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Loving Husbands Ultimate Sacrifice

2022-08-03 00:00:04

A Loving Husbands Ultimate Sacrifice

by aliveinpr

My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional story.

Ashley and Arnold Metcalfe are a happily married couple in their mid thirties. Ashley, a housewife and Arnold in mid-management with a well known firm.

Their lives have have been stable and they were happy sexually. Arnold knew his wife was suppressing her libido by being conservative when they made love. He wanted his wife happy and shed some of her inhibitions. Prior to their wedding, they told each other of their prior sexual adventures. Arnold knew Ashley was not a virgin as she had described previous sexual encounters resulting in enjoyable orgasms.

Ashley had described some of her former lovers in high school and college as having nice large cocks, but she never made any comparison with Arnold’s. Arnold felt that his average, 7 inches, may not be large enough for Ashley and this bothered him. He made a point of reading and researching on the internet the 'size doesn’t matter' argument. Even tho Ashley had orgasms, he still felt he wasn’t pleasing Ashley. He had noticed that her orgasms were mostly when he licked and sucked her pussy. Any of her orgasms during penetration he felt were fake, not feeling her vaginal muscles squeeze around his cock, like some of his former lovers in school.

They started their bedroom talks several years ago to spice up their sex lives when they were becoming ‘an old married couple’. They began to talk of fantasies which caused their peak climaxes, especially Ashley’s. Arnold noted that Ashley was different as she had what he described as ‘out of body’ experiences. She would enter a mental realm totally absorbing her mind and body. It started with Ashley’s fantasy of a strangers hands roaming her breasts and body as her husband was thrusting his cock deep into her. That triggered Arnold’s fantasy of watching her taking another man’s cock deep in her pussy with the cock pulsing as he pumped cum into her womb.

Arnold was proud of his wife, he enjoyed the way she would dress alluring other men to desire her charms. Some times, Arnold would shop with her to buy very sexy and revealing clothes, telling her that her dresses made men ‘hard’. Ashley was happy to please her husband and she was always smiling when in the presence of men. Some times, she would get sexually aroused herself when men looked at her and she would let Arnold know she was aroused. To get Ashley to outwardly enjoy sex, Arnold would flame her desires in bed as he talked about other men manhandling her body and entering her vagina deep with their penises. Of course, inwardly, Ashley would mentally place herself naked in a bedroom surrounded by naked men ravishing her body and leaving her filled with cum.

The thought of another man fucking her became an image she envisioned many times during the day when Arnold was working. With Ashley’s ability, she would form an image in her mind and then enter her imaginary realm. She used her reality vision to enhance her masturbation which became more frequent during the day. Since Ashley had married, she would only fantasize sex with other men, especially those that once fucked her. Now that she was married, she would not cheat on her husband, so her masturbation fantasies were her infidelities. Arnold encouraged her to tell him about her sexual visions while she masturbated once he got home. These deep masturbation fantasies turned them both into sexually starved animals.

Arnold loved coming home from work to have Ashley fly into his arms and tell him that she dreamed of being fucked by men while he was working. She would describe many scenarios of her sexual liaisons; one man, several men, fucked in the ass, and sucking a super large cock filling her stomach, to name some of her most common fantasy visions. Her tales inflamed his imagination as he would picture her with him and his friends gang banging her for several hours.

One evening, as he got home, Ashley told Arnold her day time sexual tale. She excited Arnold where he couldn’t wait until after dinner and pulled Ashley to the bedroom where he fucked her slowly as she retold her imaginary sexual encounter. He listened to her tale of being in a wild and ravenous state, where she had several cocks sliding deeper and deeper into her. She had talked about the many men having very large cocks, stretching her pussy so wide, her husband could not feel her tight pussy for several days, again causing Arnold to return to the ‘size doesn’t matter’ argument.

Two hours of lustful fucking, they finally calmed and realized they needed to eat. During dinner, Arnold was thinking about her encounter causing him to remain erect during dinner. When they finished dinner, Arnold helped take the dishes to the counter to help Ashley clean up. He then went to the den to check his e-mails on the computer. After the mail, he searched sexual sites for ‘big cocks’. All of the sites were videos of a white woman being ravaged by a large black cock. Arnold replayed the scene and paused the video to view the man’s large black cock. He was amazed at how much larger in girth and length the cock was to his own.

Arnold was so mesmerized watching the video, he didn’t notice Ashley enter the den. He then heard, “Oh, my God, I’ve never seen such a big cock. That‘s even bigger than what I dream about.” Arnold turned to see Ashley with her hands buried in her pants rubbing her pussy. He noticed that her eyes seemed glassy as her mouth was slightly open as she was drooling. “Do you like that?” asked Arnold. “Oh, my God, Yes, he has such a big cock. I don’t know how she can take him so deep, he’s all the way into her pussy.” Arnold unsnapped and pulled the zipper down on her pants and gave her more freedom to force her fingers deep into her pussy. He watched as she entered her sexual world, knowing that she was imagining herself being the woman in the movie. Ashley began to tremble as her legs shook and she lowered to the floor and laid back as she masturbated into a shattering orgasm.

Arnold let Ashley lay on the floor panting, trying to regain her regular breathing as she was returning to the real world. He loved watching her orgasms that left her totally limp for several minutes. Once she regained her composure, she was ready for more. Arnold then lifted Ashley from the floor and carried her to their bedroom where he undressed her. As Arnold began to lick and suck on her labia, he began describing the scene of a white woman desiring a large black cock, to be deeply impaled pushing against her womb and releasing his seed. Ashley’s body began to shudder, her legs flew upward spasming around his head. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hands began tearing at the sheets. Arnold heard her begin to gurgle as she then screamed, “YES, YES, FUCK THAT BIG BLACK COCK INTO ME. FUCK ME HARD.”

Once her legs relaxed, he slid up her body and placed the head of his cock against her labia. He then asked, “Do you want this big black cock to fuck you? To stretch your pussy open?” Ashley shook and said, “YES, YES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK, OPEN MY PUSSY. FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE.” Arnold then thrust his cock as deep into her vaginal opening at he could feel Ashley’s body stiffen and shake, thrusting her groin against his. She was lost in her sexual imagination of being fucked by a large black cock, very much as the one she watched in the movie. Arnold knew her orgasms were not fake as her vaginal walls squeezed and milked his cock as she was screaming to be fucked harder.

Their sexual encounters and thoughts had entered new dimensions. Several weeks passed and Ashley reacted the same sexual state when Arnold described a big black cock fucking her. She had become obsessed with the image of big black cocks. She watched many interracial videos on the computer with Arnold. All the video’s Arnold chose were with white women and black men. In her mind, she saw and felt the black cock from the movies, even tho it was her husband fucking her.

Many times she soaked the bed as she would squirt her female ejaculate with her many earth numbing orgasms that seemed to last several minutes. Many times, Arnold would hear her scream, “FUCK THAT BLACK COCK INTO ME, STRETCH ME AND FILL MY WOMB WITH YOUR CUM.” Arnold was having the most arousing sex and his cock seemed to stay erect to recover and fuck his wife a second time before they would fall exhausted and into a deep sleep.

As Arnold would leave for work, Ashley began giving him sensual kisses and tell him that her ‘black lover’ would soon be at the house to fuck her all day long. Arnold would leave with a smile knowing her hands would be busy in their bed during the day. He knew he had to escalate their exciting scenario. He thought of buying her a big black dildo and saving several interracial movies on the computer for her. When at work, he began to save pictures of black men with large erect penises to put in a photo album for his loving wife. He wanted her pussy wet all the time, he wanted her ready for his cock when he got home. He was now imaging during the day, his wife masturbating, squirming from self-inflicted carnal delight all day with the images of large black cocks.

On his way home, Arnold stopped at the adult book store to buy a big black dildo for his wife. As he was checking the dildo section, he noticed a large, handsome well groomed black customer with a bulge in his crotch. The black man saw Arnold running his hands up and down the black dildo thinking Arnold may be gay and looking for a black man. Arnold picked the largest dildo and then looked at the DVD collections of interracial movies. The black man noticed that Arnold examined only movies where white women were fucked by black men, nothing gay. He watched Arnold pay for his purchases and followed him out of the store.

Arnold was opening the car door when the black man approached. The black man asked, “Are you shopping for your wife?” Arnold was stunned as he looked at the man and then said, “Well, ugh, er, yes. I like to turn her on and watch her orgasms.” “I’m Calvin.” said the black man. He then said, “I’m available if you and your wife are interested.” Arnold said, “I’m happy to meet you Calvin. My wife has fantasies, but I’m not sure about the reality.” Calvin said, “Yeah, man, I know most white married women have those fantasies. Here’s my phone number if you get serious.” Arnold shook his hand and put the card in his pocket.

On the drive home, Arnold’s mind was occupied with the images of Ashley with Calvin. His stomach was turning somersaults as he drove home. His cock was hard at the thoughts he had and he wondered if he could actually go through with watching Ashley with another man, especially a black man. When he pulled into the garage, his briefs were wet from pre-cum. He sat in the car for several minutes and then picked up the bag with his purchases.

As usual, Ashley was waiting for him with one of her imagined tales. She saw the package and asked what he bought. Arnold gave her the package and she pulled the black dildo out, her eyes enlarged and she ripped the plastic wrapping from the phallus. She ran her hands over the cock saying, “It’s so real looking, it feels real nice too.” Ashley then began to suck on the fake black cock humming, “Hummm, uh, ah, ah, God yes, umm, umm.”

Again, before dinner, they spent a hour in the bedroom with Ashley telling of her daily masturbating images. After Arnold filled her pussy with his sperm, Ashley grabbed the black dildo and pushed it into her juicy cum filled pussy screaming, “YES, YES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK. STRETCH ME, FUCK ME.” Arnold watched his wife worship her fat, long black dildo, much larger than his own cock. She had two orgasms while thrusting the phallus into her vaginal canal, smiling as her legs were spread and shaking wildly.

While they ate, Ashley said, “That is such a wonderful present you got me. I love you so much. You’re always thinking of me, you always pleasure me.” With dinner finished, Arnold went to the den and saved several interracial movies for Ashley to watch during the day. Arnold put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the card with Calvin’s telephone number. He flipped the card over and over as he kept remembering his meeting with Calvin.

Ashley had several orgasms that night as Arnold fucked her hard with the black dildo. She had screamed to be fucked deep and hard. She then fell into a deep sleep with a smile on her face, her legs spread wide and the dildo still buried in her pussy. Arnold could not fall asleep, his mind was spinning with sexual images. He got up and went to the den to watch some of the movies he had saved. In the movies he watched, he heard the women screaming for the man’s big black cock, how their husbands couldn’t satisfy them; their white cocks couldn’t ram the cervix like their black lovers. He heard their screams of big fat cocks stretching them open, how they loved feeling his cock entering them. The women were obviously intent and happy to be fucked by big black cocks and seemed to want more.

Arnold saw the card by the side of the computer and he picked it up. He stared at the telephone number and put the card down. He began to watch another movie and then glanced at the card. He then picked up the phone and dialed the number. He heard, “Hi, this is Calvin.” Arnold said, “I’m sorry it’s so late, but I’m the man you met at the adult book store... Arnold.” “Oh, Yes,” Calvin said, “I thought you might be calling. Does your wife want a black cock?” Arnold was quiet for a second and then said, “Yes, she fantasizes of black cock and tonight she went wild over the dildo I bought her. I guess I’m ready to watch her take her first real black cock.” Calvin said, “Meet me for lunch tomorrow, I like ‘Larry’s Restaurant’. Arnold affirmed the meeting and thanked Calvin.

Arnold was nervous during work and couldn’t keep his mind on business. His stomach was flip flopping as he waited for the lunch hour. His mind was ‘yes and no’ as he thought about the prospect he was about to plan for his wife. When he thought of his wife accepting a big black cock entering her, his cock was erect and oozing pre-cum. It was still ten minutes to twelve, he watched the second hand move, but thought time stood still. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, he watched the clock finally move to noon. Arnold got up and as leaving, he told his secretary that he was going to lunch at ‘Larry’s Restaurant’. His secretary’s eyes enlarged and then she asked, “Are you sure, that’s a black restaurant.” Arnold said, “Yes, I’m meeting a man about business there.” He then left hoping his secretary didn’t see his erection pressing against his trousers.

Arnold arrived at the restaurant and saw Calvin sitting at a booth with a white woman. He hesitated, but then Calvin saw him and gestured for him to sit with them. Calvin introduced the woman and said, “She is a satisfied customer, you might say a reference from a satisfied customer.” The woman, wearing a wedding band, said, “Yes, you won’t go wrong, Calvin was hired by my husband. I love his big black cock and I love my husband for ‘blacking' me.” I smiled and Calvin said, “I have to go to the men’s room, why don’t you join me.” I wasn’t sure why, but I did follow him to the bathroom. Calvin pulled me into a stall and said, “I want you to be sure what your wife is going to get.” He then unzipped his fly and pulled out the biggest coal black cock I ever saw. He was much bigger than what I had seen in the movies, even bigger than the dildo I bought for Ashley. “Oh, my God.” Was the only commit I could make. Calvin said, “I tell you now, if this touches your wife, she will be like most white wives, obsessed with black cock.” I said, “You’re so big, I don’t think she could take you.” Calvin said, “Oh, she will take me, she will want to prove to herself that she can take me. I’ll make sure she gets every inch.”

We returned to our booth and the white woman said, “I suppose he showed you his cock. At first I didn’t think I could take his cock, but now, I can take him easy. I will tell you, once your wife has had his cock, she will want it again, and again. Be sure you want this to happen. I spend a lot of time with Calvin and my husband knows I need that black cock.” She then got up and walked over to a black man waiting for a ‘to go’ order, rubbed his crotch and left the restaurant with him. Calvin laughed and said, “She is hooked on black cock. Your wife might be so obsessed that she will spend time here or in a primarily black bar looking for big black cock.”

I showed pictures of Ashley to Calvin and he grinned as he said, “I would break a nut in that pussy, over and over, many times.” Calvin advised me to seriously think about what he and the married woman told me. He warned me that he does not wear condoms, nor does he pull out when he fucks white women. He also warned that my wife might leave me for black men, or she might want to remain my wife for social reasons, but fuck only black men. My mind was muddled with the thoughts; should I or shouldn’t I. I needed time to think what I will do.

For two weeks, our passionate love life thrived and was becoming more intense when I talked about her being fucked by big black cocks. As she was approaching orgasm, I would then describe how a huge black cock would throb and expand in her pussy as he pumped his sperm deep into her womb. That would set her off into a screaming orgasm causing her to squirt her fluids as her legs spasmed uncontrollably. Just as she would begin to calm, I would again describe to her how a big black cock, without a condom, would pump his cum into her, flooding her womb. She would then thrash about with another orgasm screaming unintelligently.

After Ashley would have several orgasms this last time, I asked her, “What if you got hooked on a big black cock, would you leave me for a better lover, a black lover?” She smiled as she hugged me tight and said, “You are my love, you are the reason I’m alive. I look at our wedding picture in the living room and thank God I said yes to your proposal. Even if it was the biggest cock in the world, you would still be my love. Please, never leave me, I need your love. I will never take off my wedding ring. I cherish the way you love me and fulfill my every need.”

The next day, Friday, I sat at my desk holding the card with Calvin’s telephone number. I had visions of his monster cock expanding Ashley’s vaginal canal. I knew she would initially have pain as he entered her. Like the woman I met with Calvin, explained that she had trouble taking him at first, but eventually he could enter her easily. I then realized that my cock was hard and oozing pre-cum. With shaking hands, I picked up the phone and dialed the number on the card. I asked Calvin to meet again at ‘Larry’s Restaurant’ at 4:00 pm. I then called Ashley and told her I might be a bit late getting home. She said, “don’t be too late, I’m really horny and want your cock before dinner.” I assured her that it wouldn’t take long for the business I had to tend to.

I arrived at the restaurant and saw Calvin at the booth, but this time with two white women. I also noticed that they were both publicly pumping his monster cock under the table. I sat down and the women didn’t seen to mind that I could see what they were doing. Calvin asked me, “So, I guess you’re here to hire me to ‘black’ your wife.” Both women giggled and held up their left hands to show there wedding rings, saying, “He ‘blacked’ us good. Our husbands are only allowed to prepare our pussies with their mouths when Calvin calls. Calvin demands that they clean us after he’s filled us.” As Arnold listened to them, his cock was beginning to strain in his slacks.

To his surprise, Arnold noticed a white married woman enter the restaurant and meet with a black man. She began to kiss him passionately. Arnold then saw that the woman was his secretary. He was shocked to see her and had no idea that she was seeing black men. Arnold got up and walked to her and she turned pale when she saw her boss. Arnold said, “I see you have been ‘blacked’, does your husband know?” His secretary said, “Yes, he’s waiting for me in the car. I’m taking my ‘lover’ back to the house so my husband can watch us fuck.” Arnold smiled and said, “I’m here to hire a black man for Ashley. I hope I’m not making a mistake.” His secretary said, “Your wife is hot, she’ll be a hit with the black crowd. I think you will be happy, my husband and I sure are.” She then took her lovers hand and left the restaurant.

Arnold returned to the table, looked at Calvin and said, “Tonight and all weekend, I want you to fuck Ashley, to stretch her pussy and fill her with your cum.” I told Calvin my plan and paid his fee to use my wife’s pussy in any way he wanted.

I wasn’t too late getting home and found my wife naked with her black dildo lodged in her wet pussy. I fucked her hard as I related a story of a big black cock fucking her deep and hard. I kept talking of monster black cocks as we fucked and I lost count of the number of orgasms she had. She soaked the bed and we had to change the linen before we decided to have dinner. We didn’t bother to put on clothes or robes when eating and Ashley said, “You have had a hard on all through dinner. What are you thinking?” I looked at her and smiled and told her that she was in for a good fucking later. She smiled and purred as we cleaned the kitchen. Our hands seemed to wonder over each others bodies as we worked.

Ashley giggled as we ran to the bedroom and I told her to lay back and spread her legs. I stood by her head as I leaned over and kissed her long and passionately. When I broke the kiss, Ashley opened her eyes and I heard, “What the fuck.” At the foot of the bed stood Calvin, naked and with his monster cock in his hands. I propped up Ashley’s head and told her to look at her white pussy. I then told her to use both hands to reach down and spread open her pussy to invite a black cock into her. Ashley was in a trance as she did as I instructed. Her eyes became glassy as she watched the largest cock she had ever seen slowly approach her vaginal canal. When the bulbous head of Calvin’s cock touched her labia, it was like she was shocked with electricity as her body started to shake and spasm.

She kept watching as I heard, “Oh, my God, Oh, my God. His cock is so big, he’s going to tear me apart, OOOOOH...OUCH, TOO BIG, TOO BIG, IT’S STRETCHING ME, OH, MY GOD.” Calvin kept inching his cock into her pussy until she began yelling, “YES, YES, DON’T STOP. OH, GOD IT’S SO BIG, SO BIG.” Ashley then began to hunch her crotch into him, trying to hurry him to bury his entire cock into her. I watched every inch of his cock slide into her until his bloated balls were banging against her ass. I heard Ashley moan, “Oh, yes, you’re there, you’re pushing my womb up to my stomach. I love it.” Then from her mouth, “YES, YES, FUCK ME, FUCKKKKK MEEEEE WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK.”

Calvin began to pound her pussy as her body shook and she moaned, “Ugh, ugh, yes, more, more. Oh, God yes, so good, so good. FUCK THIS WHITE PUSSY, MY HUSBAND’S PUSSY. FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME DEEP.” A good twenty minutes of fucking when he pulled out. Ashley grabbed at Calvin screaming, “NO, NO, DON’T STOP, KEEP THAT COCK IN ME.” Calvin pulled her into the ‘doggy position’ and thrust his cock back into her deep causing Ashley to moan, “Oh, yes, yes fuck that black cock into me. Ugh, ugh, big, filling my pussy.” I then saw her spray the sheets with her female ejaculate, a shattering orgasm I had never seen her have. Her head fell down on the pillow as she arched her back to feel his huge cock work it’s magic. All the while, Arnold heard, “Yeah, right there, yes, yes, ugh, ugh, hard, ugh.,” as Calvin’s cock thrust in and out of her.

Another twenty or thirty minutes, Calvin then withdrew his cock causing Ashley to scream, “NO, DON’T STOP, PUT YOUR COCK BACK IN ME. I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME.” Calvin then laid on the bed with his eleven plus inch long cock stretching toward the ceiling. He pulled Ashley over and she rose and straddled his body. He lowered her pussy to his cock and as she felt the bulbous head touch her labia, she pulled her legs up and allowed the weight of her body to plunge down on his cock. “GOD, YES, YES,” she screamed. Her body began to spasm again as another orgasm overcame her body and mind spraying more pussy cum. She pounced up and down and then began grinding forward and backward moaning, “yes, yes, fucking so good, ugh, yes, oh fuck, so far in, yes, fuck, fuck. FUCK MEEEEEE.”

Calvin had staying power that amazed me. Again after ten to fifteen minutes, he pulled my wife to his chest, wrapped his arms around her and flipped their bodies over as his cock was buried deep in her pussy. She was again under him as he said, “I’m going to fill your pussy with my black cum.” Ashley yelled, “YES, YES, FUCK YOUR CUM INTO ME. FILL ME, FILL ME, EMPTY YOUR BALLS IN ME. FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE.” I watched his crotch thrust into hers and he held her tight. His ass cheeks began to squeeze together and he grunted long and loud, “TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE MY SEED SLUT.” His balls seemed to shrivel and pulsate as he was blasting her womb with his cum. Ashley kept saying, “I feel it, keep pumping it, it feels so good. Your hot cum is filling my womb. YES, YES, FILL ME.”

Calvin and my wife stayed connected for a time and then Calvin began to slowly pull his cock from her pussy. Ashley said, “Don’t go, stay in me. I want your black cock in me.”

When his cock pulled out, Ashley’s legs were spread and I could see Calvin’s cum pooling at her labia. Her labia was red and swollen, her vagina scratched wide, her breasts were enlarged and her nipples were erect and hard. She was covered with sweat as her breathing was becoming normal. She lifted her head and felt her pussy. She then scooped some of his cum into her hand and lifted it to her mouth where she licked her hand clean. Her expression was one of love as she looked into my eyes, the sparkle in her eyes told me she loved me for bringing Calvin to her. She then said, “I love you, thank you for this surprise.”

I told her to shut her eyes and get some rest as Calvin was going to stay the weekend. She smiled and purred, “Yes, his cock is so good. Yes, I want him to stay.” She then fell asleep with her legs still spread wide as Calvin’s cum was still oozing from her. Calvin and I went to the living room for a cool refreshing beer.

Calvin said, “I told you she would take my cock, every inch of it. After this weekend, she will want me to fuck her several times a week. After time, she will sit on my cock as I fuck her in the restaurant. She will want my black cock like the white wives you saw.” I replied, “Yes, I weighed the consequences and I am ready to see what she will do. I know she will stay with me and I will let her have your cock when she feels the need.” Calvin said, “OK, now you stay here. I am going back to your bedroom and lay with your wife. When she wakes up, I will fuck her the rest of the weekend. By Sunday, you will see your wife covered with my cum, her pussy will be swollen and puffy leaking my cum. I will also take her ass before Sunday. She will be one of my married white sluts, always ready for my cock.” I went to my den as ordered and Calvin returned to the bedroom where my naked wife slept with her legs spread wide.

I masturbated all weekend as I heard my wife screaming for Calvin’s black cock, her desire for him to fill her with cum. When I heard her loud scream, “NO, NO, NOT THERE, YOU’RE TOO BIG.” Soon, I heard her coo, “Yes, Yes, that’s yours too.” I knew he was fucking her ass, something I was rarely allowed to do. I don’t think any of us got any sleep the rest of the time Calvin was here. Every time my eyes began to droop, Ashley’s screams to be fucked harder brought me back to reality. My wife was in the arms of another man, a black man ramming his cock into her all weekend.

Sunday, before noon, Ashley appeared naked in the doorway, and as described by Calvin, she was covered with cum and oozing cum from her ass and pussy. She said, “Calvin told me I had to come to you before I could clean up.” I smiled and said, “You look so beautiful. I don’t know how many times I emptied my nuts hearing you screaming for his cum. I could picture your pussy and ass being filled as his monster cock fucked you.” Ashley sat on my lap as she planted her open lips on mine. Our tongues danced together for a long time as I could taste what I suspected was lingering cum.

I felt the cum oozing from Ashley soaking my robe and she giggled as she felt my cock harden under her. Ashley quietly said, “Thank you darling, I love you so much.” I said, “You don’t have to say it, but I know you want his cock fucking you on a regular basis. He warned me, so you don’t have to be ashamed to admit you want his black cock.” Ashley hugged me tight and she said, “Yes, I admit it, and I already told him my pussy was available to him when he wanted me.” I smiled and hugged her back. Another kiss and she asked me if I could taste Calvin’s cum. I told her I suspected he deposited cum in her mouth, and that I was proud of her for allowing him his freedom to use her body.

Calvin and Ashley showered together and I heard her squeals knowing he was once again pumping cum into my wife. I smiled as I pictured her bending over for his cock in both her ass and pussy, then she would use her mouth to clean his cock. Their long shower came to an end when the water heater emptied. Calvin left and the rest of Sunday was spent with my naked wife cuddled in my arms on the sofa.

At 7:00 pm, we went to the bedroom and I laid my wife back and marveled at her puffy and swollen pussy. Ashley said, “This is embarrassing, but Calvin said I had to tell you.” She looked to the side as I asked, “What does Calvin want you to say.” She then stuttered, “Well, ugh, well, do you remember the taste when we kissed?” I nodded and she then said, “Well, ah, he said you need to prepare my pussy when he is coming to the house. He said you had to clean and wet my pussy for him.” I smiled and said, “Why should that embarrass you? I eat your pussy all the time.” Ashley then said, “Well, that’s not all. He, He, ah, well, he also demanded you needed to, au, well, to clean me out with your tongue after he fucks me.”

My mouth fell open and my eyes glared into space. I then asked, “You mean he wants me to lick his cum out of your pussy?” “Ah, well, he, ah, said after each time he fucks me.” I sat up on the bed stunned. Then I remembered what the two white women said at the restaurant. Ashley sat up and ran her hands over my shoulders. Her head to my ear as she said, “Please, do it for me, you’ve already tasted his cum. He had me clean the cum off his cock before I came into the den to kiss you.”

Up until now, all was going well, My loving wife has been ‘blacked’ satisfying her fantasy and my knowing she would forever want black cock to fuck her. She had become a married white slut for black cock and I was happy to allow her freedom to fuck black men, especially Calvin. But, this? I’ve never had a gay thought. Now I’m being asked to lick and suck cum from my wife’s pussy after another man deposits his cum in her. Again she quietly said, “Please, please. I want you to be a part of this, I don’t want you left out, I want you to lick and suck his cum from me. Please baby, do this for me.”

I got up and put on my robe as I went to the den. I heard Ashley crying as I turned on the computer. I searched several interracial movies under ‘wife bred by big black cock’. Then I saw several where the husband was present and the wife had him ‘clean up’ after she had been fucked. I watched several involving the husband sucking the cum from their wives. Some were laying beneath their wives as they were getting fucked. They watched black cocks fucking into their wives pussies. Some licked his cock and her pussy as they fucked. Then some stayed with their mouths open to catch the cum after the black cock pulled out. I was shocked to find my cock as hard as a rock by watching those videos.

I returned to the bedroom where Ashley was still silently crying herself to sleep. I shook her and ordered her to spread her legs. I then began to lick and suck her labia and clit. When she began to shake, I mounted her and pumped my cock in her as hard as I could. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I began to throb and spew my cum into her. When I withdrew, I lowered and inserted my tongue into her pussy as she began to ooze my cum. I worked on cleaning her as I heard her moaning. She then began to thrust her pussy into my face as she had an orgasm. I heard her, “Oh, God yes baby, clean me, eat his cum from me.” We then lay close as I said, “I will try it once, only because it seems to turn you on.” Ashley hugged me as she said, “Oh, baby, I love you so much. I want to see you licking his cum out of me, that turns me on.”

Monday night, I got home and Ashley met me naked. She said, “I have a true story to tell you. Let’s go to the bedroom and you can undress.” It didn’t take me long to bare my body and lay beside Ashley on the bed. She smiled at me, fondling my cock as she said, “I went to ‘Larry’s Restaurant’ today to meet Calvin. He had me pull up my mini skirt and slowly remove my panties in front of everyone there. That was so hot knowing everyone was watching me, my pussy was really leaking. Calvin pulled a chair to the middle of the restaurant, sat down, and pulled his hard black cock out and ordered me to straddle him and put his cock in my pussy. It was such a thrill knowing all of the black guys were watching me fuck Calvin, right there in public. God, I bounced on his cock hard for a long time before he filled me with his cum. After he filled me, he had me stand up and spread my legs wide so everyone to see his cum running out of my pussy.”

I was hot listening to her story, I spread her legs and began licking and sucking her pussy and clit. My cock was hurting it was so hard. Ashley then giggled and said, “Some of his cum is still in me, suck it out, eat me, taste his cum baby.” I could feel pre-cum leaking from my cock as I could taste the mixture of cum and pussy juices. Ashley thrust her pussy into my face as she had an orgasm as I was cleaning another man’s cum from her pussy. I knew it turned her on and now I knew I had to repeat this act, to clean her fucked pussy. Yes, I knew my role to satisfy my wife.

Tuesday, Ashley called me and told me she had to deliver a package and might not be home at dinner time. I knew she did many civic activities, so I didn’t question what she had to do. When I got home, I sat at my computer watching more downloaded movies as I masturbated watching white women being fucked by black cocks. I began to get hungry and noticed that I had been home for three hours. No Ashley yet. I went ahead and fixed a meal for my self as I waited for her to get home. Another hour and I called her cell phone, but got her voice mail. I left a message for her to call me, I was worried that her ‘delivery was taking so long.

A noise woke me on the couch, the clock on the wall showed 4:00 am. I then noticed Ashley at the front door, her blouse was unbuttoned, fully open and she was missing her bra. Her mini skirt was unzipped and she was holding it to her waist. Her hair was matted and she had shinny wetness on the inner thighs. She was grinning as she approached me and ran her hands over my crotch. “Get naked”, she said. I began to undress and the distinct smell of sex was emanating from her.

Ashley knelt between my legs at the sofa and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked for a short time and then lifted her head and smiled. She said, “I need you to clean me, now.” She laid back on the floor and spread her legs wide. I could see white goo pooling in her labia. I knew what I had to do, I knew she would have an orgasm knowing I was licking and sucking another man’s cum from her pussy. I then heard, “Yes, baby, Yes, get it all. I had a lot of cum pumped into me tonight. Yes, your tongue feels so good.” Her legs began to spasm as she was going into a shattering orgasm.

I licked her clean and then laid next to her on the floor as she smiled and was cooing quietly. She began to slide her hand up and down on my cock as she said, “It was a fantastic night. Calvin had me pick up some items at the adult book store and deliver them to his house. He wasn’t there when I got to his house, but his three room mates were there. When I walked in, they surrounded me and began undressing me. I was in heaven having three black men fondling my ass, pussy, breasts and legs. I had their hard black cocks in every one of my holes, I guess for about three hours. Calvin got home and watched them empty their balls. My ass, pussy and stomach were saturated with black cum.”

I smiled at her and asked, “What happened for rest of the time you were there?” She smiled again and licked her lips. Ashley said, “Calvin introduced me to the pleasure of being double penetrated. I think it was a couple more hours where I had three cocks in me at the same time. Oh, my God, a couple of times, they shoved two cocks in my pussy and then two cocks in my ass, they really opened me up. They flooded me with cum, lots of cum. If I saw a black man on the way home, I would have stopped and had him fuck me too.” She looked at me and then asked, “I hope you’re not mad. I want to be gang banged a lot, I want three cocks in me at the same time. I want to visit his house more often.” I looked at her and said, “I’m not mad, I’m happy you enjoyed your time. I want you happy and I really want to watch you take on a room full of black men.”

Ashley laid quiet for a time and then smiled at me. I asked, “What is that smile for?” She said, “Well, you can get your wish. Calvin is going to have me gang banged in public, at ‘Larry’s Restaurant’ Friday at noon. He estimated that there may be more than fifty black men. He said there would be super big black cocks for me. Oh, it would be so hot for you to watch me, to see me filled with black cocks and cum.” That did it, I emptied my balls, shooting cum all over her stomach. Ashley laid back mumbling, “I love my husband so much,” and fell asleep from exhaustion. Her legs were spread and I saw that her ass and pussy had been stretched wide, so much, I probably could easily fist both holes without causing her any pain or discomfort.

My cock was hard again as I began to fall asleep with the visions of my wife, in public, being gang banged in a restaurant fulled with black men. I also knew that if I was there, they would force me to clean their cum from her.

Friday arrived and I was getting ready to meet Ashley at ‘Larry’s Restaurant’, my secretary came in and asked if I would take her to ‘Larry’s Restaurant’. She said, “I want to watch your wife. I hear she is going to entertain the male population. I also want to watch you clean her after her many hours of a constant gang bang.” I said, “I suppose you will also fuck your black lover at the same time.” She smiled and said, “Maybe you would like to clean me too.” We left for the restaurant with my cock fully erect and stretching my slacks. I knew my wife loved me and I also knew that I gave her the best present, ‘my love and total commitment’.

As we drove to the restaurant, I asked, “Were you initiated in the restaurant?” My secretary said, “Yes, I don’t know how many black cocks I had, but I had constant orgasms from the fucking I got.” I asked her to tell me her experience and she said, “Well, I got there and my black lover told me to strip. I stripped and he had me bend over to show my ass and pussy to everyone there. A padded bench appeared and I was laid on it by my lover. It was a day of total fucking, I was filled with so much cum, the floor was slippery when I finally got up. Your wife will get the same, black cocks in every hole, filled with cum and screaming for more.” I then asked her if there was a draw back and she said, “Well, I was sore afterwards. My pussy and ass were open and sore from all the cocks. I wish I had some lube, I was raw for a few days and had to turn down some very nice cocks.” I smiled at her and had a hard erection as I was imagining my wife being fucked in public by a restaurant full of black cocks.

I thought what she said and asked, “What kind of lube should I get fo she won’t be so sore later?” My secretary said, “Long lasting and greasy. Get a can of lard, that’s great for anal sex, but it should be good for her pussy too.” With that said, I made a quick stop on the way.

We arrived at ‘Larry’s Restaurant’, but Ashley wasn’t there yet. I saw Calvin in a booth with two white women, I was sure they were married and he had blacked them. I told him that I wanted to first meet Ashley when she arrived to get the show started. He laughed and said, “Man, you’re really into Ashley’s desire for black cock.” “I sure am,” I said, “I know it makes her happy and that’s what I want.”

I scanned the restaurant and there was nothing being served. There was standing room only as black men filled the restaurant. I knew Ashley was going to be popular and fucked most of the day. My cock and balls were beginning to hurt with the anticipation of the pending look of lust in the faces of all the men there. Suddenly I saw the door and in walked Ashley. She was wearing a micro mini skirt and a sheer button front blouse. Her nipples were hard and pressed against the fabric. As she walked, I got a glimpse of her pussy and knew she didn’t want to waste time having her panties removed.

She smiled as she saw me walking toward her. I took her hand and led her to the center of the room where I whispered, “All these black cocks are for you.” I held her hand high and spun her around for all to see and then held her back to me and unbuttoned her blouse and let it drop to the floor. I then unzipped her skirt and let it too drop to the floor leaving her wearing only four inch heels. I bent her over and turned her around to show off her wet glistening pussy to everyone. Suddenly a padded bench was pushed to the middle of the floor and I laid Ashley on the bench and spread her legs wide. I then scooped my fingers into the lard and lubberly coated her pussy and ass with the slippery goo. It didn’t take long for the first huge black cock to begin entering her pussy as I held her legs up and apart for his easy entry. Ashley looked at me with her big eyes and a smile began to form as she was feeling her pussy being stretched open.

After she had been fucked by five black men, she was screaming for more. She was turned over so her ass was in the air and I watched another large cock enter her and displace the cum she had accumulated. Cum was running down on the bench as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks so everyone could see her being fucked. I didn’t realize, but my secretary had come up from behind me and undid my pants and pulled my hard cock out for me to pump. She whispered, “You have a nice cock, a lot bigger than my husband, not as big as the black cock here, but nice.” I smiled at her and wrapped my hand around my cock and felt it coated with pre-cum.

Ashley then straddled a cock and laid on the man’s chest as another cock was then pushed into her ass. Her first public DP as she screamed, “YES, YES, OH, GOD YES. FUCK ME, FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEE.” Ashley was now squirting her female ejaculate as she organized, more and more cum and female juices coated the bench and floor.

After two hours and Ashley screaming for more, I saw my secretary straddling the lap of her black lover. Her dress was pulled to her waist and I could see the contrast of a black cock deep into her white pussy. There was a white man standing next to them and I assumed that was her husband.

A black woman had taken the can of lard from me and I watched her smear the grease on Ashley’s ass and pussy from time to time. I’m sure the lube helped for the gang bang to continue until 10 pm. It seemed that the men were spent, but Ashley kept begging for more cock as Calvin helped her to her feet and helped her waddle on her shaky legs to me.

I saw gobs of cum flowing from her pussy and ass. She was covered with cum, her nipples were bruised from hard sucking and her face and hair were covered with a mixture of wet and dried cum. Her lips were puffy from sucking cock and as she opened her mouth, I could see lingering cum in her mouth. She insisted and I did not hesitate to kiss her as she pushed cum into my mouth as she gave a gleeful satisfied moan.

Calvin sat Ashley on a chair and spread her legs and told me to clean her pussy. Without a second thought, I went to my knees and began to kiss and lick my wife’s pussy as several loads of cum were oozing from her. The entire restaurant cheered and yelled, “CLEAN THAT WHITE WHORE’S PUSSY, SUCK THAT CUM OUT OF HER.”

Ashley smiled as I looked up at her. She said, “I love you so much, I am so proud and happy that I am your wife. You treat me as a husband should. Thank you for your love.” I lustfully sucked her pussy lips into my mouth as I tasted the mixture of cum and pussy juices. I became a mad man as I slurped away between her legs, wanting all the cum I could reach. It was almost midnight when Calvin helped me walk my rubbery legged wife to the car so I could drive her home to a well deserved sleep.