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My Breanna My Darling 2

2022-01-17 02:00:03

Again im sorry about the last story i made in the middle of the night srry

Details: Breanna has pink hair not red
Breanna is white
in kinda tall

Where were we... oh yeah

My mom pretty much exploded and yelled at us
but in the pit of it all Bree went back down on my chest
and whispered in my ear "its better when someones looking"
just at that moment i was activated and i said to my mom
"well this is not what it looks like,(long thought, coming up with a good lie) see i was taking a shower and was knocked out clean when i fell over" i motioned Breanna to get her clothes back on "then Bree came to my rescue and then in a perverted rage i kissed Bree and she passed out" (worse lie every but its what i said)

My mom (most likely trying to find proof) and me finding a hickey on my neck ( that could pass for a bruise)
i said "SEEEEE" My mom (most likely was just trying to get out of this situation) said "i dont want you guys in the same room you already have my blood pressure up"

I said "Why would i want to do a b i t c h like her" and then she kneed me in my balls and i started to smile
(mega masochism remember ?) and my mom left and i laughed my ass off because she actually believed that that was true while Bree laid down on my chest once again and sighed a big sigh of relief and reached down and woke up my cock once again, then i said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WE BARELY GOT AWAY BEFORE WHAT MAKES YOU THINK WE CAN GET AWAY WITH IT NOW"

Instead of responding she started to stroke my shaft more and more then she said "wasn't that fun, i wanted her to catch us it" and i knew it was true because when i went down her clint and it was amazingly wet and i had no other choice but to rub her i was very erect and i couldnt care about my mom walking in until she stopped completely and she whispered in my ear "time for school."

and i nearly jizzed at the tone of her voice it was horrible i had to sit there and get up with the most hurting throbbing erect dick ever and had to go to school all day with bree in two of my classes i would have to look back at her every now and again, looking back at what was mine last night. later that day when we got home my parents were just leaving out for bingo they where acting all weird ,and i could see what bree was thinking and i still couldn't breath from this morning so i quickly moved to the couch and turned on the t.v like i didnt know what she was thinking then she sat down right beside me and put her hand right on my crotch and then leaned over and started to makeout with me and i couldnt help but to feel her big tits so I moved them around with my hand while Breanna moaned then laid on my shoulder and i checked her opening and she was already wet then she shifted onto her stomach and lifted her ass up in the air.

I knew she wanted me to fuck her so i position my self and put it in her, she griped onto the side of the couch and gasped a loud gasp and as i moved in and out of her i stared and her perfect body form which turned me on more.

And i grew inside of her we both gasped with pleasure and she told me to go faster and i knew if i went any faster i would cum because she was so tight, but i didnt care so i went faster and faster and screamed "I'M GOING TO CUM!!!" she also screamed "ME TOO ME TOO" and with that we both came at the same time and we both fell over gasping for air then she slowly crawled over and started to suck me off to clean me up and i noticed that she was still dripping my jizz from her clint and she said "i had alot of fun with you" and rub my shaft alittle more than stood up and left to get her clothes before i stoped her and said "you have to clean up first" and with that we both went into the shower and washed each other up (we have seen pretty much seen everything to see with each other.)

I felt like we were together even if she was my step sister and couldnt care if we got caught so we slept
in the same bed and before i fell asleep she said "your amazing, you truly are" and with that we both fell asleep together.

I woke with Breanna awake already getting her clothes on "hey sweety hows it goin" She looked at me, smiled and came over and gave me a big kiss (there was tongue) and we kissed for a good wet minute and i now had enough energy to get up but when i got up only my dad was downstairs and looked upset so i though he must have saw us but i didnt care i walked down the stairs and said ,"whats wrong" he looked at me stood up and gave me a hug, i braced for the worst news he said get your sister and come back down stairs.
For a second i didnt know who he meant by my sister was until i figured he meant Breanna so i quickly went upstairs and told Breanna to come down with me and she did and at that point we knew something happened (remember this is still a true story) my dad told us that "well me and your mom have gotten into a big fight which... lead to a divorce." i didnt care until he said "son... I dont know how to say this but... your mom has coustody over Breanna" i nearly died when i looked over and saw that Breanna was taking it the worst

He said i know you guys dont like each other that much but..."i cut him and pointed at him and Screamed "YOUR LIEING!!!" and with that i grab Breanna's hand and we both ran out the door and stopped at the lake by my... our house and sat there and Breanna said "i cant Believe this at all"
i felt so bad and i think the shock made me shit myself .

But what made it an amazing time was when she said "Lets Run Away!!!!"

This story will be continued later today and remember its still a true story unfortunately