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Georgia goes to University Part 010

2022-05-27 00:00:03

Georgia goes to University

by Vanessa Evans

Part 10 – The Spanking Society and the Top Brass see me naked.

The Friday after my public humiliation (that I loved every seconds of) was the meeting of the Spanking Society. Riley had agreed to come along with me, and to get spanked.

Wearing just very short dresses and a warm jacket, we got a taxi to the pub, got ourselves a drink then asked where the function room was. As with the Orgasm Club there was a huge bouncer outside the door who opened it when I said that we were there to see Tommy.

The room was bigger than the Red Lion function room but the layout was basically the same, tables and chairs round the outside and a big open space in the middle although there was only 2 tables there, one with a number of spanking implements on it and the other that already had ropes attached to the 4 legs.

Also, in the middle was a medieval set of Stocks and a padded bench that wasn’t very long but it had big wooden posts at each end with numerous metal rings in them. I guessed that it was for the girls to kneel on.

Looking around the room I saw about 20 men and 8 or 9 women, 5 of which were totally naked. I wondered if the clothed women were dominant mistress’.

A youngish woman wearing a long, black leather coat came up to us and introduced herself as Victoria. I introduced Riley and myself then Victoria said,

“I’m pleased that you turned up, quite a few girls like the idea but when it comes to the crunch, or should I say the swat, they chicken out. So, have either of you been spanked before?”

“Yes,” Riley replied, “my father used to spank me.”

“Yes,” I replied, “the father of some friends of mine spanked me quite severely.”

“Good, so you’re not likely to bolt when it’s your turn to be initiated into the club.”

“No ma-am,” we both replied.

“Good, take your clothes off and mingle, I think that everyone who is coming is already here but we’ll give it a few more minutes. Oh, by the way, there will be a man videoing everything, I hope that that doesn’t bother you.”

“No ma-am,” we both replied.

As we started to walk towards the others another couple walked in, a middle-aged man with a girl about my age. The girl immediately took her dress off revealing that the wore nothing under it. Giving the dress to the man she kicked her shoes off and walked over towards us,

“Hi, I’m Emily, you 2 must be potential new members.”

“Hey, Georgia and Riley,” I replied, “yes, are you already a member?”

“Yes, but my Master likes to bring me to every meeting to make sure that I don’t step out of line.”

“So you’re going to get spanked as well?” Riley asked.

“Oh yes, I like to be made to cum in front of everyone.”

“And the spanking does that does it?” I asked.

“Oh yes, sometimes more than once.”

I was just starting to think that I liked this girl when Victoria started talking. I turned to look at her and saw that she’d taken the coat off as was standing there in a black bustier that had no breast cups, a black suspender belt, stockings and 5 inch heels. In her hand was a little whip.

“Bloody hell.” Riley whispered.

“Good evening ladies, gentlemen and slaves. Welcome to the one hundredth meet of the Spanking Society. Tonight we have 4 young ladies who wish to be initiated into the society. Would those young ladies step forward please.”

Riley, me and 2 other girls about our age stepped forward, 3 of the 4, not me, all looked very nervous.

“As usual, each girl will submit to 50 lashes given by me, and from an implement chosen by me. Girls, you will refer to the person administering the lashes as Mistress or Master. Before the lashes are administered, each girl will go to each group of people here and show everyone what they have to offer. After the spanking, they will show themselves to everyone again so that they can see how the lashes have affected them.

But before we start the initiations, I will submit myself to 50 lashes from one of you experienced Masters. Let me see,”

Victoria looked around the room then pointed to a middle-aged man.

“You sir, have you administered a punishment to me before?”

“No Ma-am.”

“Then step forward and choose your implement.”

He did, and Victoria went to the padded bench, spread her feet quite wide, bent forward and grabbed the back of the bench.

“I’m ready sir.”

The man didn’t wait and quickly brought the leather strap down on her butt.

“One, thank you sir.” Victoria said.

I couldn’t see her face but she gave no indication of real pain.

The man administered 9 more strokes followed by Victoria counting them before he stopped and told Victoria to stand up. She did a slow pirouette to let everyone see that her butt was going red, then she bent over for the next 10 which she duly counter for the man.

This went on until Victoria finally said,

“Fifty, thank you sir.”

When she stood up she again thanked the man before going to each group of people and letting them inspect the red marks on her butt. She even bent over to let them get a really good look at her butt, and her bald pussy. When she bent over in front of me I saw that her pussy was quite wet, she’d obviously enjoyed the experience.

Back in the middle of the room she turned to us 4 girls that were to be initiated and said,

“That wasn’t too bad was it, if I can take it then so can you. Right, do we have any volunteers to go first or shall I chose 1 of you?”

I put my hand up and stepped forward.

“Well young lady, you either want to get it over with, you’ve been told to go first or you know that you will enjoy it. Which is it?”

“May I answer that question afterwards please Mistress?”

There was a few little laughs from the other people there then Victoria asked me how I would like it, leaning on the bench, over the side of the table, or on the table with your legs in the air?”

“On the table please Mistress.”

“Very well, assume the position.”

I did, remembering how I did that for Kate and Zoe’s father on his boat in Ibiza, feet pulled right over to near my head and pushed apart by my hands. My wet pussy was spread open for all to see.

“Well ladies, gentlemen, and Masters, I forgot to get this young lady to come and show you what she’s got to offer so perhaps you would like to come over here and inspect what she has to offer more closely.”

With me still spread like that most of the people came and had a close look at my butt and spread pussy. I could feet my arousal increasing all the time and if it had gone on much longer there was a good chance that I would have orgasmed right in front of some of them.

Back with just Victoria and me in the middle of the room she asked me if I was ready.

“Yes Mistress.”

Then the first swat landed on my very exposed and stretched butt.

“One, thank you Mistress.” I said. And thought that the lash wasn’t as bad as those given to me by Kate and Zoe’s father.

And so it went on, sets of 10 followed by a short break, followed by another 10. By about the thirtieth swat I no longer felt any pain and just as the fortieth landed I started to cum.

“Well, Well, Well,” Victoria said, “we have a girl who gets turned on by being spanked, shall we see if the last 10 make her cum again?”

Unsurprisingly, there were some cheers and people saying,

“Yes, yes, make her cum.”

The next 10 lashed really did make me cum again. Victoria adjusted the angle of the swats and my skinny labia took the force of most of the swats, the last 2 actually landing on my clit.

Inevitably I orgasmed again, loud, strong and long lasting. Any thoughts of my red butt long gone.

“Well young lady,” Victoria said after a pause to let me come down from my high. “I think that perhaps you would like the audience to come over here to inspect my work rather than you go around the room. Am I right?”

“Yes Mistress.”

And they did, me still with my feet near my head and spread well apart. I nearly orgasmed again as I watched everyone closely inspect my butt and pussy.

When they were all back around the sides of the room Victoria told me to get up then asked me,

“Well young lady, there’s no need for me to ask the question that I asked before your initiation is there, you really enjoyed that, you will be an asset to the Society. The next time I think that I’ll have to choose a more painful implement and have you masturbating while someone spanks you.

“Yes Mistress.” I said and thought,

“Hmm, that sound nice, but when / if I come again I’ll be wearing my remote controlled egg and that, combined with the spanking will make me cum lots of times.”

“Go and join the other new girls.”

“Yes Mistress.”

As I returned to the other girls waiting for their initiation. I wondered if they too would get the same treatment and have the same pleasure.

That wasn’t to happen. The 2 other girls both had their initiation similar to Victoria’s spanking, both not revealing much of their pussies to everyone as they went around the room letting everyone see what they had to offer, and then after their spanking, the handy work of Victoria.

The it was Riley’s turn. I squeezed her hand before she was called forward. Her spanking was the same as the 2 previous girls, but during her inspections, before and afterwards, she bent right over with her legs spread quite wide. She must have remembered that men like to see girl’s pussies, and hers was nice and shiny wet when she showed it near me.

I wondered if Victoria would have given Riley the same treatment and she did for me if she’d seen how aroused Riley was. Unfortunately for Riley, the spanking didn’t make her cum but she later told me that she was really close at the end.

After Riley’s spanking, Victoria welcomed us 4 girls into the Society then offered the floor to any girl who thought that she deserved a spanking. The girls had to choose the person to spank them and the implement that they would use.

There was another 4 girls who got spanked. One was very notable because she wanted the entire spanking to be on her pussy, not her butt. The man that she chose to spank her was big and dressed in a black leather suit.

The whole room watched in silence as the girl got down into the crab position with her legs spread quite wide. I could see that she was aroused and her clit was sticking out like a little hard cock.

The man then stood beside her and brought the cane (her choice) down on the entire length of her slit.

I heard a couple of gasps from the audience when the first one landed. The girl screamed out in pain and collapsed onto the floor, but immediately got back up ready for the next stroke. The girl was a real masochist and endured 20 strokes from the man who’s facial expression indicated that he was enjoying himself.

All through her pussy whipping my pussy was tingling. There was / is no way that I could let that happen to me. Okay my pussy has been spanked a few times, but nothing as severe as that.

When Victoria invited everyone to inspect the man’s handy work I saw that the whole of her bald vulva was covered in dark red lines. Her clit was still sticking out and it too was dark red. I cringed at the thought of the pain that she would be feeling for the next few days.

We watched the rest of the nude girls get spanked but nothing compared to the pussy caning. How that girl could want so much pain in her pussy I will never know.

Finally the evening came to a close with Victoria announcing the date of the next meeting.

In the taxi in the way back to the apartments I said,

“Well that was a bit strange, not the spankings, the whole setup, they turned a simple spanking into a full show, they could take that to Broadway or the West End.”

“Yes,” Riley replied, “but I kind of liked it. All those men seeing me naked and getting spanked, I’m surprised that I didn’t cum.”

“They treated the whole thing like some sort of cult, I’m not sure that I want to go there again. Let’s think about it for a couple of days then talk about it.”

We sat in silence for the rest of the journey and I wondered what the driver thought after hearing us talk.

The next notable event was the dignitaries dinner. Serena had given me the number of the agency who provided girls for such events and I had phoned them and put both Riley’s and my name on their list of girls willing to do such a job. Before he did that he asked if either of us had any tattoos or piercings. I told him about our nipple piercings and was told that they were acceptable. He also told me that our uniform would consist of black heels and nothing else.

The man also told me what the pay was and it sounded good, but that side didn’t interest me, daddy’s black amex card paid for everything that I wanted.

Anyway, I got the phone call giving me the details and shortly after that Riley came up to my apartment and excitedly told me about her phone call. She was really looking forward to all those men seeing her naked. So was I but I wasn’t getting all excited like she was.

The evening came and Riley and I got into the taxi wearing only black heels and a jacket that barely covered out butts. The dinner was being held in one of the function rooms in one of the biggest hotels in Bristol.

As we walked in I so wanted to take my jacket off right there in the lobby, but I didn’t, I kept it on until we got to the room that had been agency had told us to meet in.

Our knock on the door was answered by a naked girl about our age. Riley looked a bit surprised but I just smiled and opened my jacket. Inside the room were 3 other young, naked girls, just sat on the beds talking. Riley and I dumped our jackets and joined them.

We’d just got passed the introductions when a man in his later twenties walked in, did a head count, then said,

“Good, all of you are here. Right, which of you haven’t done silver service before?”

We all put a hand up.

“Thought so, never mind, just a few simple rules to follow.”

He then went through the things that I’d been taught at school and then told us not to worry if we got it wrong, that we weren’t there for our abilities as a waitress.

“Who would like to tell me why you think you are here and dressed like you are?”

“For eye-candy for the rich men.” One girl said.

“To get groped and maybe fucked.” Another said.

“To get to know some of the big nobs and get some blackmail material on them.” A third girl said.

That made the man laugh a little, then he said,

“Well you’re all right in a way, but I don’t want to know about any blackmail plans you may have. You are here to provide a waitress service to some of the city’s top men.”

“So why are we naked?” One girl asked.

“To put it bluntly it’s what the first 2 of you said. These men work very hard to make our city the wonderful place that it is and they deserve to be able to relax occasionally and enjoy some of the beauty of the city.”

“Beauties, you mean as in us.”

“Yes, and what is wrong with that? You are all getting paid a lot of money for just carrying a few plates around.”

“Hey, I wasn’t complaining, just saying it as it is.”

“Good, otherwise you may just have been putting your clothes back on now. Yes girls, you may get groped and asked for sexual favours. How much of that you grant is up to you, and if you do decide to grant such favours and get paid for them that is between you and the gentleman concerned. The agency does not want to know.”

“So you don’t want a cut of it then?”

“A cut of what, I know nothing of payments for sexual favours.”

“Good man.”

“Now girls, as soon as all the guests have arrived I will come and collect you and take you to the door of the function room where we will be met by the hotel staff who will be bringing the food and drinks. They will hand you plates of food and tell you which table to take them to. When everyone has been served you will go and stand in a line just inside the door watching the tables that you have served. When everyone at your table has finished eating you will go and collect the plates, and there is to be no stacking of plates at the tables. Give the used plates to the hotel staff that will be waiting outside the room then wait just inside the door in a line.

When all the courses have been served and cleared away you will get bottles of wine from where you will see them and go and offer to top-up the guest’s glasses. It is at this stage that I expect hands to wander and propositions be made. Just say ‘No thank you sir.’ if you are not interested. The rest is up to you, and as I say, I don’t want to know.”

And the man left.

“So Riley,” I asked, “did you learn all this at school?”

“Yes, we had to server the staff every weekend so I’ve done it before, except that we weren’t naked.”

“Yes, we did that at school as well. Hey, Riley, if you get propositioned and you aren’t going back to the apartment tonight send me a text please, I don’t want to be waiting for you if you’re not going back. I’ll do the same.”

“Thanks Georgia but I doubt that it will come to that.”

“You never know, the chief constable may cuff you and take you back to his dungeon.”

“Look out of the window Georgia, can you see that flying pig?”

Just then the door opened and the man came back.

“Let’s go girls, put your best smile on and please those guys, you never know where it might lead.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant about that but I was the first to my feet and almost beside him as the 6 naked girls walked along the corridor. The hotel staff with the trolleys of food hadn’t arrived yet so we just stood outside the function room waiting.

“So does your agency provide naked girls for other events?” I asked the man.

“Quite a few actually, why, are you interested in working at them Georgia isn’t it?”

“I might be, it depends upon what they are.”

“Well with that cute looking little body of yours I’m sure that you would be a hit at any of them.”

“So what sort of ‘events’ do you provide naked girls for?”

“Private parties, club meets, exhibitions, shows, that’s the adult variety, product launches, grid girls for motor racing, anything where the adults there appreciate the sight of beautiful naked girls. That body would make you a fortune out of those events.”

“I’m not really in it for the money.”

“Ah, the kicks and the side benefits. Good for you Georgia, get the most out of life whilst you can girl.”

Just then there was the rattle of trolleys being pulled out of a lift and along came 4 trolleys with 3 young men and 1 girl pushing them, all 4 dressed in the hotel’s uniform. I guess that they’d been told about us naked girls because they just acted as if we were fully clothed.

One of them explained what was what and the doors were opened and in walked 6 naked girls carrying trays with bowls of soup.

I saw 6 round tables with around 7 or 8 men sat at each one. All of them wearing expensive suits or uniforms. Some were talking and ignoring us, others stopped and stared at us.

I carried the tray over to the table that I had been allocated to then started serving. When serving my second tray one of the men was in a uniform and I recognised it as a police uniform. The man looked up at me, stopped at my tiny tits for a second then up to my face.

“How old are you young lady?” The man asked.

“Nineteen sir, sorry, but I haven’t got my passport on me to prove it.”

I heard a couple of little laughs then another man said,

“Henry, take your police hat off and enjoy the scenery.”

I carried on working but a little further round the table I recognised a man from the university, it was the man, I think the Dean of the university who gave us a welcoming speech on our first day. He wouldn’t recognise me but I remembered his face.

I finished serving the soups then went to stand near the door with the other girls who were quicker than me. We’d been stood there for a couple of minutes when 1 of the hotel staff came in and told us to get some wine bottles and go and see if anyone wanted a top-up.

We did, and one man on my table said that he did, but he moved his wine glass further to the centre of the table so that I had to lean over to reach it. When I saw the man move his glass I guessed that he was going to grope me and I was right. I’d already stood with my feet as far apart as the chairs would allow and his right hand went to the back of my left thigh and slid up until he reached my pussy. When I didn’t object he ran his finger along my wet slit then dove his index finger straight up my vagina.

“Is the wine to your satisfaction sir?” I asked.

“A little warn and viscous young lady.”

As soon as he said viscous I knew that he wasn’t talking about the wine so I squeezed my pussy muscles.

“And it does sort of grab you.”

I was still bent over to reach the glass that was now full but I stayed there for a couple of seconds then stood up straight and looked at him and said,

“Is the that to your satisfaction sir?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I think that I’ll be needing some more later.”

“I’ll be sure to keep it warm for you sir.”

I started to back out when he continued,

“I think that my colleague would like some.”

I looked the way his head was pointing and saw the policeman gulping down his wine.

“Yes sir, I’ll let him get some right away.”

As I moved round the table I heard the man next to the groper say,

“That’s white wine, you don’t drink it warm.”

I smiled and continued to the policeman. As I stood to his right he too pushed his glass towards the middle of the table. I smiled, spread my feet and bent over. As I was slowly pouring I felt his hand do exactly what the first mas had done to me.

“Sorry about earlier, I take my job too seriously.”

Then I heard another man say,

“I’ve read about you coppers and your child grooming.”

“She’s 19 and has a passport to prove it judge.”

“Where’s she keeping it.” Came the reply.

All this time the policeman’s finger was going in and out of my vagina and I was loving it. I stood up without moving my feet and the finger stayed in my pussy.

“Will there be anything else sir?”

“You could get up on the table and dance for us.”

“Too much cutlery and glasses sir.”

“Maybe later then.”


I backed away and as I walked away I turned and looked back and saw that the policeman was holding his finger up and they were all laughing.

“Maybe I could put on a show for them.” I thought.

No sooner than I’d put the wine bottles down I was back at the table collecting the empty soup bowls and the odd hand slid up my thighs to my wet pussy but I didn’t hang around to let any of them finger fuck me.

After a short break during which Riley told me that she’d been finger fucked as well, we were serving the main course during which we topped up the wine glasses and 2 more men at my table got their fingers inside me.

I wondered if I’d got the table with the horniest men on it or if all the girls were having as much fun as me.

We finally got through the last course and the coffee’s when the agency man appeared and told us that we could leave or stay and chat to the men. All 6 of us decided to stay and I went back to my table and the policeman slid his chair back and told me to sit on his lap.

As I sat down I looked to see if he’d got his cock out but he hadn’t. He started asking me things like why I was there, what do I do during the day and how come I had an all-over tan (which had faded quite a bit). All the time he was half listening to my answers whilst talking to the other men as well, and caressing one of my tits.

After a while the man from the university told the policeman to not be greedy and to pass me around and I was soon on the lap of the university man and he too was fondling my tits with one hand, and rubbing my pussy with the other hand.

“I must find out the name of this guy.” I thought, “then find out just what he does at the university.”

I got passed on before I managed to cum on the fourth lap that I sat on and had my pussy fingered. Just as I started to cum, one of the hotel’s waiters came and cleared away what was left and took an order for more drinks.

The waiter, along with all the other men at my table watched as my body shook and shuddered as the orgasm took control of my body. The man who’s lap I was on at that time squeezed both my tits and told me that I had done well.

I kept getting passed around the table as the men talked to each other, the difference being from that point on was that trousers were getting unzipped and cocks were coming out for me to sit on.

It was strange that some of the men shot their load inside me almost as soon as I impaled myself on them whereas others got me to bounce up and down for quite a while before they did the same.

I wondered if what I was doing was still called a gang bang.

After I’d had all 8 cocks inside me someone decided that I should get up on the table and dance for them. One of them lifted me up and I saw that Riley and another girl were also on their tables.

I danced a bit but I knew that all they really wanted to see was my pussy, preferably spread open so that’s what I did, in front of each of them in turn I squat down and swayed about, rubbing my protruding clit as I did so.

I think that I got to the third man before I orgasmed again, much to the delight of the men. I orgasmed again when I was in front of that eighth man who commented on the number of orgasms that I had had.

“It’s the ‘O’ Shot” I said, wondering if any of them knew what I was talking about. It turned out that one of the men was a consultant at the hospital and had heard of the ‘O’ Shot, and he explained it to the others who were amazed by it. The consultant wanted to know where I got the procedure done so I told him.

“Lay down and show us how easy it is for you to make yourself cum.” The policeman said.

So I did, spreading my legs so far that 2 of the men held one of my ankles and pushed my legs even further apart. After such an exciting evening it didn’t take me long to make myself cum again, much to the delight of the men who stood and started caressing my body all over, and that soon caused me to cum again.

By that time I was starting to get a bit tired and when I looked around I saw that most of the tables were empty, the people, and the girls, having left, and that included Riley. I wondered if she went back to her apartment alone or was she in the bed of some rich banker or something somewhere.

It was the policeman who offered to ‘escort’ me home and I laughed imagining myself in the back of a police car totally naked and with my wrists cuffed behind my back. That experience wasn’t to be as he came with me to get my jacket. As I put it on he said,

“Did you come here like that?”

“Yes why?”

“Oh nothing, I was just thinking about how cold it is outside.”

“We girls are tougher than men, but it was a little chilly.”

He escorted me out of the hotel and to a waiting, big car, a young, uniformed policeman jumping out and opening the door for me. I got in in a very unladylike manor and I saw the man looking down to see what he could see but I wasn’t sure that he saw anything because of the poor light.

As the car pulled up outside the apartments my escort commented about the exclusiveness of the apartments saying that someone must have a lot of money.

“That would be my father.”

“So you weren’t out earning money tonight?”

“Hell no, I doubt that I’ll even go and pickup my pay, I did it for the fun and pleasure.”

“Good for you young lady.”

I opened my jacket then lifted one of his hands and put it on my left tit. Then I leant forward and kissed him on his cheek.

“Thank you for a very pleasurable evening.”

“You’re so welcome young lady, can I have your phone number just in case I have some more pleasurable work for you.”

I thought for a few seconds then gave it to him, realising that a top policeman would be able to get my number quite easily now that he knew where I lived.

I called in on Riley on my way up to my apartment, she had left her door unlocked, as usual, and I saw her flat out on her back on her bed so I quietly left and headed for my shower.