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Mindy's First Snuff

2022-09-27 00:55:36

Mindy’s First Snuff
Krystal and Mindy had become complete lovers and full time companion over the past four years. Krystal was constantly perfecting her craft of snuffing young women and some men over the years and her love for Mindy grew all the time. As was Krystal’s intent, she never told Mindy of her dark side or even suggested there was a big market for such videos. Mindy never asked Krystal how she accumulated her millions and Krystal never offered any explanation.

It was approximately two weeks after Mindy’s eighteenth birthday and while she was heading home from her shopping the car died. She was only about two miles for the house so she felt safe as she called Krystal to inform her. Krystal advised Mindy to sit in the car and lock the doors and after she called the tow company she would come and get her. Mindy heard the car pull up but didn’t pay attention to the occupants as she went to get back into the car after disconnecting the call to Krystal. She was just about to open the driver’s door when a male’s voice asked if she was ok. Turning to look in the direction of the voice Mindy noticed it was just four teenagers. It was two boys and two girls who appeared to be sixteen to seventeen years old. Its fine she told the boy who spoke, my friend is picking me up and we already have a tow truck coming. Mindy opened the door and just as she was entering the disabled car she felt a hand go around her head and as it clasped over her mouth she was pulled away from the vehicle. Together the four younger teens forced her into the van and sped off. They didn’t drive more than two or three minutes before Mindy felt them slow down and turn onto a gravel road. After another short distance, the van came to a complete stop and the driver and front passenger got out and opened the sliding door. Mindy was forced out of the van and they took her down a small incline to an open area among a ring of trees.

All Mindy could do was cry as the teens began to remove her clothes and hands of both the males and females was groping her firm body. As one of the boys went to shove his cock into Mindy’s tight and dry cunt, one of the girls pushed her breast into Mindy’s face and demanded that she suck it. Although Mindy was trying to fight back, the other two teens were pinning her legs and arms down as the invasive cock tore the walls of her tight dry cunt. The boy fucking her commented how fucking tight this bitch’s cunt was and told his buddy she felt like a virgin. Mindy closed her eyes tight and cried as this boy raped and verbally abused her. She had never been fucked by a male before and if this was what it was like she hoped she never would again. He didn’t last long and before Mindy knew it, the boy was grunting and slamming his cock into her so hard that she thought he was going to crush her little clit.” Fuck, damn, shit” The boy shouted as his hot young thick cum shot deep inside Mindy’s cunt. Mindy didn’t think this animal was ever going to stop but finally she felt a draft between her legs when he pulled out and moved up her body. The boy made her suck his cock clean while the next boy was prying her legs open again so he could fuck her.

The four teens were too busy raping Mindy and Mindy’s eyes were shut tight as she silently sobbed so no one saw Crystal silently walk up to them. With cat like movements, Krystal was able to disable all four teens with the stun gun before they even knew she existed. With the four of them helplessly flopping on the ground Krystal put Mindy’s head in her lap and cried as she told her how sorry she was. Mindy just hugged Krystal and never wanted to let go. As the teens convulsing bodies began to relax, Mindy came out of her shocked state and taking the stun gun from Krystal, she zapped the four teens for the second time. Turning to Krystal with a look of hate in her eyes, she told Krystal she had known about the chamber for quite some time and even had secretly watched her torture some of the victims. With mouth open and not knowing what to say, Mindy suggested they take these four to the chamber and together they could show them what happens to rapists. Getting up and pulling Mindy close to herself, Krystal explained to the girl that once she got involved it would be for the long haul and also her life would never be the same. Mindy assured Krystal she was ready and also that her deep affection and dedication to their lovemaking was partly due to how excited she would get while watching Krystal torture the victims.

With Mindy’s car being towed, Krystal had Mindy drive her car as she drove the teens van back to the house. They were less than a ½ mile from the house so wasn’t any need to tie the teens up. The stun gun subdued them for about fifteen minutes and that would give them time to cage the four up. After putting the four teens in cages at the chamber, and before closing the doors, Mindy commenced kicking the group about the face and abdomen. After letting Mindy release some of her hate on the teens, Krystal pulled her back and said they would return after dinner, giving the teens’ time to reflect on what they done. Krystal explained to Mindy the first thing you always want to inflict upon your captives is mind control. Sitting in their cells for several hours, their minds will be working feverishly, first to try to figure out why they are in cages and then how to get out before their captors returns. These first few hours of solitary and not knowing what they can expect will do more mental harm to them than the physical harm of kicking them while under the influence of the stun gun.

After several well placed kicks to the groins and faces of the four teens, Krystal and Mindy was able to get their names. After strapping the boy who actually had raped Mindy into the chair, Krystal handed the electric engraver to her. His name was Colin and Mindy showed zero emotion during her branding, even though he was screaming as loud as possible. With the engraver, Mindy etched Colin on his forehead while Krystal was preparing the second boy for Mindy’s handiwork. Although it took Mindy almost two hours, she was pleased with her work as she finished the last signature on the second female. Laughing, Krystal and Mindy told the teens they can now remember who’s who. The boys were Colin and Chris and the girls were Pam and Stephanie. Mindy made a comment that poor Stephanie endured so much more pain since her parents decided to give her a long first name. To even out the punishment, Mindy went to the other three teens and with a coldness in her that made Krystal weak in the knees with excitement, Mindy hit each of the three in the nose with a mallet, shattering them.

Colin looked so much different hanging by chains from the rafters compared to the cockiness he exhibited only a few hours earlier. He now had the same fear in his eyes that Mindy had while he savagely raped her. Krystal wanted to slice him up and serve him to the dogs but it was important that she let Mindy punish him for what he had done to her. Grabbing his balls and crushing them in her hand, Krystal whispered in his ear that although she had no idea what Mindy planned to do to him, she was sure it would be nice and painful. Per Mindy’s request, the other three teens were strapped into chairs facing Colin and only feet from him. Mindy wanted them to see the pain in his eyes and the end result of her torture as she took her time to make him sorry for his actions.

As Mindy slowly inserted the red hot metal bar into Colin’s ass, the smell of his burning flesh was more than Stephanie could handle and she vomited on herself and the floor in front of her. As the bar cooled, Mindy withdrew it and gave it back to Krystal to reheat. Colin’s screams were reverberating throughout the chamber and his pleas were pathetic. Crying and begging this little one hundred and five pound girl not to hurt him anymore. The second plunge of the bar into his ass went another five inches deeper than the first, searing his large intestine while cooking the opening to his ass. As soon as Mindy withdrew the bar the second time, Krystal handed her a large butt plug to shove in his ass. It was Krystal’s idea to use the plug, telling Mindy with the seared opening of Colin’s ass, as the swelling progressed it would lock the plug securely in him and cause extreme abdominal pain when he was unable to release his bowels. Krystal wanted Colin to experience the most painful death ever for the rape of her sweet Mindy. As tears ran down his cheeks and his body twitched and convulsed from the pain, Colin was near shock but Krystal kept him fully awake with jolts of electric shocks. Knowing Krystal was itching to help in the torture, Mindy was glad to let her use the whip on the others while she devoted her attention solely to the low life Colin.

Colin could no longer scream out in pain. His throat was raw and swollen from screaming as Mindy tortured his ass and branded him. All he could do now was weep constantly as Mindy tightened the clamp on his left nut. He could feel the nut flattening as she continued to turn the handle, closing the jaws of the clamp more and more. As the nut exploded from the pressure of the clamp, Mindy was staring in Colin’s eyes, wanting him to know the pure joy she was experiencing while mutilating his scrotum. With the ball obliterated Mindy asked Colin if he wanted the same thing to happen to his other nut and when he shook his head violently from side to side and begged her not too, she took a small sledge hammer and crushed his right nut with one clean blow. His eyes bulged out and he vomited from the pain, as his three co-rapists screamed and thrashed in their chairs. The teens knew they would never leave this hell hole alive and this realization brought forth a new found fear that would likely make their minds snap before their hearts stopped. Mindy had a warm glow take over her entire being as she realized she held the fate of the foursome in her hands and she had the means to inflict as much pain and suffering as she wanted before she ended their miserable fucking lives. It was late and her thighs were burning from desire. Looking at her lover, she could see Krystal was also turned on beyond belief so now it was time to retire to their bedroom and make love all night. Putting the two girls and the other boy back in cages but leaving Colin strung up, Mindy and Krystal left the chamber.

When Mindy turned on the lights in the chamber and glanced at Colin, she was amused. His crushed nut sack was so swollen and almost hid his normally six inch cock. Walking to him, Mindy grabbed his sack in her right hand and squeezed. Colin’s screams woke the other three teens locked in the cages and Mindy noticed they winced in pain as if it was happening to them. Looking Colin in the eye, Mindy asked him if he wished he never raped her the day before. Shaking his head briskly in an affirmative motion, he managed to promise her if she let him go he would never abuse another person. Going to the first girl locked in the cages, Mindy stunned Stephanie with the stun gun then dragged the girl to one of the three chairs. Strapping her to the chair, Mindy repeated the process with Chris and Pam, securing each one in a chair directly in front of Colin. Mindy said unfortunately Krystal and her had plans for the day so she didn’t have time to play, but wanted the foursome to realize how dedicated she was to making them pay for what they done to her. Whistling a happy tune, Mindy disappeared from the teens sight as she busied herself on the other end of the chamber. Taking a large piece of raw leather from a drawer, Mindy cut a two inch wide and approximately fifty inch long strap. Taking the strap and a bucket of water, Mindy stood between Colin and the other three teens and began soaking the leather strap in the bucket. When the strap was saturated with the water, Mindy removed it and placing one end in the hand of Chris, she ordered him to grip it tight and not let go. With Chris clamping onto the strap, Mindy pulled and stretched it as far as she could. Taking the now six foot long strap, Mindy slowly and deliberately began to wrap it around Colin’s neck, playing special attention to ensure it covered his adams apple completely. With the wrapping done and the loose end held in place, Mindy looked at the three teens in the chairs and said that raw leather has a tendency to shrink significantly as it dried. Kissing Colin gently on the lips, Mindy told him goodbye and let the chamber, knowing as the strap shrunk, it would slowly cut off all of Colin’s air and his friends would be forced to watch their friend die.

Mindy went directly to the chamber once she and Krystal returned later that evening while Krystal unloaded the car. Colin’s head was drooping and he was a eerie shade of bluish black. Looking more closely Mindy was surprised how much the leather straps actually shrunk as they dried. The straps were embedded into Colin’s neck a good ½ inch. Pam, Stephanie and Chris were silently watching as Mindy removed Colin’s body and disappeared. When Mindy returned a short time later, Krystal was also with her and they went directly to the teens. Krystal went to Chris and injected a drug into his arm vein. Kissing Mindy lovingly on the lips, Krystal told her Chris would be very pliant and relaxed within minutes. Turning to leave, she told Mindy she would be in bed waiting for her when she was finished.

Unstrapping the drugged Chris from the chair and leading him to the table, Mindy had him remove his clothes and get on the table while lying on his back. Securing his wrists and ankles with the irons and chains, Mindy was getting aroused thinking about what she was about to do. Coating her hands with oil, Mindy slowly and seductively caressed Chris’s cock and balls. The drug was working perfectly and with his mind at ease, his cock slowly thickened and grow double it’s size in length. Once he was fully erect, his seven inch long and over four inch thick cock was standing straight up from his hairy balls. The sloshing sound the oil made as Mindy continued to stroke Chris’s cock was making her own juices leak from her crotch and Mindy was getting highly excited. “Chris, snap out of it” the fucking bitch is just going to kill you in the end” Mindy heard one of the girls scream from her chair. Turning immediately to face the girls, Pam started screaming at Chris once again, trying to shock him out of his drug induced state. Grabbing a twelve inch hunting knife from the counter, Mindy briskly walked over to the screaming girl and with one fluid movement, she cut Pam’s throat from side to side and so deep that it almost took the girl’s head off. Looking to Stephanie with pure fire in her eyes, Mindy asked her if she had anything to say. Stephanie just stared as the blood gushed from her friend’s throat and within seconds she saw her friend’s hand stop twitching as the life drained from her. Wanting to make a point, Mindy sliced off Pam’s left breast and walking over to Stephanie, she forced the teen to open her mouth. Pushing all of Pam’s breast into Stephanie’s mouth, Mindy turned crisply on her heels and went back to the table to continue her play with Chris.

The precum was flowing from the large bulbous head of Chris’s cock and Mindy hungrily licked off each droplet. She loved Krystal with all her heart and wanted to be her lover for all eternity, but there was no harm in playing with a male victim before terminating him. Although she had never given a man a blowjob she had seen many women doing so in porn movies. As she slowly took six inches of Chris’s cock into her mouth and throat, he moaned a soft approving sound and it only made Mindy want to suck him more. Within minutes she felt Chris’s body stiffen and his moans became more pronounced. Mindy knew he was about to cum and she wasn’t ready to end the playtime yet. Taking the hunting knife, Mindy stabbed Chris in the fleshly part of his upper right thigh, killing any desire he had of releasing his load of cum. Numbing the area with novocaine, Mindy soon had Chris’s cock hard and twitching again. Alternating between sucking and stroking his straight rock hard cock, Mindy was fingering her cunt while sucking Chris’s cock. It didn’t take more than five minutes before Chris again began to breathe extremely fast and his cock twitched. This time the knife made a clean cut, severing his tendon on the back side of his knee. Chris won’t need to worry about walking around anyway Mindy told herself so why not disable him. Again, within minutes Mindy had Chris nice and hard and she was beginning to take the entire seven inches into her throat. Chris began pushing his hips upward to meet Mindy’s sucking mouth and when his moaning increased Mindy was ready to let him cum. Pulling her mouth from his cock, Mindy stroked him with firm fast strokes as the head of his cock flared out and streams of thick white cum shot a full foot in the air. By the time Chris’s cock was drained his upper torso was covered in his juice and his cock slowly deflated. With the novocaine numbing the knife cut areas, Mindy seared the wounds with a torch. She would leave him strapped to the table for the night letting his own cum dry on his skin.

After releasing Stephanie, Mindy ordered her to crawl back to the cages so she could lock her in for the night. As she neared the cage, Stephanie told Mindy once the drug wore off Chris she was going to tell him what had been done and her play time would be over. Taking the stun gun and placing it on Stephanie’s neck, Mindy shocked her for several seconds longer than necessary as Stephanie’s body jerked and thrashed out of control. As Stephanie lie on the floor of the cage, body lightly twitching but unable to control her movements, Mindy pulled her tongue as far as possible with a pair of pliers then using the hunting knife Mindy cut Stephanie’s tongue out. Shoving the tongue deep into Stephanie’s mouth while screaming at her to eat it, Mindy kicked her repeatedly in the side and ribs before finally stepping back and locking the door. “Know tell Chris how Krystal and I drugged him, bitch.” Mindy spat as she was leaving the chamber for the night.

Mindy slept in the next morning after over three hours of lovemaking with Krystal after Mindy finished with Chris the night before. As she walked to the kitchen, Krystal met her and they kissed passionately for several minutes before Krystal led her to the table and had her take a seat. Krystal had prepared a feast of a breakfast which was unusual and Mindy’s quizzical look caught Krystal’s eye. Coming up to Mindy from behind, Krystal wrapped her arms around the younger woman and told her she just loved her so much and wanted to always please her in every way. Continuing to hug Mindy as she ate, Krystal suggested that Chris be eliminated today. Turning her head and looking Krystal in the eye, Mindy told her that even though she was playing with Chris and providing oral sex on him, she had no desire to have a man in her life and would always be in love with Krystal. Mindy’s reassurance to Krystal eased her mind somewhat but she still wanted Chris out of the way once and for all. Excusing herself, Krystal said she had to finish loading the car for their day trip and she would be back within a few minutes. Heading directly to the chamber, Krystal went to the table where Mindy had Chris secured to and with a deep hatred in her eyes, she plunged the knife into his chest repeatedly even though the first plunge had penetrated his heart and he died instantly. Turning to face the cages, Krystal went to Stephanie’s cage and opened it. Stephanie was weak from the beating Mindy had given her the night before and the from the loss of blood, she barely raised her head and looked at Krystal as the knife was driven into her chest with such force that it came out of her back. With one final gasp, Stephanie weakly reached out to grab Krystal before slumping to the floor. As Krystal locked the chamber door behind her, she knew her world was once again in order.