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Mila Becomes a Dog Lover

2022-10-20 00:49:57

Part 1 - Mila and the dog

21-year old Mila Young had been having complex, perverse feelings about the big, black mutt her ex-boyfriend adopted -- and left her with -- for a few months now. Chris, her ex, had adopted Boomer from a local shelter a little over a year ago, and Mila had conflicting feelings about the animal from the start. She had never been a dog person, but Chris had convinced her to open her heart to the creature.

Soon after they got the dog, Chris and Mila had an ugly break-up. Mila figured Chris left her with Boomer to piss her off even more. Boomer was clumsy and hyper, and always demanded her attention when she was home. As the months went by he grew bigger and stronger, nearly 80lbs by the time he was a year old. He would follow her from room to room and stay by her side while she made dinner, ate it, and relaxed on the couch afterwards. Mila found it rather annoying.

As the dog grew, he constantly challenged her dominance. One time he even pissed on her while she was sleeping! While she had often thought of taking Boomer back to the shelter, she just felt too guilty to do so. Mila was a petite girl, about 5'1", and was not prepared to deal with a large animal. She was about 105lbs, with dark blond hair and black-framed glasses and big pouty lips. Her breasts were a voluptuous D-cup, and her ass was round and full. She had not been with any guys since she broke up with Chris and was constantly horny, although too shy to go out and meet men.

When Boomer began growing from a somewhat-cute puppy to a young, playful dog, he began his fervent habit of humping anything he possibly could, seemingly never tiring of it. Mila was actually quite amused by this. She often felt contemptible feelings for the large, dumb dog, and thought he looked pathetic as he thrusted at her couch cushions, blankets, and other things around the house. His nuts had grown large and jiggled as he walked and humped.

He was often humping Mila's leg and other objects and she was frequently pushing him off of her. She bought him a large stuffed animal-- a soft, stuffed pony-- and encouraged Boomer to hump it whenever he felt the need -- it was entertaining, and the dog wasn't bothering her when he was pounding his stuffed sex doll.

Mila found herself actually getting turned on when she watched her growing dog trying to energetically fuck the stuffed pony. She was frequently having dirty thoughts and had been badly craving cock since her break-up with Chris. They had met through church and were together a couple years. Chris wasn't a very passionate man, only doing missionary style sex -- they'd never even done oral. He'd never made her cum -- in fact no man had ever made Mila cum. Since the break-up, Chris had totally disappeared from her life, and there were no other men she was interested in. She didn't go out much to meet new people and didn't have many friends.

After each workday's end, she would come home and masturbate for hours before dinner. On the weekends, she'd spend days fucking herself in bed. Whenever she left the bedroom door open or fucked herself on the couch, Boomer was there panting and watching. She began watching all kinds of porn, expanding her dirty mind now that she was single and free of her prude boyfriend. Growing up sexually repressed and then being with such prude men had served to only make her more sexually curious.

Mila had accumulated a collection of all kinds of sex toys she'd ordered online, especially loving the long, hard, ribbed dildos. With the combination of the porn, her dirty mind, and her sex toys, she could make herself cum hard in a just a few minutes. She had all kinds of dirty fantasies, but not a partner to share them with. Before Chris, she'd only been with 1 other guy back in high school, and they'd only had sex a few times.

It seemed Boomer shared her feelings of sexual frustration. In many ways she felt bad for him -- he needed a hole for his cock just as bad as she needed a dick in her hole! She became fascinated and quite impressed with the energetic pace of his humping, how he so tightly wrapped his forepaws around the stuffed animal to really give it a pounding. Chris had never fucked her that enthusiastically! She would occasionally pleasure herself with one of her large dildos while watching the dog humping away at its toy, the dog occasionally watching her as she fucked her pussy fast and hard.

Sometimes Boomer would pull off the stuffed pony after humping at it for several minutes and continue humping at the air after his dismount, haunching pathetically while looking up at her. She'd seen his prick extended a few inches on a few occasions when the dog was particularly excited. The dog prick was pink and pointed, and looked hard as a bone.

Eventually, she started to let Boomer hump her legs without pushing him away. She'd let him wrap his forepaws around her leg tightly and watch as he'd then start thrusting fruitlessly, making her laugh. After one such occasion, when the dog finally jumped off of her leg, she bent down and started rubbing his sheath, teasing his cock. Boomer whined and panted, perpetually horny. Her heart pounded as she saw the tip of the pink cockhead peeking out of the sheath. She then took her hand away, nervous to go any further.

Mila's thoughts devolved into depraved dog sex fantasies, wondering if she'd be able take on the large beast? She'd heard of bestiality and knew it wasn't condoned, but the thought of fucking her dog started to really pique her interest. Mila looked up some information online, teaching herself about dog sex and watching some hot videos of dogs fucking dogs and dogs fucking women. She learned about the knot and how it was designed to grow once inside a bitch to seal sperm up inside her.

Soon Mila was masturbating with thoughts of fucking her dog on her mind. One evening after work, when she noticed Boomer getting excited, she got down on the living room floor on her hands and knees and called him over to her. This time when Boomer jumped up on her back and started humping at her she didn't push him away. She had jeans on, so she knew there was no danger of the animal penetrating her.

Boomer draped himself over her back and she immediately felt the dog thrusting at her thighs. His hips pounded against her ass as he wrapped his front legs around her waist tightly, claws digging into her sweatshirt. She heard his panting in her ear as he pounded fruitlessly. After she let him hump her for a few minutes, she struggled to her feet, with Boomer still clutching at her waist and humping as she stood up. Mila pushed him off her and went to her bedroom to furiously masturbate herself to the thought of getting fucked by her dog.

Mila began to let the dog hump her more often, and soon he was humping her as often as he was humping his stuffed pony. Sometimes she'd wear a dress and cotton panties and let the dog get on her back to hump her, feeling his sheath and prickhead rub against her moist panty-covered slit. She grew to enjoy the feeling of his weight on her back. Sometimes when she'd push him off her she could see his pink meat dangling from the sheath. Poor fella -- he wanted a bitch hole so bad!

Then, one night, as she was masturbating furiously in her room while Boomer watched, she called him up in between her legs. Her pussy was exposed and leaking her juices after she made herself cum several times. She held her legs wide open, dipping her fingers inside herself after removing the huge purple dildo she'd been fucking herself with. Mila took her cunt-juice coated fingers and tweaked her nipples, moaning as Boomer panted in between her legs.

She inserted her fingers back into her oozing cunt and scooped up some of her pussy juices to rub in the dog's face. Boomer sniffed deeply at her fingers and tentatively began to lick them. Mila moved her fingers closer and closer to her cunt as the dog kept licking. Soon she was nearly touching her cunt and the dog was still licking.

Mila took a deep breath as she took her hand away. Boomer's snout was less than a half inch away from her mound, and his warm breath and cool nose so close to her cunt meat made her shiver. She reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart, encouraging the dog to keep licking.

Her cries suddenly filled the room as Boomer licked his tongue along her entire slit in one quick slurp. The one lick had her hooked! He so efficiently coated her entire cunt with his saliva. She rubbed her clit while holding her cuntlips apart for the dog and he licked out at her again, this time licking near her asshole. Mila squealed, never ever having her ass licked!

Boomer began licking into her cunthole, making her moan loudly as she kept herself spread wide open. Mila was so aroused, her cunt so engorged that it was swollen and pink. The room soon filled with the slurping sounds of her pussy getting eaten out by the large mutt. Her large, soft breasts rose and fell with her shuddering breaths. Minutes later she could feel her orgasm about to explode through her body -- it was stirring in her every vein, every blood cell, every limb and muscle!

She screamed as her climax broke through her body, unfortunately startling the dog. As the orgasm surged within her, Boomer pulled his snout out of her crotch and Mila shoved her big purple dildo back into her hole as the orgasm still tingled in her body. She was moaning loudly and cumming again in moments.

After Mila regained composure, she was sure to give Boomer a treat for making her cum with his tongue. She was thinking more and more about fucking him as days went by. It'd been over a year since she'd had a living cock in her hole, and she needed one badly. She was nervous about fucking Boomer, though -- he was her pet, after all! Part of her felt she'd be degraded by the experience, but then again, who would ever know about it aside from her? It's not like the dog could brag about it or anything...

Mila trained the dog to eat her pussy well. She'd soon come home after work and have the dog regularly lick her to orgasm after she tired of using her dildo and vibrator. Boomer would get excited and hump her legs, and sometimes she'd bend over and let him hump her from behind. She could feel his prick stirring, but it never came completely out, nor did it ever reach into her slit. It rubbed up against her panties, but that's as close as she'd let Boomer's cock go thus far.

She was nervous about fucking him and taking the knot, fearing it'd destroy her pussy. And she didn't want to get hurt -- Boomer weighed nearly as much as she did! So she continued to let the dog lick her and hump her without penetration until one day when she wanted to take things further.

Mila had been relaxing by the TV watching porn and rubbing Boomer's belly, her hand very close to his sheath. It seemed their relationship had been improving since they'd begun their intimate activities. She was sitting on the couch naked, watching a schoolgirl getting fucked by her teacher in the porno, feeling her own pussy juices leaking out of her hole and down her asscrack.

Her eyes still on the TV, Mila began rubbing Boomer's sheath, coaxing his prick to come out. He began humping her hand and she closed her fingers around the prick meat that started to dance out, encouraging more of it to come out. She continued to rub him and coo at him, his dick extending another inch. He was soon humping her hand excitedly while she kept her fingers wrapped around his prick.

Mila wanted him to fuck her hand so she could see how long his prick would get. The dog was breathing harder as he thrust into her palm, her fingers secure around the dog meat. Mila felt the prick growing, it was a couple fingers thick and now at least 5" long. The bulbous knot at the end of it was growing. She let go of the prick and the dog continued fucking the air.

She laughed at the sad sight, patting the poor creature on the head. It looked like he wanted to sperm so bad up in a womb! Boomer continued humping at nothing, thrusting his haunches, making the pink prick shake and dance while his nuts jiggled. Mila began fingering her cunt while staring at the beast's shining cock. She closed her eyes, imagining herself getting fucked hard by the dog as she rapidly fingered her pussy to an orgasm.

Her climax exploded through her and she moaned a long moan of pleasure as her body convulsed. She opened her eyes to see Boomer looking at her, his cock deflating. Mila was breathless as her orgasm subsided, her pink nipples rock hard. She knew soon she'd be ready to take the dog cock!

The next day, after making herself cum several times and having Boomer eat her to orgasm twice, Mila was ready to fuck the dog. Completely naked, she spread a towel on the living room floor and got down on her hands and knees, coaxing the dog up onto her back. Boomer, the horny dog, instantly jumped up on her back and began thrusting at her asscheek. His forepaws wrapped around her abdomen tightly and he began pressing his hips tightly to her ass.

Unfortunately he wasn't getting into her hole. The excited beast humped at her ass, her thighs, her back, but not in her pussyhole. He almost fucked her asshole, alarming her. Disappointed, Mila got up off the floor and Boomer went over to hump his stuffed pony.

She made two more attempts with the same result -- he humped near her genitals but didn't get inside her. Mila was beginning to feel discouraged. At least Boomer had become an excellent cunt-eater, she thought to herself. But she desperately wanted him to fuck her!

Part 2 - Mila and Scott

A couple weeks after Mila had pretty much given up on fucking Boomer, she was letting him run around outside in the fenced-in yard she shared with her duplex neighbor when he suddenly arrived home from taking his own dog around the block for a walk. He popped in the back gate with his female dog pulling hard on her leash, excited to see Boomer.

Boomer, also excited to see the neighbor dog, pulled hard on the leash, dragging Mila towards the other dog. She tried to control him, but he was so strong and she so petite. The neighbor, Scott, was very friendly and they'd spoken a few times in passing. He had a medium sized dog, and Boomer immediately started trying to hump it while Scott tried to control his own dog.

Mila pulled hard on Boomer's leash but he was already mounting Scott's dog. Boomer forcefully pushed Scott's dog around, making Scott lose control of his dog's leash. The dogs broke free and started chasing each other around the yard. Scott brushed himself off and smiled at Mila. He'd always thought she was attractive but was too shy to tell her so. Almost every night he could hear her moaning through their shared wall. He began fantasizing about making her moan like that, wishing he could be the one forcing her to cum instead of whoever it was she was fucking.

While the dogs played around in the yard, Mila and Scott began to talk. They'd never really had a good conversation, as both were fairly shy. Soon they learned where each other worked, where each had gone to school, and that both of them were single. Their conversation was smooth and easy, neither paying attention to their dogs.

Scott's mind raced. If she was single, was she over there fucking herself, making herself cum every night? He'd listen to her, ear nearly pressed to the wall, as she climaxed over and over again, but hadn't heard a guy over there... Scott looked over at her dog and wondered. Surely she wasn't fucking the dog?

Scott had his own secrets. He'd tried fucking his own female dog twice, each time penetrating her hole a few inches but pulling out for fear of hurting her. The thought of bestiality was hot to him. Women with horses, men fucking dogs and cows, women with snakes in their cunts...

There was a pause in their conversation as they began staring into each others' eyes. Mila was thinking how attractive Scott was for an older guy. He had dirty blond hair, nearly light brown, with light blue eyes. His body was fit, chiseled from years working in the construction industry; he was now a construction site supervisor. His face was tan from being outside all day. She noticed some crow's feet around his eyes but thought that they really just complemented his face, giving him a sophisticated older-man looking charm. He was at least 15 years older than her, she estimated. Her eyes kept wandering down to the crotch of his pants where she could swear she saw a bulge forming as his eyes roved over her shapely body.

Both of them finally turned their attention away from each other and to the dogs, realizing that Boomer was now mating with Scott's dog, Sprinkles. Boomer's prick was inside the bitch, fucking her fast and hard, his knot about to seal her up as his sperm flooded up in her hole. Mila and Scott froze, staring at the mating animals.

Boomer fucked Sprinkles with wild abandon, finally getting a bitch hole for his prick! He finally went still and they could tell he was knotting her and releasing his semen into her womb. Sprinkles was being held tightly as her hole was inundated with Boomer's sperm.

"Oh my, Scott, I am so sorry... I guess I will have to help you find homes for the puppies!" exclaimed Mila.

Scott was silent. His eyes were on the rutting beasts. He'd always been fascinated with by dog sex, the thought of a bitch getting knotted, forced to take the sperm into her womb to fertilize her eggs. Scott first started looking at bestiality porn when he was a teenager, becoming infatuated after a trip to Mexico with his buddies and subsequent donkey show that had been imprinted on his mind ever since.

His cock began growing in his jeans between the sight of his sexy young neighbor and the fucking animals. Boomer's balls swung at his bitch as we went still inside of her. Some cum started dripping out of Sprinkle's stuffed hole and that made Scott's cock fully erect in his jeans.

Mila turned back to Scott and her eyes immediately went to his crotch. She licked her lips -- his bulge looked huge! And frankly she'd gotten incredibly turned on by the sight of the dogs mating. Her pussy juices were leaking out of her cunt, making her panties wet under her dress.

Scott started turning red as he realized Mila was staring at his hard bulge. Her mouth hung open slightly, her eyes glued to his throbbing package. Mila's heart beat hard. She looked over at the knotted dogs, her pussy tingling. Boomer suddenly stepped over his bitch, now ass to ass with her in the yard. Both animals panted hard.

Mila gathered her courage and stepped close to Scott. She lightly grasped his bulge as she tilted her head to kiss him. Scott had to try hard not to bust a nut in his pants as the sexy blond grabbed his throbbing meat and pressed her thick, soft lips to his. It seemed she was turned on by the dog sex, too! He began feeling the curves of her body as they embraced, passionately kissing. It had been a long time since Scott had been with a woman. His divorce was years ago, and he hadn't been with anyone else since -- well, except his dog and a blow-up doll he had!

Scott cupped Mila's firm asscheeks under her dress, his cock aching to be free. She grinded her crotch against his throbbing bulge, making him moan in her mouth as they kissed. He reached under her dress and felt her wet panties, slipping his finger inside of them, making Mila moan softly as his fingers became coated with her juices.

"Mila, do you get turned on by dogs, too?" Scott asked breathlessly.

"Wh-what do you mean, Scott?" said Mila coyly.

"Mila, I don't want to lie -- I think it's hot watching our dogs fuck!" Scott said. Mila was surprised. She didn't really know what to say, but her mind and heart were racing. It suddenly occurred to her that Scott could lend a hand to help her fuck her dog. Since he'd already brought up the subject of dog sex, she brought up bestiality.

"Yes, yes, Scott, I do think it's hot watching the dogs fuck. My pussy is pretty wet. I haven't told anyone this, but I get turned on watching my dog hump things in my apartment... including me!" she finally said.

"Really! You?" said Scott, extremely interested. His hard meat twitched with her revelation. Mila was encouraged by his reaction.

"Well, he's just humped me and licked me out. We haven't fucked. I haven't been able to get him to fuck me successfully," said Mila, sounding somewhat disappointed, her eyes again on the knotted dogs. "I've tried, he can't get into my hole..."

Scott's cock was pulsing, it was so hard, ready to explode sperm soon. Hearing Mila admit that she'd tried to fuck the dog pushed him closer to the edge of orgasm. Still holding her, he kissed her hard and then pulled away from her, unzipping his pants.

"My cock is so hard, Mila, I'm about to cum in my pants," Scott said. "You are so sexy, it is so hot to hear you say you want to fuck your dog. I will help you whenever you need me to, I'd love to see you getting fucked by a dog," he said as he pulled his meat free and stroked his hard 8" cock.

Mila's eyes immediately went down to his exposed cock flesh, admiring the steel hard shaft and shiny purple cockhead. It was much longer than both her ex-boyfriends'! Scott was so hard that the veins were bulging fiercely in his shaft. She swallowed hard as Scott pumped his hard prick, staring deep into her eyes.

"It's been so long since I've been with a guy..." Mila said softly, eyeing Scott's hard meat. "Over a year now. And we hardly fucked anyway. And I only had one guy before him, back in high school. I didn't have much sex with him, either..."

"How old are you, Mila?"

"I'll be 22 in November," she replied.

She was so young and tender, Scott thought to himself. He had recently turned 40, and had thought his neighbor was attractive, yet figured she wouldn't be interested in a guy his age. He'd seen her young boyfriend who had moved in with her, looking like a kid. Scott figured they split and he left Mila with the apartment and bills when he stopped seeing the boyfriend around.

"It's been a long time since I've been with a woman, Mila. I'm about to cum soon, you are making my dick ache to explode! I'm sorry, but you are just so beautiful!" Scott said.

Mila wanted to make Scott cum. She was intrigued by him and his hard dick, and aroused after watching the dogs mating. It had been so long since she'd played with a human cock. Scott groaned, grasping his dick, as Mila pulled her dress up over her head. Her panties were black cotton, and her bra was black to match. He watched, face flushed, as she unclasped her bra. Her perfect 36D tits were suddenly exposed out in their mutual fenced-in backyard.

Scott's pulse raced -- it'd been years since he'd seen real live woman tits! He took his hand off his cock so as not to orgasm at the sight of her ample breasts. Mila was beautiful, petite, busty, thick red lips, blond, shy... her glasses gave her a kind of sexy, geeky look. Her belly wasn't perfectly flat but she was by no means fat, with thick hips and ass he wanted to grab badly.

He proceeded to grab her ass with his hands as he bent his head to suckle her soft tits and big, hard nipples. She moaned as his tongue flicked over her sensitive nubs, goosebumps breaking out all over her skin. His mouth felt good as he kissed her breasts and neck while rubbing his finger along her wet slit after his hand slipped into her moist panties.

Mila rubbed her tits in his face as he kissed and squeezed them. She glanced over at the dogs, still stuck together in the yard. A low moan escaped her thick lips. Scott kissed a trail down her belly, making the hairs on her arm stand on end. She could feel her pussy juice leaking out into the crotch of her panties as she stood nearly nude in the yard.

She gasped as she felt Scott tug at her panties, about to pull them down to expose her sex to the outside world! He kissed below her belly button, hands on the sides of her panties gently pulling them down as he continued kissing lower and lower.

The top of Mila's soft, shaved mound was suddenly exposed and Scott planted soft kisses upon it as the panties slid further down. Her pussy slit was nearly exposed now. He looked up at her with a heated gaze as he continued kissing her mound, tugging the panties down further. She gasped as her pussy slit was suddenly exposed and his his face.

Scott took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her aroused pussy. He could smell her pussy juice, feel it in the wet crotch of her black panties. Still looking up at her, he kissed her slit and flicked his tongue out to lick up and down it, her panties now around her thighs.

Mila sighed at the sensation of his mouth on her cunt. She'd never had a guy go down on her before. Only the dog had ever eaten her out. Her legs were shaking as she stood -- she needed to somehow brace herself.

Scott could feel her trembling. He wanted to get the panties completely off and devour her cunt. Looking around, he decided to carry her to their mutual picnic table so he could lay her down on it and eat her sweet, young pussy. He spread her dress down on the table before picking her up and laying her down on it, spreading her legs wide open.

"Scott... I've never had a guy eat my pussy before!" Mila exclaimed. Scott was surprised. Nobody had ever devoured this succulent cunt before him? It was even more thrilling.

Her crotch in Scott's face as she laid on the picnic table, Mila looked over her shoulder to see the dogs still tied together in the yard, struggling to break free. She turned her eyes back to Scott, his head between her legs, his mouth inches from her hot, wet cunt. He was staring up at her as he held her thighs far apart and planted a juicy kiss on her cunt.

She jumped at the feeling of his mouth on her wet slit, her cuntlips parted slightly. Her head fell back on the table as Scott french-kissed her cunt, licking her slit from clit nearly to asshole. Mila moaned and wriggled on the table as Scott started flicking her clit with his tongue while looking up at her. His hard prick bobbed against his leg as he bent down to hungrily eat Mila's cunt. It'd been too many years since he last tasted pussy!

He pulled her cuntlips apart to slip his tongue inside her sweet hole, savoring her womanly scents and juices. Pre-cum dribbled from his aching prick. His cockhead was purple, his member was so engorged. Scott focused all his attention on licking and sucking Mila's cunt, running his tongue along every nook, cranny, and fold.

Mila was in ecstasy as Scott's tongue delved inside her slit. He was lapping up her cunt juices while his fingers pried her pussy wide open for his mouth, making her moan louder. She was trying not to moan too loud, afraid other neighbors might hear and see her sprawled nude on the picnic table getting her cunt devoured. Her head was swimming from the pleasure, the feeling of ecstatic delirium overcoming her.

Scott began to rub his fingers over clit while licking into her hole. He then switched his fingers to her hole and his tongue onto her clit, licking and sucking her hard clitoral nub while finger fucking her. His digits fucked her slowly at first, then built up a more rapid pace while his tongue flicked all over her clit.

He alternated between licking and sucking her clit, sometimes squeezing it gently in his fingers. She tasted amazing! It had been so long since he'd eaten a pussy, he wanted to taste all of it! Mila seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it, he thought. He wondered if she'd let him fuck her? Oh, how he'd love to fuck the hell out of her right now!

Scott stared up at her heaving breasts as he swirled his tongue around her clit and finger fucked her hole. Mila was cupping her large tits and breathing heavy while moaning softly, trying hard not to moan too loud while outside. She could feel an orgasm building up inside of her with Scott's attention on her clit and his manual penetration of her hole.

"Yes, Scott, you're gonna make me cum!" Mila said in a low, breathy voice. "Yes, oh my God, oh my, oh shit, yes, yes, ohhh you eat me so good! Oh yes, yes, fuck!"

Her moans got louder as her climax surged through her petite body, making her legs shake hard. Scott kept eating her steady while she came in his face, her cunt juices leaking out around his fingers and tongue. Mila was writhing on the table, tweaking her nipples, moaning and mumbling as her orgasm ran from her head to her toes and back again.

As she came down from her climax she had to close her legs to keep Scott from eating her cunt any further as she was so hyper-stimulated. He smiled up at her as she tried to collect her breath.

"Mila," said Scott, taking his hard cock in his hand once again. "I would love to put my cock inside of you..."

"Yes, yes, Scott," she said breathlessly as she lay sprawled on the picnic table. The dogs had broke free of each other and were playing in the yard now. She was staring up at Scott, holding her thighs wide open for him. She hadn't felt a man inside of her in so long...

Scott unbuttoned his blue shirt and kicked his jeans completely off, naked with Mila in the yard. His abs were defined from his years of hard work. There was a soft, fine coating of blond hair on his tanned chest. Mila admired his naked body -- he was so much manlier than the other men she'd been with!

She gasped as she felt his prick at the entrance to her hole. Scott took a deep breath, hoping not to spill his seed as soon as he entered her. He raised his purple cockhead to her slit, pushing it gently beyond her cuntlips.

Scott shuddered as he felt the warmth of her hole around his cockhead. Her pussy was starting to swallow his meat. Before he penetrated her any further, he bent down and started kissing her passionately. Mila's heart pounded. She was about to fuck the neighbor! The thought hadn't crossed her mind before -- until they both got turned on watching the dogs fuck!

He kissed her neck as her tight pussy held his prickhead securely. His nuts jiggled as he forced more of his cock into her hole. Mila's heart skipped a beat as she felt the prick sink deeper into her orifice. To Scott, Mila's pussy felt lined with velvet, each fold in her cunt like the folds of a velvety curtain. Mila could feel the bulging veins in his steel hard shaft as he entered her deeper.

Scott's body pressed closer to hers as more of his prick sank into her hole. He was straddling her on the picnic table, his knees pressed painfully into the wood, but he couldn't care less as the feeling of her cunt around his cock was so exquisite. His meat was half way inside of her as he bent down to tongue her nipples, flicking them and sucking them.

Mila held her arms tight around Scott as his cock buried itself farther into her hole. Her fingernails were starting to leave trails down his back but he didn't notice. She moaned while his prick pushed itself inside of her, as far inside as it could go, his balls smashed against her stuffed wet gash.

Scott gasped at the feeling of her tight hole. Her pussy felt like a glove around his raging meat. Once fully inside of her, he stayed still a moment to savor the feeling of her snug cunt. He was inside of her so deep, his cockhead reaching into her cervix. She wrapped her legs tightly around his back as his cock nestled into her womb. They kissed passionately while his prick stayed stationary within her depths.

It was Mila then that gasped as Scott began thrusting slowly, pulling his cock from its place deep in her hole until his cockhead was nearly freed, then thrusting deep into her again. She moaned into Scott's mouth as he maintained a slow, steady pace fucking deep into her pussy while they kissed. He noticed absentmindedly Boomer was humping Sprinkles again in the yard.

"Man, that is one horny dog you got there," Scott chuckled while fucking Mila.

"Yeahhhhh, ugh, ohhh, uh, yeahhh, I can't wait for you to help me fuck him!" she replied, out of breath.

"Fuck, you are so hot!" Scott cried as he picked up his pace pounding her pussy. He knew he was going to cum soon, he had to, his balls were starting to hurt. The thought of seeing Mila knotted to a dog ran through his mind and he shuddered while his cock pounded her pussy. He knew it would be a glorious experience when it came to fruition. He stared at Boomer, who was now wrapped tightly against Sprinkles as he thrust his prick again into her vulnerable womb.

Boomer began fucking Sprinkles like a jackhammer, forcing her all around the yard. Scott picked up his pace to match the rutting dog's, ready to unload his own seed into a womb. He focused on Mila below him, her big tits bouncing as his cock thrust in and out of her tight cunt. His nuts slapped against her fleshy arse and her pussy squelched around his hard meat. She was biting his chest as he pounded her, muffling her moans against his muscular flesh.

His cock penetrated deep into her hole while he forced her legs high up against his chest. He sucked on her toes while his cock buried itself into her hole, making her squirm. Scott began fucking her with just the head of his cock, and they both moaned together. He plunged further into her hole, his eyes again on the mating dogs. Boomer was giving it to Sprinkles with all his might and she was taking it like a bitch. Scott turned his eyes back to Mila, again passionately kissing her, feeling his nuts tighten.

"Mila, I'm gonna cum, can I cum inside you?" he asked breathlessly.

She nodded, knowing very well that she wasn't on birth control -- she was caught in the heat of the moment, and she didn't care! Every time she'd fucked her other boyfriends, she'd made them pull out and cum on her stomach since they didn't use protection. As Scott prepared to cum in her cunt, she knew she could get knocked up but she didn't care.

Scott groaned, his cock solid as steel and buried deep and tight in Mila's pussy. His cockhead reached into her womb, ready to unload seed inside her. She moaned, his body weighing her down hard on the table. He looked up at the dogs, now still and once again knotted together. Scott gulped as he pounded deep into Mila, seeing Boomer's sperm dripping from his bitch's cunt down to the ground.

Mila could feel Scott's cock pulse inside of her as he began unloading his semen into her unprotected womb. He held her tightly around the waist as he stayed still, the dick planted in her cunt pulsating as the jets of spurt erupted from his prickhead. Mila moaned as she felt the liquid spurt out of Scott's cock and deep into her hole. She knew she could be getting pregnant at that very moment, but she didn't care -- his cock felt far too good in her cunt for her to really care about the consequences. She'd deal with them after.

Scott gasped as his seed flooded Mila's cunt. He bent down to kiss her hard on the mouth as his cock twitched within her velvety depths. They moaned in each others' mouths, pressed close to each other. Scott's back was covered in scratches from Mila's long pink fingernails, but he could care less.

He looked into her hazel eyes as she stared up at him, his prick still in her womb. They were both breathing hard as Scott pulled himself off of her. Mila moaned as Scott's cock was pulled from her tight hole, his 8" cock slick with her juices, his cockhead coated with sperm and bubbling one last bubble of cum.

She laid still on the table a moment to catch her breath. Scott stood in front of her, then bent down to kiss her freshly fucked twat. She moaned with his hot mouth on her sensitive cunt. Scott could tell she was still aroused and began tonguing her clit while inserting his fingers into her cum soaked hole.

His fingers delved into her dark depths, forcing his cum to ooze out of her hole. He eagerly licked the combined juices of his cock and her pussy, his fingers steadily penetrating her. She looked behind her at the knotted dogs, imagining getting tied, knowing Scott would help her become a bitch.

Scott stared up at her as he sucked her clit, fingering her hard. Mila's tits jiggled as she writhed and moaned, another orgasm about to explode through her body. His fingers pushed deeper into her as his clit rapidly flicked around her clit.

"Yeah, yeah, Scott, you're gonna make me cum again!" she moaned, pulling on her nipples. He kept his fast fingering pace and pressed his tongue hard against her clit, coating her with saliva. Mila writhed on the table, a long moan escaping her lips as her orgasm exploded through her body. She was unknowingly grinding her pussy into Scott's face. He loved the smell of her fresh fucked cunt as it was orgasming in his face.

He wanted to make her cum with his cock, and looked forward to doing so in the near future. She seemed sexually inexperienced with men from what she'd told him thus far. Scott's mind was racing -- he was now determined to turn Mila into a slut for all kinds of cocks -- dog, human, hopefully even horse!

Part 3 - Mila, Scott, and the dog

Mila and Scott arranged a proper date at a restaurant for the upcoming weekend, which went pretty well. Since they lived next to each other, of course they went home together. Mila had been having Boomer lick her cunt to orgasm several times a night each night the entire week, knowing soon Scott would help her get dog fucked! She'd badly been craving it, and Scott, too! He was so sexy, so manly!

After their dinner, she invited Scott inside. They were barely in the door when they began kissing passionately. Mila was wearing a tight, low-cut black dress, and her cleavage had been teasing him all evening. Scott kissed her neck down to her exposed chest, finally nuzzling his face in her cleavage. He began unbuttoning his shirt, exposing his firm chest.

They were in the living room, and there was Boomer, panting as he watched them making out. He jumped up at them but they pushed him away, too busy exploring each others' bodies. Boomer went to his stuffed pony in the corner, mounting it and humping it. Mila and Scott laughed at the sight.

"Mila," Scott said, serious now, "Are you ready to fuck the dog? I've been jerking off every night to the thought of your knotted cunt, I can't wait to see it..." Her smile faded. She looked at poor Boomer, manically pounding his stuffed animal.

"Yes," she nodded. "But first I want you to fuck me till I cum!"

"My pleasure!" Scott laughed, determined to make her cum on his cock. "I'm gonna run over to my house real quick and get us some champagne!"

When he came back a few minutes later he was carrying not only champagne but some unmarked DVDs. Mila raised an eyebrow. Scott popped one of the DVDs in and turned the TV on. Boomer was still fruitlessly humping his stuffed animal in the corner.

Mila's eyes turned to her large living room TV as the screen was filled with a woman's pussy, knotted to a huge dog! The unseen woman's cunt was stuffed with dog meat, some cum oozing out of her inundated hole. She was screaming like a banshee as the animal, a Great Dane, struggled to pull out of her. When it finally did, the cock that tore out of her hole was at least 10" long, with a grapefruit sized knot. Screams from the dog sex film filled the house.

It was a bestiality compilation video. The next scene cut to a woman getting nailed like a jackhammer, forced around the bedroom floor on her hands and knees as a large pitbull looking dog fucked her hard. Mila's pussy wettened fast. Her eyes really widened at the next scene of a girl putting a horsecock into her cunt. The girl jacked the horse off into her cunt until thick white sperm erupted from the enormous prick, overflowing the human pussy it was cumming inside of.

Scott could see she was interested and grew excited. He sat her down on the couch directly in front of the TV and pushed her dress up. She had no panties on, and he licked his lips at the sight of her aroused pink cunt. Her cuntlips were swollen and slick with her arousal. He forced her legs wide open, his head inches from her wet cunt. Her eyes were glued to the TV, showing a girl now getting knotted up the ass by a huge German Shepherd.

Mila gasped when she felt Scott's tongue on her clit, flicking her sensitive nub. He french-kissed up and down her entire cunt, making her moan. The video showed the German Shepherd staying still over his bitch, his knot lodged in her bowels. Some sperm leaked out from her sealed asshole, dripping down her thighs.

Scott inserted his fingers into Mila's cuntlips, feeling her juices cover his fingers. He lapped her cunt eagerly, probing his fingers further into her deep hole. She moaned, pulling on her nipples, the next scene showing a woman in black thigh-high pantyhose getting fucked hard by what looked to be a Golden Retriever. The woman was on her hands and knees while getting pounded. Her cries filled the room, mixing with Mila's as Scott ate her cunt.

Mila's cunt was stuffed with Scott's fingers, his mouth covering her cunt. He penetrated her deeper while sucking hard on her clit, making Mila moan even louder. Her eyes were on the woman getting penetrated by the big dog, the animal pounding the woman mercilessly as she screamed about how the cock was growing larger and knotting her.

As the woman in the video screamed out that the dog was sperming inside of her, flooding her womb, Mila was cumming in Scott's mouth. She moaned that she was cumming, her cunt grinding into Scott's mouth. He didn't let up his pace as he thrust his fingers in and out of her cunt, hoping soon to replace them with his cock. His meat was straining for freedom from his pants.

After Mila's orgasm subsided, he stood up and started stripping his clothes off. Mila watched as his large cock sprang free from his boxers, so erect that it pointed upwards. The tip of it a reddish purple color, his shaft covered with throbbing purple veins. His balls were large and coated with soft hair.

Mila was ready for Scott to fuck her. She stared up at him, the TV behind him showing the girl still knotted to the Golden Retriever, now being dragged around by it. Scott pulled Mila to her feet and turned her so that she was facing the TV and away from him. He then sat down on the couch, his hard prick in hand, and pulled Mila to him. He pressed his cock to the entrance to her pussy as she faced away from him, towards the TV, and pulled her on top of his lap, his cock sinking into her cunt.

Scott proceeded to bounce Mila up and down in his lap, pausing a moment to pull her dress over her head and take her bra off. He held her close to him as she faced away from him, infatuated by the beast porn in front of her. Mila moaned as Scott's prick buried itself up into her cunt. She bounced up and down on him while she watched the movie, sometimes rubbing her clit while Scott fucked her from behind. The couch was squeaking as they fucked hard on it.

Boomer had stopped humping his toy and was watching Mila bounce up and down on Scott's prick. Scott noticed the dog watching and pulled Mila close to him, having her nearly lay on top of him. He had her hold her legs open wide while he continued fucking her cunt. Then he called Boomer over.

"Make him lick your cunt while my cock is inside you, Mila," said Scott. He held still inside of Mila's pussy while she spread her legs wide and held her cuntlips open, his cock sinking into her further. She'd trained the dog well to eat her cunt, and soon had the animal licking her clit while Scott was stuffed in her hole. Scott stayed still inside her and she writhed on his pole, feeling an orgasm stirring inside her as her dog licked at her filled hole and sensitive clitty.

"Yeah, Mila, think about how you're gonna have that dog's cock stuffed up in your cunt soon! Oh, fuck, you're gonna love it!" said Scott through gritted teeth. Boomer continued licking at Mila's clit while Scott penetrated her hole. She was moaning loud, the video showing a girl being knotted and dragged around outside by a large mutt that almost looked like Boomer.

Mila was moaning louder as her orgasm neared. Before she could cum though, Boomer walked away. Scott continued jamming his prick up into her and reached around to finger her cunt rapidly while fucking her. Mila watched as the petite girl on the screen was dragged around the yard while knotted to the powerful dog.

Scott wrapped his arms around Mila and helped her to her feet while still inside her hole. He bent her over to fuck her hard from behind while they stood up, both watching the movie. Her tits swung below her as Scott pounded her fast and hard. The sound of his balls slapping her ass filled the room. The video cut to another scene of a girl getting eaten out by big mutt. Scott's fingers strummed Mila's clit as he pounded her from behind.

Mila, who almost orgasmed when Boomer was licking her, felt her orgasm building up again as Scott penetrated her from behind. He held his hand over her stuffed mound as he gave her his all, his fingers pressing against her clitty. She loved the feeling of his big nuts slapping her asscheeks. Even though she knew her womb was unprotected, she was again looking forward to Scott sperming up inside of her.

Mila grinded her ass back at Scott as her orgasm built up, forcing his prick deeper inside her hole. He loved the feeling of her tight cunt around his cock. She was moaning loudly as he fucked her hard. The video now showed a girl with a large snake wrapped around her body. Mila pulled her nipples hard while getting pounded from behind, her eyes on the video, mouth hanging open.

Her orgasm exploded through her body and she let out a long wail, filling the house. Scott didn't let up his pace as he pounded her hole mercilessly, loving the feeling of her pussy convulsing around his cock. She was as tight as a kid!

Mila yelled out that she was cumming and Scott smiled, knowing next she'd get to fuck the dog. The thought of Mila fucking the dog, and feeling her pussy spasming around his hard meat, and knowing that he'd made her cum was about to make Scott bust a nut up in her womb once more. He had loved the feeling of unloading his sperm in the tight younger woman's womb the other day and was about to imminently sperm up inside her again.

Mila was shaking, her limbs aching from cumming, when she suddenly collapsed to the floor, bringing Scott with her. After he made sure she was okay he continued fucking her hard from behind while she was on her hands and knees on the floor. He was on the brink of orgasm, his nuts tightening, the sounds of Mila's squelching pussy filling his ears.

Scott groaned as his cock throbbed, spurts of his cum erupting from his prickhead. Mila squealed underneath him as she felt her womb flooded with cum once more. She liked the feeling of cum in her pussy, and looked forward to feeling Boomer's cum in her womb soon! Scott's meat pulsed within her, unloading semen deep into Mila's hole. He grunted as he filled her with his seed.

They cracked open the champagne after that, with cum running down Mila's sexy naked thighs. The dog sex compilation video continued on the large TV, capturing Mila's attention. Mila knew she'd soon be getting dog-fucked, and it excited her tremendously!

Scott got everything prepared: A soft blanket for the living room floor, a buttplug for Mila's ass so the dog wouldn't get the wrong hole, and socks for the dog's front paws so he wouldn't scratch his petite human bitch.

A few champagne toasts later and Mila was again on top of Scott, now riding his cock as he fucked her pussy on the couch. This time, the buttplug was inserted into her asshole before Scott started fucking her. He loved the tight plug in her asshole, making her cunt feel even tighter around his cock. Scott didn't last long that time, unloading his sperm into her cunt after a few minutes in her hole. Mila didn't care -- she was ready for the dog!

When she climbed off Scott's cock, she stumbled to the floor and got on all fours like a doggy bitch, waving her plugged ass in the air. Some of Scott's sperm leaked from Mila's hole. Scott licked his lips, his prick still oozing a little cum. He called Boomer over and placed the socks on the dog before commanding him to jump up on Mila's back.

Boomer, always eager to hump, quickly obliged. He draped his large furry body over Mila's back, already starting to hump at her asscheeks. She groaned under the weight, looking up at the dog sex video on TV where another German Shepherd was fucking a girl hard while she wailed, her cunt getting filled with the knot.

Mila's heart beat hard -- she knew Scott would help guide Boomer's prick to her waiting hole! She was about to get nailed, to get fucked like an animal! Fucked like a bitch! Her tits swung as the dog humped away at her asscheek, getting closer to her asscrack.

"Come on, boy, fuck me like a doggie bitch slut!" exclaimed Mila, grinding her ass back at the humping dog. Boomer's nuts swayed as he humped at Mila's backside, seeking her hole.

Scott pressed the dog's hips against Mila's ass, grinding the animals sheath along Mila's wet gash from behind. Mila moaned as she felt the dog close to her pussyhole. Boomer was panting already. His forepaws were wrapped tightly around her waist as he bucked his hips again and again. The German Shepherd on the screen was jamming his rod into his human bitch as hard and fast as a jackhammer. Mila watched as the woman's cunt became full of dog meat, hearing the woman's cries that the knot was swelling in her cunt.

"Get ready Mila, he's really excited..." said Scott. "He's ready to make you his bitch! I hope you're ready, he is!"

Mila gasped as she felt the tip of Boomer's prick escape his sheath and poke at her slit. Scott guided the animal into her cunt, pressing the dog's hips against her ass, encouraging it to fuck her hard. Scott's cock was rock hard again at the sight of the animal mounted over the sexy blond.

Boomer's prickhead slid along her wet gash towards the entrance of her womb. His cock grew longer as it detected a bitch hole, and he struggled to force himself deeper into her. She groaned as the cockhead parted her pussylips, beginning to enter her cunt. Once the dog felt the warmth of Mila's hole around his prickhead, natural instinct took over and he slammed himself against her. Mila shrieked as Boomer began humping her hard once he felt himself in her hole.

The weight of the dog and his manic humping was pressing the buttplug deeper into her guts, and she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of it more as her pussy was stimulated. Her guts felt full as her pussy was being penetrated and her ass plugged up. The dog's hard prick squelched obscenely in Mila's hole, making Scott shudder with excitement.

The dog's cock grew longer once inside her, extended now several inches from his sheath. Her cries filled the room as the animal began mercilessly pounding her, pushing her immediately off the blanket and starting to drag her around the living room with his powerful thrusts.

Scott jerked his cock to the sight. He had always fantasized about seeing a woman stuffed full of dog cock in real life, but had only ever seen such things in videos and online. Mila was so petite, the dog so big, covering her whole back as it pounded her hard. She was getting pushed around the living room on her hands and knees while moaning deliriously. Some pre-cum dribbled from Scott's hard cock as he watched the hot beast sex.

The sounds of the dog cock squelching around in Mila's cunt and her breasts slapping around now filled the room while she was fucked hard. Her tits bounced with the powerful thrusts. As she was getting hammered, Mila wailed and screamed like an animal. Scott called out to ask if she was okay as she was getting pounded on her hands and knees.

"Fuck, his cock's getting so big up in my cunt! Ohhhhh yeah, yeah doggy, that's what I been wanting, yeah baby, fuck meeee!!! Yeah, do me, make me your bitch slut!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhh!!!!!" cried Mila. Scott's cock was hard as a rock as he watched the sexy obscene sight and heard the lewd squelching sound of dog meat in woman cunt.

Boomer still kept up his manic pace, fucking Mila like a sex machine, pushing her around the room. Mila moaned loudly. Now neither of them were paying any mind to the dog sex video with the real life bestiality going on. Boomer's cock was filling Mila's cunt and the buttplug in her ass made the dog cock feel even tighter up in her pussyhole. She continued screaming and yelling obscenities as she was fucked by the beast.

Scott was transfixed by her big, bouncing breasts and the sounds of her cunt getting stuffed with dog meat. Boomer was giving Mila his all, shoving himself deep into Mila's hole, his knot swelling at the base of his 7" prick. Mila's groans filled the room as her pussy was getting filled. Boomer had pushed her closer to the TV, where she was able to look up and get a front row view of another girl's knotted pussy, dog semen dripping from it.

Mila gasped, she was getting fucked so hard, it was so intense. She knew Boomer was going to cum soon and knot her. Boomer's knot was swelling, his thrusts slowing down slightly. He'd been fucking her manically for several minutes. He was fulfilling all of the fantasies she'd been having for so long now. As Boomer slowed his pace slightly, she took the opportunity to rub her clit hard and fast while her pussy was stuffed with dog meat.

"Oh fuck, his knot is growing now, Scott, oh baby, yes, yes, fuck... Ughh, ohh, yeah, do me like a goddamn animal, yes, I am your bitch! Dump your load in me, dump your load in me doggy, come on, ahhhhhh uggggggggggghhh ohhhhhhh!!!! I'm gonna cum soon, come on Boomer, cum with me, cum up in my hole, I know your ready to! Oh shit, his knot is huge! Ahhhhh! Shit! It just keeps getting bigger! Fuck! I dunno if my pussy can take it, ahhhh!" cried Mila.

"Your pussy can take it baby-- take it and love it!" said Scott, trying to reassure her. "You like that dog meat up in your pussy, Mila? Huh? Oh, fuck, you look so hot knotted to the dog!"

"Ohhhh, oh yes, yes, his cock is throbbing, I think he's about to cum, oh my God, yes, yes, yes, fuckkkkk his sperm is flooding my hole! Oh my God, it's like a gallon of sperm right up into my womb! Holy shit! Ohhhhh, God, this is incredible! He's still shooting, oh yes, yes, I'm gonna cum too, oh shit!!! Shit, fuck, fuck, ohhh Christ here I cum!" screamed Mila as she rubbed her clit hard while tied to the dog.

Boomer's nuts were slowing to a stop as he became still in Mila's cunt, his cock still unleashing his seed into her womb. Mila's orgasm surged through her entire body -- she could swear she felt it in every cell in her body!

She collapsed, her face falling to the floor as Boomer held tight to her. The orgasm was still pulsing through her body, making her weak and breathless. Her moans were incoherant, her fingers still pressing against her clit.

"Fuck, you are so hot, Mila..." Scott muttered, watching his sexy neighbor as she was knotted to a large mutt. Boomer panted on top of her back. "Is he done cumming in you, Mila?" asked Scott.

"I don't know, I think so... all I can feel is cum inside me right now. I am so fucking full of sperm. I am so fucking full of cock, the knot is sealing me up soooo good, ohhhh I love it! And I love the buttplug in my ass, it makes the dog cock even tighter in my pussyhole, ohhhhh yeah, good dog!" said Mila weakly, taking her hand off her clit.

Boomer tried to jump off her, but only succeeded in stepping over her. Mila was then ass to ass with the dog. Scott's prick ached at the sight, he wanted to cum so bad! Some of the dog's cum dripped out of Mila's flooded pussy, and Scott shivered at the sexy sight of it. He walked over and squeezed Mila's pert ass with his hand while her pussy was tied to the dog. The buttplug protruded lewdly from her asshole. Scott gave her ass a playful slap, making her gasp. He pulled her asscheeks apart and then pushed the buttplug in and out of Mila's ass a few times.

She moaned as Scott played with her ass while her cunt was tied to the dog. Boomer tried breaking away from her again, making her shriek. Scott was there to calm the dog, making him stay still. He reached below Mila and started fingering her clit and she moaned with pleasure, grinding her stuffed pussy against his hand.

Mila's cries grew louder -- she was on the brink of cumming again while tied to the dog! Scott kept fingering her hyper-aroused clit, flicking and strumming it, her slit all juicy from the leaking dog sperm.

"Ahhhh, yes, Scott, keep fingering me, yes, ohhh, shit, I'm cumming again, fuck I love cumming on this dog prick, yes, yes, yeah baby, finger me harder, yes, that's it, ughhhhhh ohhhh here I cum, yes, here I cum, ohhhhh baby, oooooooooohhhhhh fuckkkkk! Arghhhhhhhh! Yeah, yeah, ooh, oh Christ, God I love this dog cock and knot! Even his balls against my ass, oh I love it too! Yessssss!" Mila yelled.

The orgasm ran from her head to her toe and back again, undulating in waves from her stuffed pussy. Stuffed with dog meat! Mila's head was spinning. Her fantasy had come to reality, with the