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Lucky dog Ch1: Boyfriend

2022-05-26 00:00:04

A few words.
Some bestiality stories are not so much about women who love dogs, but about domination. Dogs hump legs to show domination and ownership to some degree. In a bestiality story the reader has the luxury of reading about sex without some pesky human male in there at all. There can be domination without reason or logic.

I've read a number of bestiality stories. The best ones involved virgins. There were a number of situations where the unsuspecting heroine takes a dog cock.

I don't condone any immoral acts presented herein. I wouldn't want the events portrayed herein to happen to my sister or daughter. I wouldn't allow my dog to have sex with a human because it sets up a bad habit. I usually don't use ages in my stories. Just assume that all characters are whatever is legal in your state or country.

Lucky dog Ch1: Boyfriend
Short strawberry blond hair, plump breasts, athletic build. Angela was twenty three and making out in the back of her boyfriend's car. Her boyfriend, who will remain nameless, was in the back seat with her. His hands were wandering all over Angela's body.

He had been dropping her off at her place, but they never actually made it out of the car. A good bye kiss had turned into petting. Petting had gone into the back seat. This was the result.

Her shirt was up around her neck and her bra was lost somewhere under the seat. Her short black skirt had been pushed up around her middle and her panties were being shoved to the side. Her eyes were fluttering and had rolled up behind her half opened eyes. She did that when she was being strongly stimulated.

The moving of her panties though woke her mind up.

“No, I'm not ready.”

He moved down. His attempt had failed, but the chance that he would get his seed in her was not quite gone. His lips kissed and tickled her slippery cunt. His tongue was teasing her pussy intensely.

He was far from the best pussy licker in the world, but he had determination on his side. She let him pull down her panties. He used a finger to help him along and began licking her more fervently.

While he did that he used his free hand to undo his zipper and play with himself. His hands and tongue were getting sore and he wasn't in the most comfortable of positions, but he was working to get in Angela's pants. The effort was worth it.

Angela was particularly sensitive at this point, but she was not yet close to orgasm. The stimulation didn't actually feel as pleasurable as it might, but then her boyfriend's skill with the tongue still needed to be honed.

“Stop, don't do that. It doesn't feel good.”

“Sorry,” he replied.

He kissed her mound and began kissing upwards. His hands stroked the insides and outsides of her legs as he did this. His tender kisses jumped over the skirt and moved up to her belly button lingering for a moment.

His chest was pressed up against her pussy and her legs curled around his back holding him there. He stroked her lower back with his hands as he kissed her navel.

He moved up between Angela's breasts. The nipples were firm, hot, and tingling. He didn't suck on them moving instead to her neck. Her heart melted at this. He knew that her nipples were sensitive and that she was vulnerable when they were gently licked. Going for her lips meant that he was hungry for her more than just her body.

Their lips locked and Angela was in heaven. That's right about when the head of her boyfriend's cock touched her unguarded pussy. She had been saving herself for marriage, and they most certainly weren't married.

“I'm saving my virginity.”

“I had no idea, thank you.” She hadn't exactly said no. He didn't intend to give her the chance.

He hadn't known that his girl friend was a virgin. He pushed his shaft forwards and the tip bit into her eager pussy lips.

“No, seriously. I'm a virgin.” She knew that her hymen was in mortal danger.

“Don't worry about being inexperienced. You won't be a virgin for long.”

He was moving slowly and she was extremely tight. He did manage to get his cock head into her though. It was now over for the poor hymen. It would be destroyed.

Angela shoved her hips to the side in a panicked move to try to save herself. Her determination paid off. Luck was on her side. She managed to dislodge him. He hadn't been in her all that deeply and she was slippery. Her tightness had actually been working against her, but, even so. She yanked him free.

Her boyfriend was mad with lust, and he had just been robbed of his chance at a hymen. Even so, he was not willing to actually rape this beautiful flower. He respected her too much. At the same time he couldn't just have her sitting there naked. He would have to do something about her.

Angela knew this. She pulled down her shirt and her skirt. She would worry about her panties and her bra another time. She found her shoes and got out of the car and walked to her door.

Getting into her house she was met by a number of dogs. The youngest of the dogs, lucky, got up on its hind legs and attempted to hump her leg.

“If I'm not going to let my boy friend do that I'm not going to let you.”

Turning the corner she entered her room and flopped into her bed. Lucky hopped in with her. Her body was still alive with sexuality and she wished she could just let Lucky go at her and get lucky.

“What's wrong with me boy? I'm lying when I say that I'm saving myself for the right guy. I really like that guy, but I can't seem to feel safe around anyone.”

Lucky licked her face and his long red shaft unsheathed itself. He began to hump the air. He must be smelling the sexual energy rolling off her body.

“You're getting fixed tomorrow.” Angela was a vet she was also a virgin. Lucky was a rescue that she had taken home. She had a responsibility to fix him at first opportunity.

Her eyes locked onto his shaft and her mouth watered. That was the other problem with being so hungry for sex in the back seat with a guy. Her body was telling herself to do the first thing that it can get to penetrate her, and she was all too fond of dogs.