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My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 18

2023-01-21 01:33:22

My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 18 – The continuation of our holiday in Ibiza; and a lot of fun


We headed into Playa d'en Bossa and as soon as we found somewhere to park I looked for a café.

Two naked little girls and their ‘daddy’ sat at a table and waited to be served. When the waiter arrived I watched him looking at Kate. It was then that I realised that she was sat with her legs quite wide apart and her chair back from the table. What’s more she was perched on the front edge of the chair.

From the menu Kate and I selected the ice creams that we wanted and Ryan ordered them, a beer and 2 large vodkas (my request). When the waiter brought them he put all the drinks next to Ryan. I laughed a bit, thinking that the waiter must have thought that Kate and I were too young to be drinking alcohol.

As soon as the waiter had gone I downed one of the vodkas in one go.

“Bloody hell Tanya,” Kate said.

“I think that I’m going to need that; and the other one too.”

Ryan smiled.

We ate our ice creams while Ryan watched us. Ryan had selected a table by the side of the footpath and I’d seen a couple of men staring at us as they passed by.

As Ryan finished his beer I downed the other vodka and said,

“You are going to take us onto the beach aren’t you; to where that loud music is coming from?” I asked.

“Yep; there’s supposed to be a great beach bar / club and we should be able to find lots of young people for you two to flash your bits to.”

“Ooow goodie.” Kate said.

“Oh shit.” I said.

Ryan was going to do it again.

We went onto the beach and headed for the noise. The closer we got the more young people we saw. Not a kid or an oldie in sight. Kate turned to me and said,

“You look to be the youngest person here.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Okay,” Ryan said; “Here will do.”

I looked round and saw lots of 18-25 people; mainly men. The girls were all wearing bikinis or just bikini bottoms; some wore just thongs.

It wasn’t too noisy there and I could hear what the people close by were saying. Two youths were close by and I heard the one that was sat up watching us say to his mate who was laid on his stomach,

“Hey Ben, cop a look at this; these kids will be right up your street.”

Ben turned over and they both watched us.

After we’d spread our towels Ryan said,

“Hang on a minute girls; you need some suntan lotion on. Come here Tanya.”

I went and stood in front of Ryan and he started to rub lotion all over me. Even on my little tits. I didn’t think that he’d rub some on between my legs; but he did, and he took his time doing it; slipping a finger inside me for a second.

“Remember, you’re a little girl.” Ryan whispered into my ear before slapping my butt and saying,

“Off you go; and remember to play fair.”

“Yes daddy.”

“Come here Kate; your turn.”

I watched Kate get the same treatment that I’d had. I also looked around and saw that a few people were watching what Ryan was doing to Kate. Ryan really took his time putting lotion on her tits and I heard her say,

“That’s nice daddy” as he rolled her nipples between his fingers.

“That’s really, really nice daddy.” Kate said as he rubbed lotion on her pussy. Kate even spread her feet so that it was easier for him. Judging by her eyes suddenly opening wide I guess that he fingered her as well. I looked at our audience and saw two of them open their mouths as if they were about to say,

“Did he really finger his daughter?”

When he was finished, Ryan said to both of us,

“Play nicely girls; no arguments. Hey, how about finishing that game of truth or dare?”

I looked at Kate; she smiled and said,

“My turn isn’t it?”

Before I had time to answer Kate continued,

“I dare you to kiss daddy.”

I went over to Ryan, bent over (he’d sat down to watch us by then) and kissed him on the cheek.

“No not like that silly; like you did in bed this mornibg, on his mouth.” Kate said.

I moved round to in front of him and bent over. As I kissed him he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and wished that we were back at our villa.

“That’s better,” Kate said, “but you took longer this morning. By the way, I could see your cunny when you bent over.”

“Kate, stop it, you’re embarrassing me.”


“My turn,” I said. “Right Kate, I dare you to rub your tits in daddy’s face.”

Ryan heard that and said,

“Stop that Tanya. I’ve told you that we can’t do that sort of thing out here.”

“Why not? She did it to you when we were by the pool yesterday.”

“You’re only jealous because you’ve got no tits.” Kate said.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Stop that you two; we’ve had the conversation about Tanya’s breasts before and we’re not going to have it again out here. Right, no more dares. Kate, show us what you learnt in your gymnastics class last week.”

The sulk on Kate’s face turned to a smile as she thought about what she was going to do. I wondered too because Kate had never said anything about gymnastics.

After a short pause Kate moved into the open area, put her hands up in the air then did a handstand. She walked around for about 10 seconds then came down onto her feet.

“That’s easy,” I said, “watch this.”

I did a handstand too; but I opened my legs wide and walked round like that for ages until Kate came up behind me and pushed one of her fingers into my pussy. I collapsed onto the sand and said,

“Daddy, Kate just put a finger in my cunny.”

“Stop it you two; play nicely or we’ll go back to the villa.”

“Betcha can’t do this.” Kate said.

Kate put her hands up in the air then bent over backwards into a perfect bridge. Her feet her shoulder width apart and her pussy was on perfect display for our little audience to see.

“Easy.” I said.

I did the same then started walking in a circle whilst still in the bridge. When I got up Ryan called me over and whispered to me that he thought that I needed a little handicap. I got a puzzled look on my face for a couple of seconds then I gasped and stood up straight.

“That’s not fair daddy.” I said as I started to get used to the vibe purring away inside my pussy.

“Go and play nicely Tanya.”

The ‘betcha can’t do’ competition that had developed continued. The 2 vodkas that I’d had, and the vibe helped me lose my inhibitions and the things that we did were VERY revealing. The thing was that Kate hadn’t had any alcohol yet she wasn’t at all embarrassed about spreading her legs for everyone to see. Some of the things that we did were: -

Cartwheel – As it says; but on Kate’s first attempt she was too close to a couple of guys sitting watching us and she landed on top of one of them. I saw them both grope her as she slowly got up. I was expecting her to complain about being groped but instead she stood in front of them with her feet apart and said,

“Sorry mister.”

After a couple of seconds she turned and did a perfect cartwheel in the other direction.

Back flip – Where did Kate learn to do that? I was useless and kept ending up in a pile on the sand.

Lie on your side and lift your upper leg and bring your knee to your face and hold your foot – We both managed this but when I was doing it I heard a man’s voice say,

“What’s that on her clit? It looks like some sort of ring.”

Then another say,

“Fuck, I bet that hurt when she got that piercing done.”

And another,

“I’ve never seen a pussy that wet.”

Part of me wanted to cover my pussy quick and another part wanted to tell them what the clit ring was. Yet another part wanted to wipe my pussy dry. Instead I just lay there, pussy wide open letting everyone stare at me. The little clit ring zapped me and reminded me (not that I really needed it) that the vibe was purring away inside me.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably less than a minute, Kate said,

“My turn, watch this.”

That brought me back to earth and I quickly brought my leg down and got up onto my feet.

Everyone watched Kate do the same as I had done but she went one better. After she had one leg up she rolled onto her back and brought the other leg up. It wasn’t the best view for anyone who was sat on the sand but those who were stood up got a great view of her pussy; her very wet pussy.

I let her enjoy the exposure for a couple of minutes then slapper her butt.

“Hey, what did you do that for?” as she let go of her feet and her legs straightened out.

Splits – The thing about this was that Kate said that we should have someone’s hand on the sand so that they could confirm that we’d got right down. Kate asked ‘daddy’ but he refused so she looked round and picked the geekiest youth that she could see and asked him. At first he refused but after his mates said that they’d do it he got up and moved over to the area of sand that had become our stage. She told him to lie on the sand and put his hand out, flat and palm up. He was to shout out when she touched his hand.

I’m not sure if he realised that it would be her pussy that touched his hand because his eyes went wide and his face went red as her pussy got closer and closer to his hand. She bounced up and down a couple of times before collapsing backwards keeping her legs wide open for ages before getting up.

When I had to prove that I could do it I turned to the geek and said,

“Now you keep your fingers to yourself. I don’t want you doing anything that will get you into trouble with my dad.”

Kate had gone down with her back to the geek but I chose to do it facing him. My pussy went down inches from his face and he’d found some confidence because I felt a finger slide into me as my inner thigh found the sand.

“Ooow, naughty man.” I said I lifted and dropped a couple of times; effectively causing him to finger fuck me. I wondered if he felt the vibe.

As I got up I looked at Ryan and saw a big grin.

The geek got up holding his finger in the air. Of course everyone knew what he had done and there were a few cheers.

Splits standing on one foot – I’d had to do this for that embarrassing art class so I found it easy; although I couldn’t balance for long. When Kate tried it she nearly made it but collapsed. As she went down she fell on top of a youth in the audience. Of course he groped her and as she got up she said,

“Naughty man; I’ll tell my daddy.”

Make yourself cum – As soon as Kate said that Ryan said,

“Kate, stop it; you know that you’re not supposed to do things like that when there are people that you don’t know around.”

“Sorry daddy.” Kate said as she looked down to the sand.

Ryan stopped things then, telling us to go and cool down in the sea. Just as I was about to run down to the sea Ryan called me over and whispered for me to give the vibe to Kate again. That pleased me as it would mean that my AF would go down.

Kate was pleased too and in the middle of splashing about I squeezed it out and gave it to her. As we walked out of the sea Kate had a smile on her face.

When we got back to Ryan he held up a towel for us to dry ourselves then he told us to lie on them and that he’d put some more suntan lotion on us.

Kate was first and she was already lying on her stomach. I watched Ryan do a good job of covering every square inch and when she turned onto her back he did an equally good job. When she’d turned over she’d spread her legs to give him good access to her pussy; and give the audience a good view.

Ryan lingered around and on (and in) her pussy. When his finger went in she said,

“Please keep doing that daddy, it’s wonderful.”

I looked at a couple of faces in the audience and saw a look of unbelief on one and a big grin on the other.

I wanted the same treatment, even if it meant exposing my pussy to strangers.

“Is it my turn yet daddy?”

“With you in second princess.” Ryan said.

I lay on my back with my legs open but Ryan said,

“Back first princess; turn over.”

Reluctantly I did and Ryan raised my AF as he lingered at the top of my legs.

“Over you go.”

I quickly turned over and opened my legs. I was looking forward to it.

As Ryan massaged the lotion into my little tits I sighed and moaned a bit. Then he tortured me by slowly going up each leg, just brushing a finger over my lips.

“Please daddy!” I said quite loudly.

I felt a blob of lotion land on my pubes then his hand rubbed all round my pussy. A load moan escaped my mouth as a finger slipped inside me. Oh, that felt good.

Ryan wasn’t going to give me the relief that I needed, instead he pulled his hand back, slapped my pussy and said,

“Right you two, soak up some rays for a while.”

Both Kate and I still had our legs open and neither of us closed them for about half an hour. In that time most of our audience had moved on but when I got up on my elbows I saw that 3 youths had moved into our ‘stage’ and were all laid on their stomachs looking up to us.

I lay back and whispered to Ryan to tell Kate that we had a new audience. Shortly after that I heard Kate loudly gasp. I smiled, suspecting that Ryan had turned the vibe up to full; and pleased that it was her and not me. I relaxed and felt good.

Listening to Kate moan I knew that she was getting close. I didn’t even move when Kate exploded. I was at peace with the world; even though I had my legs open and at least 3 youths were looking at my pussy.

I must have dozed because the next thing that I knew Kate was shaking my arm saying,

“Come on lazybones; time to dance.”

I looked round and saw the youths still there but the music was louder and some people around us were dancing. The party at the club had obviously spread along the beach.

“Go on, get up and shake those tits.” Ryan said.

I laughed as I got up and started to dance with Kate. After a while Ryan called Kate over, said something to her then she came back and continued dancing.

Kate started twerking, first me then some guys that were close by. The guys really looked like they were enjoying a naked girl twerking them. A bit later Kate came back to me, leant over and whispered,


“Bastar..” I shouted as the orgasm took control of me. My legs gave way and I dropped to the sand shaking and jerking.

“Daddy, is Tanya having an orgasm?” Kate asked.

The word orgasm attracted a few people’s attention and all eyes around us were looking at me as I went through a powerful orgasm.

“Don’t be silly Kate;” Ryan said, “she probably just forgot to take her medicine this morning.”

Meanwhile I was thrashing about on the sand moaning and shouting,

“Yes, yes.”

At last I was getting the relief that I had longed for all day; but definitely not in the place that I wanted to get it. As I started to come down from my high embarrassment took over. I felt so ashamed; there was no way that all those people would believe what Ryan had said. Kate was the first to speak,

“Did you really have an orgasm Tanya?”

I didn’t answer. Smiles started to appear on some of the guy’s faces. The girl’s faces had a mixture of disbelief and jealousy. I didn’t want to hang around there and I started walking away. When I’d got about 50 yards away Ryan and Kate caught-up with me. Ryan put his arm round me and said,

“Come on Tanya, you can’t say that you didn’t enjoy that.”

“No I didn’t; I mean yes I did; oh I don’t know.”

“Tanya,” Ryan said, “that was a really good orgasm wasn’t it? Would it have been so good if there had been no one around?”

“No, probably not.”

“Then it was worth it wasn’t it?”

“I guess so; well yes.”

“So you want to have another one?” Kate said, butting in. Then to Ryan,

“Can you turn this thing up (pointing to her pussy) so that I can have one too? Or are you going to play with my pussy right in the middle of this lot?”

Both Ryan and I laughed at that idea; there was no way that that would happen.

“Right then my gorgeous little daughters; where shall we go to get you off?”

Kate and I both laughed then agreed that we preferred to cum in front of men rather than women so we looked for a big group of youths. We wandered around until we found one such group that didn’t look too drunk. Ryan didn’t want to have to cope with a load of horny drunks.

Ryan stood back while Kate and I went close to the group and started dancing. It didn’t take long for the guys to spot the two naked little girls and most of them watched us dance. I wondered how many of them really thought that we were 12 year-olds but still wanted to fuck us.

We danced for a good 10 minutes before I saw Kate’s eyes open wide and I guessed that Ryan had turned the vibe up. After another couple of minutes her hands started caressing her body then moved to her tits. She massaged them and teased her nipples. I looked at the youths around us and saw that most of them were staring at Kate.

Just as I thought that she was going to explode she leaned over and shouted,


I hadn’t really been expecting it at that moment and it hit me. My heart started to race and my pussy pulsed. Before I knew it I was flat on my back on the sand, legs wide apart, my left hand squeezing my little tits and my right hand finger fucking myself.

Through the haze of the orgasm I saw lots of young men looking down on both Kate and I as we both rode out our orgasms. I could vaguely hear some of the comments that the young men were making,

“Fucking sluts.”

“They start young these days.”

“What I could do with either of them.”

“I like ‘em young.”

“Come here and cop a hold of this.”

“Wrap it round this slut.”

“I could easily become a paedophile.”

“Stop teasing us bitches; you might just regret it.”

I heard a couple of female voices as well,

“Fucking tarts.”

“Get back to school sluts.”

As the waves receded I looked up and saw Ryan standing between us.


Realising that he was still play-acting I got to my feet and said,

“Sorry daddy, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Kate was getting up and she apologizing too.

We both stood there looking down at the sand. Ryan slapped our butts (hard) and said,

“Get yourselves home and expect a lot more of that when we get there.”

Both Kate and I started walking away from the young men, heads down and holding our hands in front of our pussies.

When we’d got about 50 yards away Ryan came between us, put an arm round each of our shoulders and said,

“You two were brilliant. I’ve never seen such lust on people’s faces; but Kate, don’t you go trying that on your own. Always remember that there’s safety in numbers.”

“Yes daddy.”

We all laughed then Ryan said,

“Right, who’s for another teasing session?”

“I’m up for it.” Kate said.

“I think that we should relax for a bit first. How about a swim, I’m all sweaty?” I said.

All agreeing Ryan dropped our backpack and we all waded out into the sea. I wanted Ryan to fuck me while we were out there but it was a bit difficult with Ryan wearing shorts. We settled for splashing around for a while before heading to the backpack.

“The sun’s still quite hot,” Kate said; “how about a bit more sunbathing?”

“You just want Ryan to rub some more suntan lotion on you don’t you?” I said.

“Don’t you?”

Kate and I both smiled and looked for a space to spread out. Ryan put lotion on his ‘daughters’ again, making us both moan as he played with our pussies for quite a bit longer than it takes to put suntan lotion on normally.

After about 5 minutes of sunbathing I noticed that both Kate and I were lying on our backs, knees bent and spread apart. Ryan was in between us on his stomach and doing something in the backpack.

Kate suddenly gasped and then moaned.

“That’s nice Ryan, please leave it like that.” I heard her say.

I sat up and put my weight on my elbows and looked around. Kate’s knees had drifted so far apart that one was touching Ryan. Anyone who looked could see absolutely everything. For some stupid reason I felt a little jealous and spread my knees as much as I could.

I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us. I couldn’t see anyone but who can tell which way eyes are looking when they’re covered in sunglasses.

A group of youths were walking along the water’s edge towards us. As they got closer I watched them as one by one they all started looking at us. They stopped right between us and the sea and stood there pretending not to look at our pussies and Kate’s tits.

I don’t know why I did it but I put all my weight on my left elbow and moved my right hand to my pussy. I rubbed it for a few seconds, then rubbed my clit, then pushed 2 fingers inside my hole. I finger fucked myself for a couple of seconds then transferred my weight back to 2 elbows.

I regretted doing that very quickly as the youths moved a little closer and sat between us and the sea. I felt embarrassed but I didn’t close my legs. I started feeling horny and was torn between what a good girl should do and what my body wanted. I started to get wetter.

I turned to Ryan and saw that he was watching what was going on. He’d obviously turned the vibe up as Kate’s head was slowly going from side to side and her leg was pressing against Ryan. She wanted her legs as far apart as they could be.

I let my feet slide down and apart and as I looked down my body to the youths I could see my pubic bone sticking well up from my stomach. I suddenly thought of something that Ryan had said; that I could make a great bikini bridge – if I’d been wearing a bikini.

I looked at Ryan, his legs squashed between Kate’s knee and my leg. He was looking at the youths and his eyes were going from side to side. Bloody hell, he was inviting them to look at Kate and me; not that they would have needed an invite; after all, they’re men.

I looked at the youths again; they all had either lust or grins on their faces.

The vibe must have started to get the better of Kate as she started to get a little vocal and her stomach was rising and falling quickly. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to cum too. On the one hand there was the embarrassment but on the other hand I could feel that it would be a good orgasm.

Ryan made the decision for me.


My elbows slid from under me and I started jerkin as the spasms took over. I could feel my hips rising to meet a cock that wasn’t there, and my pussy muscles trying to pull in something that wasn’t there. My hand that was nearest to Ryan grabbed out and gripped his arm and squeezed hard. I could feel my juices leaking out and running down to my butt.

The next thing that I knew was Ryan whispering,

“Can I have my arm back please? It’s starting to go numb.”

I let go and looked at Kate first; she too was starting to come down. Then the youths; they’re eyes were still glued to our pussies and a couple of hands were on the front of their shorts. I wondered what their cocks looked like.

I lay there for ages as my breathing slowly got back to normal.

As soon as I was able I got up, helped Kate get to her feet and dragged her into the sea. I certainly needed the sweat washing off me and I guessed that Kate did too. I also needed to cool down.

Thankfully, the youths had gone when we emerged from the water. Ryan was grinning at us as we towelled ourselves dry.

Time was moving on, the sun was going down, and we were getting hungry; so Ryan had the idea of going to one of the beach side cafés for something to eat. I would have preferred somewhere less public but as usual, Ryan got his way.

Kate must have been feeling a little tired because when she sat at the table she sat like good little girls are always being told to do; except that she was naked.

After the meal we headed back to the car and Ryan drove back to the villa, all of us a little quiet.

The food and the rest must have done us some good because when we got back to our villa I got us all a drink and we sat out by the pool and talked. After a while Kate said,

“Would you really have tanned my butt Ryan?”

“Why, would you have liked me to?”

“I don’t know.”

“Only one way to find out.” I added.

Kate looked at me then bent over and spread her legs a bit.

“Go on then Ryan; hit it.”

I smiled, looked at Ryan, nodded then stood back as Ryan’s hand flew down onto Kate’s ass.

“Oooow!” That hurt.

“It’s supposed to.” I said, “Do you want some more?”

“Yes please.”

I went round to Kate’s head while Ryan rained slap after slap on Kate’s butt. I reached under Kate to her tits and found two very hard nipples which I rubbed and squeezed as she screamed out and started crying. After about 20 slaps the screaming and crying stopped and she went silent. After another 10 or so she started moaning. Another 10 or 12 slaps and Kate started cumming.

Ryan stopped and we both watched her; still bent over with a red butt.

Kate stood up a couple of minutes later and before she could say anything Ryan said,

“You need to cool that down.”

Without saying anything, Kate walked over to the pool and walked straight into it. She surfaced a few seconds later and swam to the side nearest us.

“I don’t know what to say,” Kate said, “I never would have thought that was possible; or that I would have wanted to try it; but I’m glad that I did. This whole day has been full of amazing self-discoveries and I’m really glad that you helped me. I’ll remember this day; and you two, for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.”

I didn’t know what to say, neither did Ryan. After a few seconds I picked up a towel and walked towards Kate.

“It still hurts.” Kate said as she sat down.

“So Kate,” Ryan said, “what’s going to happen tomorrow when your father and brothers get back?”

“I’ve been thinking about that, the way I see it is that I have 2 options. Option 1 is for me to go back to being the ‘old’ me boring and repressed as I was. Option 2 is for me to start doing what ‘I’ want to do. I really want to do option 2 but I don’t know if I’ve got the guts.”

“Only one way to find out.” Ryan said.

“I can’t just walk out of my room stark naked.”

“But you can get ‘caught’ sunbathing naked; pretending that you weren’t expecting them to get back so soon.” I said.

“But what could I say?”

“Well don’t apologise.” Ryan said, “Ask them if they’re going to join you. If your brothers throw a wobbler just tell them to grow-up and get over it. If they’re anything like normal kids they soon will, and they’ll start ogling you. As for your father, the way he looked at Tanya yesterday I’m sure that he won’t object too much; if at all. He too will start staring at you. If you play your cards right you’ll soon have them doing anything that you want them to do.”

“You think so?” Kate asked.

“I’m 100 percent sure.” Ryan said, “Attractive young women like you really can manipulate men quite easily if you are prepared to use your main asset, your body to do it. Just look how Tanya manipulates me.”

“I do not.” I said.

“Oh come on Tanya; you walk around naked all the time and when we go out you always wear very short skirts with no underwear.”

“And….” I said.

“Just joking; I love you exactly as you are. I wouldn’t want you to change one little bit, and you don’t manipulate me. I was just joking.”

I’d started to get annoyed but as soon as Ryan said that he was joking I just thumped his arm.

Kate decided that she was tired and wanted to turn-in but before she left she asked Ryan to retrieve the vibe that was still in her pussy. Both Ryan and I had forgotten about that. Kate shuffled forwards in her chair and spread her legs. As Ryan was groping around inside her Kate said that she was going to miss that; and us.

Thanking us (again) for the most amazing day of her life she left us to go to her bed.

Ryan and I sat by the pool for a while reflecting on just how unexpected the day had turn out. After a while we went to bed and Ryan spooned me and we fell asleep with him inside me.

We were late up the next morning and as we were having breakfast by the pool we heard a car arrive and assumed that it was Kate’s family returning. We both wondered how Kate was dressed (or not) at that moment.

That afternoon we went to another beach and Ryan once again made me cum right in the middle of the crowded beach.

We bumped into Roger and his family a couple of days later as we wandered round the village. Kate rushed up to us and hugged us. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank top and as we hugged she whispered that she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her micro skirt was only a few inches lower than her pussy and I wondered if she’d been exposing herself to her father and the boys. They all certainly looked happy.

Ryan later told me that Roger had said that Kate had taken a leaf out of my book and they’d all had to get used to Kate wandering around without any clothes on. I smiled and thought,

“Good for you girl.”

I also wondered if she was going to do what Ryan had told her about using her body to get power over the males in her family.

I kept up my Kegel exercises while I was on holiday; most days I did them out by the pool. My pussy muscles are getting so firm that I can grip Ryan’s cock so hard that I can stop him from shooting his load into me; then when I relax my muscles it all comes squirting into me; the first time that I did that it felt like a hosepipe had been turned on.

Talking of hosepipes; there was one near the pool and I remembered what I’d done with a hosepipe before. I had this urge to do it again so I went for the hosepipe and disconnected the end bit. Guess where I put the end of the hose. Ryan was smiling as he watched and went and turned the water on for me. It was quite warm for a while then it cooled down. It didn’t make me cum but it sure did feel good.

Another thing that made me feel good was the pool inlet. Floating on my back with the water pounding my pussy is sooo relaxing.

Another evening we went into San Antonio again. The plan was to go clubbing and I was wearing all my jewellery, my swimming skirt (Ryan said that it would be good for clubbing and that no one would notice that it was so short that my pussy and butt were showing), and one of my see-through tops.

As we both intended to have a few drinks we decided to get the bus rather than drive. The bus only took about 30 minutes and Ryan kept playing with my nipples all the way there. I was glad that I wasn’t wearing the remote vibe as I was sure that Ryan would have made me cum on that bus.

We walked to near a popular looking club then found a bar for a few drinks first. That bar was full of young people doing what we were; i.e. getting happy on cheap booze before going into the club and having to pay stupid prices for drinks.

The bar was a bit untidy because there were beer barrels and empty bottle crates in one corner. Ryan thought that it would be a laugh for me to stand on one of the upturned bottle crates so that I was his height for a change.

It did feel different, but I soon realised that Ryan had an ulterior reason for me to stand on that crate. Soon after I was up there one of his hands went to my butt cheeks under my too short skirt. He was fondling my butt and pussy right there in the bar. I was glad that there wasn’t much light. After a while of starting to feel good I realised that I had automatically spread my feet a little so that Ryan had better access.

We were just getting to the end of our second drink when in walked his 3 old school mates. After the usual greetings they went for some drinks and Ryan apologised for bumping into them and he promised that we’d get away from them as quick as possible.

When they got back to us all 3 of Ryan’s mates said that I looked good. All 3 were looking lower than my face as they said that, and their attention made my nipples stand to attention. All the time Ryan’s hand was still rubbing along my slit and sometimes sliding a finger inside my wet pussy.

It’s a strange (but exciting) feeling being fingered whilst you’re taking to someone else; but not quite as strange as being fucked whilst you’re talking to someone else.

Ryan’s gentle finger fucking was raising my AF, but (thankfully) not enough to make me cum.

I was hoping that Ryan would dump his old school mates before we went into the club but we all joined the queue together and eventually we were all inside. Ryan was right about my skirt; most of the girls there were wearing as little as I was and I’m sure that I saw at least 3 other uncovered pussies. Ryan, who seems to be able to spot a bare pussy at half a mile, said that he saw at least 10. I was happy that I wasn’t the centre of attention.

The club was heaving but we were having a great time. Thankfully, Ryan’s old school mates were out to get laid so they went chasing pussy leaving Ryan and me alone.

The club has one floor that they fill with foam and Ryan pulled me into it and we started dancing, hardly able to see each other. We’d been holding hands to stay with each other but I lost touch with him for a few seconds. Then felt 2 hands slide from my back around my bare stomach. Assuming that it was Ryan I relaxed a bit and continued slow dancing.

The hands slid down over my skirt onto my bare mound. Thinking that Ryan was just showing his love for me I spread my legs a bit, hoping that he would finger me in the foam.

I wasn’t disappointed as the hands slid between my legs, spread my wet lips and penetrated me. There was a moment’s pause as I felt my chain and both rings being touched. It felt good as the fingers teased my clit and finger fucked me. It certainly helped that I could feel a hard cock (through shorts), pressing on my butt.

I was getting so close to cumming when Ryan’s face was right in front of mine and he started kissing me. It suddenly dawned on me that if Ryan was kissing me there was no way that his hands could be wrapped round me from behind and fingering me.

I clamped my legs together and the hands moved away. As soon as we broke our kiss I turned round but all I could see was foam. As I turned back to Ryan he asked,

“Are you okay?”

“Err yes, I think so.”

I thought about telling him what had happened but I started to wonder if I’d dreamt it. Was it just wishful thinking on my dis-oriented part? I decided not to think about it.

When we left the foam we had another drink and did a bit more dancing. I didn’t feel at all out of place in my very skimpy clothes; in fact we saw a few topless girls dancing.

A while later Ryan’s mates appeared again, but by that time they’d got lucky and had 3 girls with them. All 3 were wearing skimpy clothes as well. We tried chatting but the music was too loud and in the end we all decided to leave and find a quieter bar.

We found one and the guys got some drinks. As time went on we’d all got very ‘happy’ and the crowds thinned out. Someone thought that it would be a good idea to have some tequila shots.

After a couple of rounds the guys decided that they wanted to do body shots on us 4 girls. A table was cleared and the guys started to try to persuade one of us to lie on the table. Bearing in mind that I only had on a see-through top and a way too short skirt; and all my jewellery; there was no way that I was going to volunteer.

Fortunately one of the ‘pick-ups’ volunteered and lay on her back on the table. I smiled when it became obvious that she too wasn’t wearing any knickers, or a bra.

The guys all (including Ryan) had a shot from her belly button then one of the guys wanted to have one off her tits. She happily pulled her top up letting her tits spring free and shouting,

“Come and get them!”

Someone was sober enough to realise that the tequila wouldn’t stay put on her quivering tits so one of the guys pressed a finger on her right nipple while another poured the tequila into the indentation; then someone else slurped the shot.

This went on until all of us had sucked up a shot from her tit. Feeling a bit naughty I teased her nipple a bit with my teeth before I stood up.

Another of the girls wanted to have a go, so she took the first girl’s place and 7 more shots were sucked-up from first her belly button, then one of her tits. This girl was wearing a thong that had a wet spot where her hole was; a point that all the guys made a comment about.

Girl 3 had her turn, revealing that she was without any underwear.

The 2 girls that had no knickers were also shaved bald and the girl in the thong probably was as well because the thong was plastered flat to her pubes.

After all 3 girls had had their turn everyone looked at me. There was no way that I wanted to be displayed like that but the whole group, and the alcohol that I’d already drunk, were persuading me. So were the audience (half the bar) that we had attracted.

Up on the table I got and I heard a few comments about my pussy piercing, chains and one about my clit ring.

Embarrassed, but giggling I waited for the tequila to be poured onto my belly button. Seven shots were sucked up with Ryan telling me to stop giggling because my belly was shaking too much.

After the seventh I sat up ready to get off the table but Ryan stopped me saying,

“You’re not done yet TT; there’s the tit shots next.”

With that he reached over and pulled my top right up and off me. Apart from shoes and the way too short skirt I was now naked in a bar with what seemed like hundreds of people staring at me.

“Might as well have this off as well.” Ryan said as he pulled my skirt up (it had been round my waist) and over my head.

Fortunately the alcohol and the fact that I’d been naked for most of about 10 days had numbed my embarrassment a little but I still put one arm over my little tits.

One of the guys stepped forward and with one hand lifted my arms off my tits; and with the other he pressed down on my right nipple.

“That’s no good,” he said, “they’re too small to hold any tequila.”

That got a few laughs and the odd comment about my age but I didn’t care. The guys and gals were quiet for a while then Ryan said,

“I know what we’ll do, we’ll use her pussy.”

“WHAT!” I said.

“”Won’t it all disappear inside her?” One of the guys said.

“Maybe,” Ryan said, “but there’s only one way to find out.”

Ryan grabbed my ankles and lifted them right up in the air, leaving only my shoulders and head on the table.

“Put your hands on your hips to support yourself.” Ryan said.

I did, and as soon as they were there Ryan pulled my ankles wide apart, opening my lips and pointing my exposed hole to the ceiling.

There were a few cheers from the guys and the crowd, and a few more comments about my rings and chains. One of the girls asked about the 2 rings and one of the guys explained what Ryan had told him that day on the beach. The girls were surprised by his knowledge.

While that was going on I was laid there, embarrassed but giggling. For some weird reason I spread my legs as wide as I could, almost making them parallel to the floor.

Ryan sensed that I was co-operating and let go of my ankles. He got the bottle of tequila and poured a bit onto my pussy. I was expecting it to be cold or to sting my sensitive skin but it was warm and didn’t sting. He peered down at my pussy for a while then said,

“Good, it’s staying there.”

He then stuck a slice of lemon in MY mouth and said,

“Right, who’s first?”

All 3 guys moved forward but 1 was slightly ahead. He looked at Ryan who nodded and his old school mate lowered his mouth to my pussy.

It should have been a quick suck to get the tequila but it went on for ages as he sucked my clit and tried to poke his tongue into my hole. I suddenly thought about my Kegel exercises and squeezed my pussy to keep the tongue out but as my AF started to rise I relaxed and let it in.

I don’t know how long Ryan let his mate eat me but I certainly felt relaxed and happy when he stopped. I looked at Ryan who winked at me letting me know that he was happy about what was happening. I relaxed and waited for the next guy.

All 3 guys had a go at getting their shots and I was just about to let myself down when 1 of the girls said,

“My turn!”

I felt happy that I was about to get eaten by a girl. I hoped that she’d make a better job than the guys. I wasn’t wrong and Ryan let her keep going until she made me cum; much to the delight of the audience.

When I calmed down I was still p on my shoulders, legs spread wide and pussy pointing to the ceiling.

I started to bring my legs together when another on the girls said,

“Not yet Tanya, you’ve got 2 more to go.”

Both girls took their turn to drink their shots; and to make me cum.

By the time they’d finished, the tequila was finished too. Ryan was holding the empty bottle and looking at me. I smiled and saw Ryan get an evil look in his face. He stepped forward and lowered the opening of the bottle to my pussy. He held it there and said,

“Shall I?”

It seemed like everyone in the building started egging him on; the noise was deafening.

Ryan paused for a few more seconds before lowering the bottle to my pussy. I squeezed hard but Ryan pressed until I relaxed and took the bottle in as far as it would go.

Boy that felt good. I moaned and bucked my hips, trying to get more inside me; but there was no way that the main part of the bottle would go in. Instead, Ryan fucked me with it as the whole room watched.

The inevitable happened and I had another orgasm.

After that the bar staff produced a couple of cans of cream and some cherries. Guess what happened next. Yes, all 4 of us girls got cream squirted on our interesting bits and quite a lot of men in the bar, not just Ryan and his 3 mates, ended up licking it off. A few of them made jokes about taking our cherries. We were a sticky mess; but a happy sticky mess. I think that all of us had at least one orgasm from the licking.

Ryan looked as pleased as punch; he really does like people seeing me naked, being groped by strange men and cumming in front of them. I sometimes get these images of me being gang-banged by a load of strangers and looking up and seeing Ryan staring down at me with a ginormous grin on his face. Then I come back to reality thinking that I hope it never comes to that.

Anyway, things started to quieten down and when I looked outside dawn was starting to break. Most of our group were still quite lively and one of the girls suggested that we go skinny-dipping so us girls put our clothes on and off we went.

We walked down to the beach and away from the centre of town. Behind some beach bars we all stripped and ran into the sea. After some splashing and messing about we split into 4 couples and started making out in the sea.

I’m pretty sure that we 4 girls all got fucked; I know that I did, Ryan fucked me hard as I floated on my back.

When we emerged from the sea there were a few ‘early-birds’ on the beach and we got a couple of funny looks but none of us cared.

Ryan’s old school mates and their girls all decided that they were going back to their hotels. They didn’t say so but we assumed that they meant to the same hotel and room for some more fucking. Ryan and I were both hungry so we became the first customers of the day at one of the beach cafés. Thankfully none of the staff were interested in my micro clothes.

After that we walked to the bus station and waited for the bus back to our villa. I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke-up Ryan was running a finger round my clit. Unfortunately we had to get off a few minutes later and walk back to the villa.

On the last full day that we were there Ryan promised to give me the most pleasurable day that he ever has. I had images of a romantic day with lots of fucking and cuddling. Unfortunately what Ryan meant was a day full of embarrassing public nudity and orgasms.

I started to get a little worried when he changed the batteries in the remote vibe and asked me to put my hair in pigtails and my barbells in my nipples and clit hood. When I asked him where we were going he said that he thought that we’d go back to Playa d'en Bossa.

Okay, I’d had lots of fun there with Kate but it had been very embarrassing and tiring.

“So are you going to give me lots of orgasms then?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” Ryan replied, “I want to see if you can get up to triple figures.”

“Bloody hell Ryan; are you trying to kill me; ‘death by orgasm’?”

“What a way to go.” Ryan replied.

“Well yes, but not today;” I said, “I’ll be happy if I just have a couple; and preferably with just you near me lover.”

“Oh, I think that we can do better than that my sexy little exhibitionist.”

“No I’m not.”

Ryan just smiled.

We left the villa with not a stitch of clothing for me; just suntan lotion and a towel to lie on; oh, and 4 pieces of metal attached to my privates that I suspected would be anything but private that day; and one remote controlled vibrator inside me that would be invisible to everyone.

I was a little nervous as we drove into Playa d'en Bossa because it’s one thing to pretend to be a 12 year-old naked girl when everything about you looks young and natural, but it’s something else when your nipple and clit piercing jewellery is visible. I don’t suppose there are many 12 year-olds in the world that have that sort of jewellery on display.

Anyway, we parked the car and walked towards the beach. As we got close I asked Ryan if we could stop at a café to get something to eat, and a drink; or two. I figured that I’d need a bit of alcohol to loosen me up for what I suspected Ryan was going to get me to do.

The waiter had a bit of a grin on his face as he approached our table but Ryan said that he must have been told a joke.

As we sat there Ryan switched the vibe on, on low, telling me that he wanted to get me ‘warmed up’. I shuddered a bit as I wondered just what Ryan had in store for me.

The alcohol and the vibe started to work and I relaxed in my chair and I didn’t object when Ryan used his feet to spread my legs a bit. I was laid back in the chair with my legs still spread when the waiter came to get our money. I watched his face and his eyes opened wide when he realised what he could see. He stared at my pussy as he tried to convince Ryan to order something else.

Ryan was obviously enjoying seeing the man stare at my pussy because he ordered us both another drink and when it came the waiter took ages to move things around on the table to get them just how he wanted.

As we walked away from the café Ryan said that the day had got off to a good start and he asked me if I was happy.

“Of course; you’re with me and I’m starting to feel good.”

“And a bit wet?” Ryan asked.

“Oh yes, I can see that I’ll have a lot of sand stuck to the insides of my legs quite soon.”

Ryan put his arm round me and said,

“That’s my girl.”

I noticed the odd double-take as we walked onto the beach, but no one said anything and Ryan steered me towards the club areas of the beach. Fortunately, the louder the music the fewer kids there were and we soon got to a place where there were only teens and twenties men and women.

Ryan picked a spot right in the middle of a bunch of mainly young men and we spread our towels. Ryan got me to rub suntan lotion onto him then he told me to lie down so that he could do me.

He took his time getting every square inch of my back and when he moved down to my legs I automatically spread them to give him access to my inner thighs. As expected, he lingered around my pussy and he whispered,

“Bloody hell TT; your gushing.”

“That’s your fault.” I answered.

He continued rubbing the suntan lotion, and my juices, into the top of my legs.

As I turned onto my back I saw that a handful of youths around us were watching us.

“Time for kid mode.” Ryan whispered.

“Daddy, will you do my front now?” I loudly asked.

“Of course princess.” Ryan said.

As Ryan started rubbing the lotion on my arms I saw 2 geeky looking youths walk up and sit only about 6 feet from my feet. Both sat so that they could look at us but both pretended to be looking elsewhere.

I smiled a little and thought,

“Poor sods, they look too shy to get anywhere with the girls; I bet that they’ll still be virgins when they fly home.”

Ryan started on my chest and little tits. As he massaged the lotion around and on my nipples he said, quite loudly,

“I don’t know why I agreed to let you have these piercings done; you’re still too young for this sort of thing.”

“But daddy, I like them, especially this one;” I said as I opened my legs and gently pulled on my clit hood barbell revealing my clit ring to the geeks and anyone else who was looking.

“Besides, all the girls at college have had them done.”

I looked towards the young geeks and saw that they were now on their stomachs looking at me; well my pussy.

Ryan moved to my legs, lifting them one at a time as he continued with the lotion. I let out a moan as he touched my pussy.

“Princess,” Ryan loudly said, “You’re so wet, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s you daddy; and those boys looking at me, I can’t help it.”

“Just ignore the other people princess; pretend that they’re not there.”

“Okay daddy.”

Ryan finished my legs and moved up to my lower abdomen. As he rubbed the lotion round and on my pussy I let out a few moans, loud enough for the geeks to hear.

When Ryan had finished we both just lay there enjoying the sun. After a couple of minutes Ryan noticed that I was laying there with my legs closed and he whispered for me to open them. I did.

A few more minutes later Ryan said,

“I bet that you’re getting bored Tanya; how about practicing your gymnastics?”

I looked at him as if to say,

“Really, you want me to do that with these geeks and others watching?”

Ryan answered my unspoken question by turning the vibe up to full.

“Okay, okay.” I said as I got to my feet and started doing all the things t