her how to eat pussy. Ever since, Kristen has had a liking for older women. So when Katie approached her with the idea of making tantric sex tapes. Kristen jumped at the chance to be with the 33 yr old Katie. I then watch Susan and Kristen begin making out. It quickly became hot and heavy as Susan eagerly and expertly played with Kristin's tits. Cupping, squeezing her tits. sucking, pinching and pulling on Kristen's nipples. *Stands Kristen up and Susan plays with Kristen butt, shakes, cups, squeezes and slaps it.

Then Kristen returned the favor and eagerly played with Susan's much larger and breasts. Finally Susan pushed Kristen back down on the bed. Kristen lifts up her but as Susan slips off Kristen's tight jeans, and her panties. Susan then goes down on Kristen. Susan clearly know how to eat pussy and in less than 3 min, has Kristen breathlessly writhing in orgasm. Kristen's oral skills were confirmed as she also easily brought Susan to orgasm in return. Then Katie tells Susan about her interest in making a tantric sex video. Katie suggests that Kristen watch and learn as Susan goes down on Katie. Susan clearly understands what Katie wants and visibly slows down when she realizes Katie is beginning to struggle holding back her orgasm. This allows Katie to take breath out the orgasmic waves produced by Susan's tongue, lips and fingers. Sure enough Katie lasts for close to 20 min before she fully climaxes. "See Kristen, that's what tantric orgasms are all about." As with Kristen, I wasn't mad, angry or even jealous as a watch Katie having sex with other women. I loved watching Katie experiencing sexual pleasure, and I myself would've jumped at the chance to have sex with either Kristen and Susan. So how could I be mad at Katie Besides, I had cheated on Katie in the past. All this did was perhaps turn our relationship into an open relationship where we perhaps we brought other women in our relationship.

This particular session clearly at an end. As Susan and Kristen were walking out of the bedroom. Susan looked back and said something to Katie as she walked over to shut off the camera. What I heard, literally made me sick to my stomach. Susan almost laughingly asked, "Oh by the way, how was he last night? I hope he wasn't too rough with you? "C'mon you know he's always a bit rough, but he was still amazing as always, replied Katie. This was my worst nightmare realized. Katie cheating on me with other women was on thing, but a man was a another matter! Yeah I knew Katie was bi and had sexual relationships with men. I knew Katie identified as "pansexual" But as I mentioned earlier. All of my lesbian friends warned me not to get involved with a bi female. How bi females could never really give up men and would invariably leave me for some guy. Stereotypes yeah, but now I realized my lesbian friends were right nonetheless. So with my guts tied up in a knot and with shaking hands. I picked up one of the dvd's with the double XX's in red magic marker. Wondering who exactly this guy was. Susan's hubby? Some guy from work? Or maybe one of my "supposed" friends from my softball team. The 4 or 5 seconds it took for the dvd to load seemed like eternity.

What I saw next took me completely by surprise. Susan was standing right in front of the camera. But what really caught my attention was the enormous Rottweiler walking around the room. I immediately recognized him as Susan's dog. Every time I or Katie went out, this rotty would run along the fenced walkway that separated our properties barking and growling. Also whenever we were in the backyard, we could see and hear him in the yard. So he was certainly no stranger to me. But what was he doing in our bedroom? I kept expecting a guy to make an appearance. Or for the dog to be ushered out of the room as Susan and Katie recorded another lesbian session. But Katie then walks over to the camera. Takes it off the tripod and hands it to Susan. Then as Katie is giving some pointers to Susan on how to work the camera. The Rotty walks over to Katie and begins sticking his nose in Katie's crotch. I surprised when Katie seems to take no notice as the Rott keep sniffing her crotch through her panties. Only after a he begins nudging her crotch with his snout, does Susan tell the Rott to calm down. Katie then looks down and says, "wow he really seems eager to get at me!.

The rott is persistent and Katie just lets him sniff and nose her crotch and talks to Susan as if nothing is happening. When Katie is done explaining the camera controls. Susan asks Katie, "Well do you want to begin.? "As ready as I'll ever be I guess," replies Katie. She then walks over toward the bedroom door. I fully expected Katie was now going to call the dog over and get him to leave. But Katie actually closes the door and walks back to the bed. The rott follows and again begins nosing around her crotch. Then to my utter amazement. Katie slips out of her panties. She then clearly straddles her legs apart a bit and lets him sniff her now fully exposed crotch. After a clearly audible deep sniffs, he suddenly tilts his head slightly and starts aggressively s licking her lips. Katie immediately hisses and then lifts her head and smiles at Susan.

She then sits down on the edge of the bed and spreads her knees apart. Rotty quickly sticks his nose between her legs and begin licking. Katie leans back on her palms and watches as Rotty again explores her cunt with his tongue. I was truly amazed at what I was seeing. Katie's legs spread wide apart. Her bare pussy, fully accessible. Letting a dog a dog sniff, lick and even nibble her most feminine and sensitive of areas of her body. I was also envious of the the incredible intimacy of it all. She was totally trusting him, letting him freely explore her soft, and delicate slit. His large tongue was clearly taking effect. Her lips were glistening from her own arousal. Her self producing lubricant. Running down her lips and began to make a small, but noticeable wet spot on the sheets. Katie was clearly enjoying having him eat her out like this. Katie kept rubbing her legs, hissing and softly moaning. Then clearly overcome with the pleasure of it all. Katie lays all the way down on her back and puts the soles of her feet on the bed. Then Susan suggests that Katie scooted herself up fully onto the bed and to put her head on the pillows. "trust me on this, Rotty loves to eat pussy, then with a slight chuckle. Susan adds, we may be here awhile." "really, wow" he's already licked longer than I thought. "Oh no, he's just getting started, you'll see. Katie smiles at Susan as she positions herself fully on the bed. Props up a pillow and reclines fully n her back with her legs spread wide. The Rott, then jumps up onto the bed and then plops right down directly in front of her crotch and immediately goes back to sniffing and licking her pussy.

His large, warm and aggressive tongue was now eliciting lurid sounds from Katie. Hisses, moans, breaths, and lip biting, as she endured his exquisite pussy eating. The delicate scent of Katie's arousal, filling his extremely scent sensitive nostrils. Katie's legs were sensuously spread for him. Katie head swayed hypnotically on the back of the pillow. Katie was making little rutting sounds and pressing her hips against his long, warm probing tongue. I was actually mesmerized by it all. The Rott was relentless. He was using long, broad strokes with his tongue;. hep vagina lips were being stretched and tugged with each stroke. Susan zooms in a bit and I can clearly see Katie's pussy was suddenly oozing out a milky white fluid, which made him lick even more furiously. He was insatiable. His head and snout greedily following Katie's delicious pussy as Katie swiveled her hips around in response to his powerful tongue eating her. But I soon realized the Rott was actually edging Katie! Of course the Rott had no idea, nor was it intentional. But he was indeed edging her. Every time she felt herself growing close, he'd stop concentrating on that area and he'd wander off to lick another part of her quivering slimy wet pussy. He'd bring her close by really working around or on he clit. She squirmed and gasped, pushing and pressing her hips against his snout. Her hips undulated in tiny constrained circles as she fruitlessly exerted herself, trying constantly for that little bit of extra stimulation that she needed to orgasm. She was so close, rising almost to the edge 3 or 4 times. Finally with labored breaths she looks at the camera and says, "fuck he's driving me crazy." she then actually slaps the bed with her hand in frustration. and says, "He won't let me cum! The slap on the bed with her palm momentarily straddled the Rott, but he went right back to eating her out. He's not letting me come. Gees, It's like he knows when I'm getting close. Susan then quips, Yeah I can see. if only you could show Kristen this to Kristen." It was clear that Katie wasn't interested in edging here. She simply wanted to cum. While this was going on I couldn't help but notice Katie's well shaped legs, and the curve of her hips perfectly framing her bare pussy . Katie's vaginal lips were all swollen and distended from the Rott's large powerful tongue. But thankfully for Katie the Rott finally started

concentrating on her swollen clit. Katie eyes were now open, just blankly staring up at nothing, almost in a catatonic state. But then Katie clearly sensed an orgasmic forming. "Oh god, yeah, right there! Katie started grinding up against his snout with her hips. The concentration on her face was clearly noticeable. I could see her rectum puckering , which clearly signified a very powerful orgasmic spasm. Sure enough, she let out a low guttural moan. She's circling her hips and puts her hand squarely on his head. luckily the Rott neck and head muscles are so powerful he doesn't even feel her hands on his head keeping his snout up against her as he licks. Her eyes are closed, tongue on her lips., moaning, She freezes a few times, then goes back to circling her hips. After one freeze, she blurts out, Oh wow, i'm so close. goes back to moving against his snout. The Rott unconcerned by hers hand gripping his head and her thrashing around. Finally she stiffened, Mmmm Mmmm her hand clearly tightly holding his head as his invading tongue kept working on her pussy. Wave after wave washed over her, amplified by the continuing attention she was receiving from his tongue. Katie's breathing heavily, her stomach muscles visibly contracting with each heaving breath. Pushing the Rott head away from her now ultra-sensitive clit. So the Rott licks her inner thighs and and the bed sheets.

But the Rott wasn't content with eating her out. The scent of Katie's warm moist cunt had clearly gotten him interested in fucking. The Rott got up and stood over her. I could see the tip of the Rottweiler cock peeking out from his sheath. I was intrigued by how it was actually dripping with arousal. Both Katie and Susan also noticed this, and Katie, now recovered from her previous orgasm. Katie clearly knew exactly what he wanted and she gets up onto her hands and knees. and blatantly presented herself to him. The Rott quickly grasps her hips and starts walking his hind legs a bit towards her. Susan swigs around to the side as he begins to probe for the her entrance with his hips. Katey arched her back slightly and she took in a deep breath when she finally felt his cock pressing firmly against her lips. he Rott really started pushing hard and she took in another breath as seven inches of Rottweiler cock pushed deep into her. Katie threw her head back, her mouth open in pleasure, as if being choked and unable to breath. Suddenly the Rott begins humping. Clearly enjoying her warm wet, tight tunnel. Katie's pussy was clearly stuffed and was fully stretched with seven uniquely curved inches of dog cock.

The sounds they made as they fucked were truly lecherous. Lots of Heavy breathing and guttural sounds mixed with a loud wet slapping sound made by his powerful hips slamming against the back of her thighs and butt. Her head is up looking straight ahead, turned towards the left, looking behind her shoulder to watch him fucking, mouth open, oh yeah, yeah! ooh god, yeah! Mmm. Mmm yeah! Kate’s mouth was hanging open, her firm breasts swaying in rhythm with the fucking and panting with exertion. Susan began pulling and rubbing on Katie's nipples, quietly encouraging the Rott, " Yeah that's it, fuck her good baby" Susan then focuses in close. I can clearly see Kate’s warm and wet confining vaginal walls wrapping around his throbbing cock. Producing a wet slurping from his cock locked deep inside and squirting into her warm birth canal. Finally overcome with pleasure. Katie's head suddenly snaps back up, her mouth wide open as she moans and breathes out a clearly enjoyable orgasm. Susan then softly exclaims, "Ahh yeah, good boy! You made her cum! But the Rott, clearly wasn't done just yet and kept humping. Susan now focuses in a clear bulge being rapidly driven in and out of Kate’s pussy. Kate was still breathing heavily and clearly still enjoying his feverish humps. Susan then tells Katie "it looks like your about to be knotted. Breathless, Katie says, 'Okay? What do I have to do, anything?

Just try to relax and open yourself as wide as you can. Its going to feel like a hard ball being inflated inside you." Suddenly Kate groans out. "OH, oh my god, I think it's in. Susan focuses in closer. Clearly showing that his knot had slipped completely inside her. OK Katie, now clamp down as best you can so it doesn't pop back out. "Oh my god, I can feel his knot pressing against me!" 'OK you should be feeling his knot pressing against your G-spot! Katie blurts out, "yeah I sure can. My god I don't believe this." The Rott continued to hump. His knot now stretching her wide and hitting against her g-spot. making her groan out in pleasure. Amazingly Katie's whole body stiffens, and her eyes actually roll back in her head. I was amazed when I saw that it looked as if Katie was peeing. But in fact it wasn't pee. It was her squirting from a g-spot orgasm he had just given her! Suddenly Katie's whole body relaxes. Kate would've collapsed if the Rotty hadn't been tightly holding her, drawing her hips up towards him. Even Susan marveled at what just happened. "Wow" was all she could say. He gives a few more thrusts, then suddenly stops, then lays completely on her back, his head over hers, tongue out and panting in exhaustion.

Then suddenly the Rott just stopped and lay on top of her panting heavily. It took several minutes before Katie's trembling ceased. As the Rotty continued to stay totally still, locked inside her. Kate then breathlessly tells Susan, "I have never came like that before from penetration. "Wow so that was your first g spot orgasm sweaty." Yep sure was" Katie replied. The Rott was locked inside an filling Katie's womb with his seed for almost 5 full min. Then sensing his job was accomplished. The Rott finally stated trying to pull out. As he struggled to escape from her constricting cunt. His still swollen knot was continually rubbing against her sensitive opening. So Katie groaned and hissed with pleasure at he struggle to break free from her grasp. Susan kept the camera focused on the amazing mechanics of it all. It slowly but surely edged its way out . Then finally slithered out with a loud wet slopping sound. Followed by a huge flood of cum which gushed out. Katie then sat down on the bed with knees up. Rotty then shoved his nose into Katie’s puss and begins cleaning up his mess. " Katie then points to Rotty's dripping cock still slick form Katie's cunt juices and tells Susan. "I can't believe I took that whole thing! I mean his thing is longer and wider than any of the dildos I've ever used.” But before I could fully take in what I had just witnessed.

Another taped session suddenly follows. It simply starts with Katie sitting on the edge of the Rotty's chin is resting on Katie's closed knees. Suddenly he pushes his snout right into her crotch. Katie gave a slow hiss as his large head pushed in, visibly prying her thighs apart. His large, warm wet tongue began aggressively working on her lips. His nose running across Katie's wet slit. Clearly liking the smell and taste, he quickly pushed his nose in deeper. Katie spreads her legs even wider to allow him full access to her and she visibly presses he hips urgently out against his snout and tongue. Her clit was clearly standing erect outside its hood and her pussy juices were already clearly visible. Katie's breath caught in her throat as the Rott continually worked his snout into and an over her moist pink cunt. His tongue wedging itself in, and around her wet lips. Katie took a fleeting glance at the camera. The Rott was now making big sweeping licks across her mound with his huge, thick, rough tongue. Rasping over her now soaked twitching cunt. The Rott was audibly slobbering and even sneezing in the aroma of Katie's warm, wet vaginal lips. I was again amazed by how much he was clearly enjoying the scent of her fully aroused pussy. I watched in awe as Katie surrendered to the bizarre, forbidden sexual thrills the Rott was aggressively and skillfully giving her.

Katie moaned, threw her head back, clearly enjoying the pleasure she was receiving. She caught her breath as his large powerful tongue spread her cunt-lips apart. Working a few more inches of thick dog tongue into her silky pink depths. Katie's legs were spasming together involuntarily. His tongue pushing her lips further apart, exposing more of the soft pink of her inner twat to his probing tongue. The sight of his large, almost garish head between Katie's silkythighs. Katie her legs apart, luridly exposing herself fully to him. Her exposed cunt eagerly pressing back into the Rotty's snout. Rotty's tongue rooted deep in her cunt, probing her sweet wetness. The Rott's long, thick tongue, wetly snaking in and out and splaying open her lips. Clearly exposing her sensitive pink vaginal inner walls. Katie's pussy lips were full and engorged. Her juices clearly seeping, out. each stroke of his tongue visibly spreading her soft, glistening pink folds. Upward strokes hitting against her hotly inflamed, clearly snapping and twitching clit. I almost appeared as if she was allowing him to feed off her! Maybe the dog instinctively felt her cunt was an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Perhaps the scent of her arousal gave him a sexual buzz. Getting actual sexual pleasure from tasting her arousal. Regardless, he clearly got lost in it all. His eyes closed. Breathing into her as he eats he. Guttural noises emanating from his throat as he got deep inside. Moving and twisting his head to get better angels. Working in deep. Causing her to take in breaths as he got in deeper. Katie's stomach muscles tightening and clenching as he expertly worked on her lips and clit.

Katie's face and chest were flushed form her with arousal. Katie then lays back on the bed and puts both soles up onto the bed. Rotty doesn't skip a beat and continues going down on Katie. Still aggressively working her swollen and engorged lips. Gathering the drips of wetness that were covering and oozing out from her lips. Occasionally pausing to lick his own lips and snout clean of her juices. Then again thrusting his snout into the her wet depths, licking and nibbling her slit. As Katie rubbed and kneaded his head and ears with both hands. The Rott's wide tongue greedily guzzling the syrup that was clearly coating her lips. His tongue Sliding along her lips, audibly rasping her lips. The exquisite feeling of his tongue exploring every bit of her wet cunt. Licking between the folds of her lips, eagerly lapping up all the oils that were clearly oozing out from her vaginal lips. But as before, because of his constant wanderings. He was essentially edging her again. Which although very enjoyable, was not allowing her to orgasm. But when he did concentrate on her spot. He was able to drive Katie over the edge. But Katie seemed to have discovered that she could actually force him to concentrate exactly where she wanted. So Katie actually grabs his snout with her hand and literally moves it to her hot spot, which was slightly above and ever so slightly to the side of her clit. Naturally Rotty didn't stay right there, so Katie had to redirect him a couple of times. Each time she did, she would moan, with her mouth shut and lips tightly pursed. Now with her hand securely holding his snout on her spot. Katie's shoulders begin to spasm up off the bed. Her stomach muscles are now visibly clenching. Her mouth parted, clearly exposing her teeth. Moaning, her head rolling back and forth. Katie held her breath through the first handful of contractions, then broke down and let out a series of breaths. "MmmMmm ahh, ahhh yeah, oooh. Katie is now grinding herself into him as a fire spread low in her belly as she rewarded his deep probing tongue with her tasty liquid joy. Katie is sighing, her body tensing and relaxing. constantly being brought to intense pleasure from his powerful twisting tongue.

Katie was intently rotating her hips, moaning, clearly racked with pleasure. Her clit throbbing against his large warm tongue. She tensed for several seconds. Her body wound like a spring from all the building tension. Her thighs suddenly lock around his head and hr back arches. Her cum running out of her cunt. Moaning as her body convulsed. Katie purring out long , “mmmm” as thousands of wonderful tingles pulsed through her clit in orgasm. Katie then rolls over, ending the oral session. But when Rotty begins licking the bed Susan focuses in. Katie's juices had clearly been flowing and formed a clearly noticeable large wet stain on the edge of the bed. Clearly even her juice stains were enticing enough for him to taste. Katie was still on her side as Rotty licked the sheets. "what's he doing, asks Katie. "He's licking a wet spot from your juices relies Susan. Katie then turns over saying, "your kidding me, really?" Katie then chuckles as she watches him still intently licking the stain, which was clearly making it even bigger! But suddenly rotty loses interest and clearly approaches Katie for sex. Rotty puts both front paws up onto the bed which fully reveal his clearly erect cock, but which is still in its sheath. But Katie surprised me by quickly positioning herself and initiating a missionary sex session.

Katie scooted down onto the edge of the bed as Susan hands her pillows. Katie then places them behind her back and after getting them arranged to her liking. leans back and spreads her legs. Rotty immediately moves in and begins audibly sniffing her recently fresh licked snatch. But clearly fucking was once again on his mind. He then puts both paws up on the bed again and thrusts his hips. But he's way too far away to fuck, So Katie stretches out her arms and gestures to him, inviting him to mount her. Rotty clearly understood the gesture and he moves in much closer and again puts both front paws up on the bed. Katie then lifts up her feet and places them on the bed. Butt the Rott is clearly over excited by this and begins thrusting his hips, but is no is still not in position. So he jumps back down. "Susan then says to Rotty. "c'mon baby, you can do it." Rotty approaches and again moves in close and puts both paws on the bed. Katie then puts her hands oh his sides pulling him closer towards him. Rotty now begins circling his hips, clearly trying to get into position to fuck her. Susan then zoomed in close and I'm amazed at what I see. Katie's swollen lips glistened with rivulets of lubrication. Which clearly ran down her inner thighs. Her clit was oozing with lubrication. It was an incredible display of a healthy vagina in action. A perfect example of a human female in a highly aroused sexual state. Lips ready and naturally spread out. fully prepared to be penetrated by a male's hard warm cock. Ready to be mated and bred by a stud male.

Rotty manages to move much closer this time. Due to his large body mass, Katie had to spread her knees wide apart so he could fit in between her legs. He began trying to penetrate her. I could see tip of his cock was dripping with precum as it probed against against the opening of her wet and waiting pink slit. He soon found her entrance, and greedily pushed into her. Katie's vaginal muscles pulling along, allowing him to slide deep into her. Katie shuddered as she wrapped her legs around him, His warm body against my wife's bare silky smooth thighs. Rotty is now thrusting aggressively. Leaning over her as he humped. Katie's hands on his shoulder blades. Slowly wandering down his lower back and resting on his hips. The similarities to human missionary sex was striking. Her feet rising and falling along with his rhythm. Rotty must've felt the soles of her feet resting on his back, and her warm smooth thighs against his body. Katie scratching his back with her fingernails. Looking up at him as Rotty was looking down at Katie. Watching them actually making direct eye contact, quite amazing to witness. I wondered at the possessive look on his face. That I'm a boss, sought of look that all Rott's have. But Katie was very much an equal in this sex act. His inhuman cock twitching and flexing along the length of her vaginal walls. The length and girth of his cock stimulating every nerve of her pussy. Her vaginal walls expanding, contracting as his throbbing cock rubbed along it as he humped. Suddenly the Rott pushed forward. Pinning Katie's body beneath his torso, Katie's firm breasts squeezed flat against his upper torso. His hips aggressively humping away. His thick throbbing cock squirming and spewing his seed inside of her as he was fucking her. It didn't very take long for him to push Katie over the edge. Her toes were now curling, and she tightly squeezed her arms and legs around him. Her orgasm hit hard. Her knees up towards her chest, the soles of her feet on his back. Moaning and mumbling incoherent words into his shoulder as she cums.

But it wasn't over just yet! Rotty clearly wasn't finished. He kept thrusting, and amazingly he quickly brought Katie to another orgasm. She moans out biting passionately into Rotty's chest as she experiences another pulsating orgasm. But suddenly his humping becomes halting, then quickly grinds down to a halt. Rotty then just flops down on top of her in utter exhaustion. His large head up against her shoulder, panting with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. Their bodies were now tangled together. Katie strokes his back and rubs his neck, legs still wrapped around him. Rotty alternates between looking down at Katie and looking around the room. Even looking directly into the camera. All the while filling her with his seed, impregnating his bitch. Rotty then rests his cheek on shoulder, panting loudly and clearly spent. But then Rotty shows signs that he wants to dismount. But is knot, still wedged inside Kate simply won't allow it. Katie was clearly getting pleasure from just the rhythm of his heavy panting. which caused Katie to groan and squirm under him, uttering pleasurable moans and hisses. But except for a few involuntary movements, Rotty is basically motionless on top of her. This went on for about 5 min. Katie's hands rubbing his back, enjoying the feel of his cock throbbing and twitching deep inside her. Rotty seemed to be in a trance. His mouth was open and his eyes were stilt His body twitching occasionally. Then he seemed to come back to himself and finally dismounts. His cock making an audible sloping sound as it popped out of her tight grasping cunt. Unplugged, a copious amount of seminal fluid gushes out. I can see the fluid dripping off the edge of the bed onto the rug. Katie stands up and I can see it running down her legs as Katie begins cleaning herself off with a towel. I then see something that really took me by surprise. Katie then lights and smokes a cigarette.

I knew first hand that Katie had quit smoking after we first became a couple. I actually suffered from asthma when I was a kid which made me a very sickly child. It was basically by forcing myself to become athletic that I severely reduced the severity of my asthma as I got older. Those who knew me as a young kid. Were always amazed at the transformation. But I was still always very sensitive to the smell of tobacco, especially cigarette odor. So Katie who was always just a social smoker, gladly quit for my sake. Besides Katie herself was into health living, and was heavily into yoga. So it was easy for her to stop smoking. Yet there she was, smoking a cigarette. But Katie smoking wasn't the only surprise there was. At one point Susan tells Katie, "I have a big surprise for you" Surprise? relies katey?" "Yeah I have another stud for you, if your interested that is?" As it turns out. Susan and her family also owned a modernized lake cabin where they spent a lot of their free time. Amazingly the surrounding area had a population of feral dogs. Apparently they had befriended one particular feral who was often seen around the cabin by leaving food and treats for him. Susan obviously being into k9 sex. Actually built up enough trust to entice him with sex. The combination of food and sex then kept him rooted to the property. Even allowing Susan to handle him and to even get him into a car. But Susan suspected he was most likely a stray or abandoned when young and likely wasn't born feral. But according to Susan he was still more feral than stray, and only Susan could really handle him. But it soon became clear that Katie and this feral dog also developed a special and highly sexually charged relationship.

The next scene on this DVD opens outside on our back patio. Katie has the camera setup on a tripod, as Susan brings this new dog over to meet Katie for the first time. The dog was a pure breed Weimaraner. Since he was feral, Susan called him Rogue. But despite being feral, he actually appeared to me to be like any other dog. He came right up to Katie, and greeted her in a very friendly, laid back manor. Katie showed no fear and was in fact, really impressed by him. Then the scene suddenly cuts to all three of them in our bedroom. So I didn't know if it was the same day or not. Regardless it didn't take long for things to get started. Katie is naked and sitting on the edge of the bed. But I can clearly hear Rogue whining loudly off camera. "Ready? asks Susan. Katie nods her head and Rogue immediately approached her with his tail straight up. She then immediately spreads her knees apart. Rogue quickly sticks his nose between her legs and begin licking. Katie leans back on her palms and watches intently as Rogue explores her cunt with his tongue. I quickly saw that Rogue had a much different licking style than Rotty. Much more direct, and really worked the clit. Licking faster, more concentrated, but not as deep as Rotty. Katie also quickly learned that Rogue was especially good at fast tracking her to orgasm. As he focused more on her clit, with only occasional roaming around, but then always right back to her clit. Katie's low moans and hissed showed that Rogue's tongue was doing a good job. Katie reaches for a throw pillow and lays down on her back with her head propped up on the pillow. Spreading her legs further apart. the Pit is standing directly in front of her cunt and continues eating Katie out. Really working her clit over with his tongue. Katie initially lays quite still. She's watching him while gently pulling and rubbing her nipples. She had one hand is on his head and her arm is completely down by her side as he licked.

Barely getting started and Katie's already showing her growing arousal. Still watching, Katie begins audibly breathing out, rotates and gently bucks her hips. Her mouth is slightly parted and she occasionally licks lips. She clearly begins experiencing strong waves of pleasure. I can clearly see Katie's strong stomach muscles clearly tensing and then relaxing. Her abs contracting hard enough to actually to cause her back to arch up as well before relaxing back into the bed. Like she was doing crunches. This was repeated over and over again, clearly working her sweet spot. Rogue clearly begins mouthing her clit, and her entire body begins to gently spasm as she wiggles around while quietly moaning and hissing. When suddenly Katie groans out. Her head visibly snaps back into the pillow, her eyes open wide an blankly stares up at the ceiling as her body violently stiffens for about 5 long seconds before suddenly relaxing again. Clearly a strong orgasmic had just surged through her. Breathing heavily, she abruptly turns over onto her side. Clearly not wanting to continue and just wanted to rest and recover from her intense orgasm. But here is where Katie first learns that Rogue viewed himself as an alpha male. Rogue quickly jumps up onto the bed and starts nosing around for her crotch. Katie sits up and pulls her knees up and opens then up a bit for him. Rogue aggressively drops his head and begins sniffing and licking her pussy. He then abruptly maneuvers behind her and presses himself against her back. Clearly he was trying to get her to get into position. Katie submits to this rough invitation and gets up on all fours for him.

Katie then showed him her willingness to mate with him by presenting herself to him. Katie attracted by Rogue aggressive sexual nature. She provocatively twerked her butt briefly right against his face. Katies moist, lubricating lips and and aroused pussy. Fully exposed, just inches away from his snout was just too much to resist. Instead of trying to mount her. Rogue lavishly ran his nose along her lips taking fully audible sniffs. Then started mouthing her clit from and aggressively eating her cunt from behind. No fucking, just couldn't help taste and explore those her moist, tasty lips with his tongue. Rogue probably knew he was going to fuck her, so why not smell and taste more of her arousal. But Rogue was really relishing eating her in this position. He's audibly breathing into her pussy, with his tongue audibly rasping against her well lubricated and dripping lips. You could also distinctly hear a wet sounding licking as he relished her warm and fully aroused pink cunt. Katie was so wet, Rogue was also licking her upper thighs and down her legs trying to get every drop of her wetness. Finally having had his fill of cunt juices, Rogue raises up and grasps Katie's hips and maneuvers her a half turn. But still not comfortable. He actually maneuvers her another half turn. Katie hissing and gasping out each time. Then Rogue grip tightens around her hips as he visibly draws her back towards him. He then leans down fully onto her back.

Susan zoomed in and I see the tip of his clearly dripping cock pressing up against her labia. Katie let out moan as pushed his hips forward. I could clearly see his bulbous balls dangling and hitting against her thighs. But he wasn't yet in position to fuck her. He was shifting his weigh between each of his hind legs. Katie was visibly trying to move her butt around, clearly trying to help him get inside her. Of course he couldn't see her cunt hole on her back as he was. But he could certainly feel her wet and warm cunt, ready and waiting for him to slide his cock in. Then, with a rough low growl, he drove forward again. This time driving the full length in with a single forceful thrust. Katie was pushed forward a bit and she griped tighter to the sheets as he began to quickly build his rhythm. Her moans grew higher and higher in unison with each thrust. Katie's eyes were closed. Her hands clenching the bed as she took his wonderful pounding. Her breasts bounced wildly. yet she stayed strong and her arms perfectly straight supporting his large body on her back. Her moans became louder, and her breathing faster. His large head was resting between her neck and shoulder. His mouth open and panting loudly. Rogue is panting, yelping and grunting.Both of them vocalizing their pleasure from this frenzied sex. Katie's vagina actively milking every ounce of his seed out of him. Driving him to fuck more relentlessly, searching for his own release. The sounds of their copulation was truly amazing. The bed thumping, Katie's moans and breaths mixed with Rogue yelps and grunts. Rogues head pressing up against and into the side of her face. His snout up pressing against her temple. Katie is pressing her the side of her face is up against his. Then suddenly this crescendo of frenzied sex abruptly came to a complete stop. Rogue had clearly had enough. It was amazing how everything went so quiet after all the moans, grunts ,gasps, yelps, panting and the rhythmic thumping and shaking of the bed. The silence was almost deafening. But it was quickly replaced by Katie's heavy breathing and Rogue's loud pants as he lay motionless on her back. Apparently Rogue hadn't knotted Katie and his cock easily slid out and he dismounted. Rogues still fully erect cock still visibly throbbing and swaying he stood on the bed next to Katie. A thin watery mix of his seminal fluids was drooling out of Katie's now vacated but still clearly gaping love tunnel.

Incredibly, I next see both Rotty and Rogue together! I'm immediately alarmed at their belligerent behavior. I would've thought having two alpha males in the same room with a receptive female was just asking for serious trouble. Initially I actually feared for Katie's safety. Both dogs were growling and showing clear aggression towards each other. But Susan kept assuring Katie that this was only for show. But it quickly became clear that Rotty was dominant over Rogue. But his dominance was only brought out when food or sex was involved. Yet Rotty was still just a normal, family dog. Raised by loving humans, in a normal domestic setting. So Rotty was actually very respectful towards Katie, more like a gentle giant. But Rogue was feral and didn't see human's the same way. To Rogue, Katie was just a receptive bitch, and literally treated her as such. So despite Rogue's feral nature and his own physical prowess. Rogue was just no match for Rotty's sheer size and weight. Rogue's acknowledgement of Rotty's brute power, assured Rotty's alpha position. So Rogue's show of fierce opposition. In the end didn't lead to any vicious fights, just lots of growling, posturing, with Rogue always backing down. at the end. But it was also clear that Rogue's feral nature made hi much more sexually aggressive. Actually According to Susan. they actually became friends, so their fights were really little more than loud displays of aggressive posturing and never ended up with any s