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Brother prostitute

2022-09-29 00:51:43

Jasper just turned 17 and still a virgin and was getting sexually flustered with his girlfriend Callie because she didn’t want to have sex until she was married. Sometimes she would get him so horny that he was ready to blow his load in his pants than she would stop. Leaving him with blue-balls, where he would have to jack-off to release the presser himself. She wouldn’t even give him a blowjob; she even wouldn’t let him feel her pussy. It was no different on the day that everything changed for the better, sexually, and the way he looked at his 14-year-old brother Atom.
The night was warm for a Friday, most summer nights was so hot you would sweat even in the shade. Jasper made his way home as fast as he could for he knew that his mom was on a date and would be out till midnight at some party, and he also needed to relieve the pressure that has built up in his still hard cock, thinks to his bitch of a girlfriend.
As he walked in to the house he ran up to his room pulling off his cloths until he was naked, he sat down on his bed and started to stroke his hard as steel cock with his eyes closed he didn’t see his brother Atom walk by.
Atom was 14 with long blond hair and had a slim girly figure to him unlike his brother who was built like John Cana from the WWE. Atom also had a major crush on Jasper, but didn’t know how to let him know without getting his ass kick. He also didn’t want anyone to know that he was a pimp to a boy whore, so he had a plan and so far it was working, he was making money, and he was sucking a lot young cock. Most of the boys didn’t know who was sucking their cocks. They just knew it was a boy dressed like a hot girl, but they didn’t give a shit they was horny as hell and didn’t care whose mouth was wrapped around their cock sucking out their seed. The boy whore wouldn’t let anyone fuck him in the ass for he wanted to save his virgin ass for a special boy. However, Atom was terrified that Jasper wouldn’t love him if he tried something, so he kept his erotic fantasy to himself, until he walked passed Jasper’s room.
Atom got home a few minutes after Jasper; he would have been home earlier but his whore was devouring some boy’s cock in the boys’ bathroom at the mall. Therefore, Atom had to wait for the young 12 year old to cum so he could get the money from Candy the boy whore. He walked up the stairs sliding his backpack off his shoulder for it held his special cloths that he bought just for his boy whore to only wore when he was sucking cock. As he went down the hall, he saw that Jasper’s door was open and he heard moans, so he pecked his head around the corner and smiled at the sight making his cock jump to life.
Jasper was setting on his bed naked with his eyes closed and his hand slowly stroking his nine-inch cock, unaware that Atom was watching.
“Your bitch of a girlfriend wouldn’t let you fuck her again,” Atom said with a grin.
Jasper’s eyes fly open, “shit Atom don’t you ever knock?” he yelled as he grabbed the closest thing which was his t-shirt and he covered his rock hard cock. “Get the fuck out you little shit,” he said as he threw his dirty boxers at him.
Atom caught the boxers wanting to bring them to his nose to smell his bothers musky manly sent but thought he better not. “You know jacking-off doesn’t have the same gratification as a real blow-job, or a tight ass to fuck.”
“Well what the fuck do you know about that?”
“More than you can ever know.” Atom said with a grin, “what if I tell you that I know someone who would love to suck that big cock of yours tonight.”
“You know some girl that would suck me off, or even let me fuck her?”
“Well yes and no, and If are willing to pay?”
“You want me to pay some bitch prostitute to suck my cock? Wait what do you mean yes and no?”
“Well what if it’s not a girl?”
“Hold on little bro I’m not gay.” Jasper said as he looked at Atom, “and I will never let some fag boy suck my cock, or will I fuck a boy in the ass.”
“Hay now just because you let a boy suck your cock doesn’t make you gay; it just means that you are one horny bastard. Anyway who said anything about fucking him?” Atom said as he stepped closer to Jasper, “Getting your cock sucked by a hot sexy boy, or sticking your thick steel cock into his ass is just sex. It just means that you are horny enough to fuck anything that has a tight hole to fuck.”
Jasper looked at his brother as his own cock jumped at the thought about getting his cock sucked by some slut boy, but what turned him on for some reason was that Atom had a huge tent in the front of his sweat pants form the hard-on he had from all the talk of sucking cock. “Have you… you know let him suck your cock?”
“No I have never had my cock sucked.” Atom blushed, “And just so you know even though he may suck cock no one has ever sucked his.”
“That’s good to know, boy I don’t know if I could let a boy suck my cock.”
“What if he was to dress as a sexy girl?”
“A boy dressing like a girl sucking my cock… I don’t know maybe.” Jasper said as he gazed at Atom’s throbbing bulge, “how much does he/she cost?”
“$50 an hour,” Atom said as he notices Jasper eyeing his bulge, making his cock jump.
“Fuck is he that good?”
Yes, he is, so do you want me to call him… I mean her?” he asked as he too witched his brother’s cock jump and throb under the shirt that covered it.
“Okay, yes call her, but I don’t know if I will let him/her suck me.”
“That’s up to you, but it is still $50 an hour, suck or no suck.”
“Fine make the call.”
Atom pulled out his cell, dialed a number, and talked to someone on the other end. “Hay stud, I got a paying customer for tonight.” He said as he looked at Jasper and smiled, “Okay see you in an hour at my house, his name is Jasper give him your best tonight but you must be gone by 11:00pm.” Atom hung up the phone, “Okay she will be here in an hour, so go get showered and don’t touch your cock.”
Jasper looked at the clock it said the time 6:00pm. “So she will be here about 7:00, which gives us four hour for a blowjob. That like $200 I don’t know about that.
“Well it is like this if Candy sucks your cock for 30 minutes and then you send her home it’s only $50, but if for some reason you want more than one blowjob you pay for the time.”
“How long does it normally take him I mean her to make someone to cum?”
“Not long if the boy is in a hurry but for you he/she will take his/her time to make you feel real good.”
“Okay where will you be?”
“I’ll go to a movie; Candy will call me when you are done with her.” Atom said as he left the room, and Jasper went to take a shower.
Jasper let the water run over his body as he thought of what he was about to do. He could not believe that he was getting ready so he could get his dick suck by a boy prostitute dressed as a girl, he didn’t know if he could go through with it, but he was horny as hell. When he stepped out and dried off, he put on a clean pair of red, low cut bikini briefs, jeans, and a t-shirt. About 20 minutes later, there was a light knock on his door. Jasper took a breath, “come in.”
The door opened and in walked the prettiest girl he has ever seen, that he couldn’t believe that this was a young boy. She was wearing a pink miniskirt that barely covered her firm ass, a white button up top that was so tight that her tits strained the buttons wanting to burst, and as she turned around Jasper could see that she was wearing a thin white thong. The boy whore even had streaks of lavender, crimson, and a hint of sapphire in her long blond hair.
“Hi, I’m Candy. You must be Jasper?” She said in the sexiest voice Jasper has ever heard. “Damn you look better than I thought so… yummy.” She said as she walked closer to Jasper putting her hands on his chest. This small action made Jasper moan softly for he never had someone touch him as tenderly as this boy/girl had.
Jasper stepped back, “I don’t know if I can do this.”
Candy slips a hand under Jasper’s shirt putting her small girly fingers on the soft smooth chest. Finding the hard delicate nipple, she pitched causing Jasper to moan softly. “It is okay if you’re nervous, but tonight will be a first for the both of us.” She said as she pushes his shirt up over his head and dropped onto the floor.
“What do you mean?”
“Will I’m going to give you what you want, what you need.” She whispered as she ran a finger around his nipple, “something your girlfriend is so unwilling to give you. I’m going to give you your first blowjob and swallow all of your sweet cum like it was a soda.” She leaned in and put her mouth on the hard nipple and flicked her tongue over it then sucked on it lightly.
“Ah, my god that fells and sounds wonderful, but you said a first for both of us. So what is your fist? Because it’s not cock sucking.”
Candy pulled her mouth off the nipple she was sucking on, “Ah yes, I have sucked a many young cock but yours will be my first man size cock. Because Atom tells me you have an 8inch cock swinging between your legs, a man’s cock.” She said with the sweetest smile, “And I have never had a cock so big in my mouth.”
“Will you see Atom lied to you I don’t have an 8 inch cock.”
“So how big is it?” She replied as she stroked his chest. Then she moves her hand down and started to undo his pants.
“When hard it is 9 inches.” He replied between moans as his pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, so he was standing in front of her in his underwear with a powerful hard-on.
“Mm… more delicious cock to suck,” She said as she licked Jasper’s prefect pectoral as her hands found their way to his firm cotton covered ass.
“I…I…” Jasper moaned as the small delicate hands squeezed his ass.
“Shush, let me take care of you.” Candy whispered as her hand moved under his underwear so her fingers touched his soft but firm ass. She moved closer so their bodies touched, as she lightly squeezed his ass causing him to moan.
Jasper could not control his own body for his cock grow even harder as their bodies touched. He knew she could feel his hard cock pressing against her tight little tummy, but he too could feel a growing cock somewhat smaller than his but still a good size about 6 inches or so pushing into his leg, and for some reason he liked the way it felt.
Candy move her hand that was fondling his ass still under the tight underwear to the front to find a very large, and very hard throbbing cock so she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked it.
Jasper feeling the small soft hand stroking his cock was more than he could stand. He let out a low moan, “Yes please suck my cock before I blow my load,” Jasper bagged.
Candy smiled as she let go of his cock and got down on her knees and pushed his underwear down. His cock flew out and smacked her hard in the cheek, but it didn’t stop her she just opened her mouth. Jasper looked down in time to see 5 inches of his cock get swallowed by the sexiest mouth ever and he moaned as he sat down on the end of the bed as Candy’s head bobbed up and down on his cock.
“Ah ayah suck my big cock you little slut.” Jasper moaned as he put his hands on Candy’s head pushing her face further down on his cock. “Fuck bitch, god yes suck it, take my cock slut.” He moaned as he pushed his hips up driving the full nine inches down her throat. As he spouted out words of lust, like slut, bitch, and whore he continued to fuck her mouth.
Candy did not mind being call a slut and a whore, it just made her suck harder. She could feel her own hard cock press against the thin white thong that she wore, but she was not here to pleasure his own cock but to suck off Jasper. It wasn’t long and Jasper grunted that he was going to cum, so as his cock grew fatter the boy whore sucked even harder as the rush of hot virgin teen seed blasted for his cock. Candy swallowed as much as she could letting some leak out around her mouth and down Jasper’s cock, for this was the biggest cock she has ever sucked. She pulled her mouth from the still hard cock and licked up the last drop, then crawled up to lay next to Jasper.
That was by far the best and biggest cock I have ever sucked. Your cum taste so sweat I want more.” She said as she laid her head on his chest lightly kissing his nipple and slowly caressing his powerful cock.
“Damn Atom said you were good but damn you are an amazing and skillful cock sucker.” Jasper said as he tried to catch his breath. “I would love for you to suck it again soon, and I’m sorry but I will try to last longer next time.”
“It is okay stud; you lasted longer than most of the boy I suck.”
“Can I fuck your tits?”
“Hell yes, but that will cost extra.”
“How much?”
“$100,” Candy said as she sat up and started to undo her top.
Jasper helped her and threw it to the floor. He leaned down, kissed her nipple, and flicked his tongue over it making Candy moan. He releases her tit and looked at her, “I am sorry for calling you a slut and a whore.”
“I don’t mind it turned me on and made me hot. I love it when you talk dirty”
“I know that you are a boy…but I was just wondering if you can fake it when I fuck your sweet tits?” he asked as he laid her down and straddled her letting his cock land between her tits.
“I won’t be faking it. My fake tits have a nipple clamp on the end of a wire on the inside, so every time you move them I feel it and it gets me so hot.” She said as she rubbed his cock, “and the more you move them the hotter I get.” She grabbed her tits, pushed them around Jasper’s cock, and moaned. “Pinch my nipples and they send a small shock to my real nipples.”
Jasper reached down, pinched her nipples, and watched as she moaned even louder and her back arched driving his cock between Candy’s tits bringing it closer to her moaning mouth. “Okay but for $100 bucks it better be the best tits in town slut,” he said with a grin as he started to slide his cock between her tits. “Oh yes you got some soft tits, now suck it whore.”
“Yes fuck my tits,” Candy moaned as she kissed the head of his cock, “talk dirty to me call me your little slut make me horny babe.” She opened her mouth and sucked on the head as he fucked her tits and mouth.
“Fuck that feels great slut, suck it you whore.” Jasper screamed as he moved his cock in and out of her tits and mouth. “Fuck so good,” he moaned as he picked up speed fucking her faster and harder.
As Jasper fucked harder the nipple clamps yanked, twist, jerk, and tug on the boy whores nipples till they hurt but it felt so good that Candy’s own cock was hard as steel under the thin white thong, that he was oozing pre-cum. He need to cum real bad now but forced it down deep; he would jack-off when he was done here. Candy moan from around Jasper’s huge cock as he face fucked her.
Jasper leaned back putting his hands on her waist just below the mini-skirt and felt the soft fabric of the thong. As he moved his hand he felt the very hard cock that was living under the thong. Feeling sexually aroused by the tits he was fucking and the sweet mouth that was sucking his cock. He did not mind that his hand was on another boys cock that he started to caress and squeeze it causing the boy whore to moan even louder for around his cock. Jasper was lost in the tit sex that he slipped his hand under the waistband of the thong and for the first time he felt the warm hard but soft flesh of another boys cock and he slowly stocked it for 30 seconds be for he moved his hand to the low hanging sweaty nut sack.
“Oh my god Jasper if you keep playing with my cock and balls I’m going to cum on myself,” The boy said between gasps.
“The fuck you will bitch.” Jasper removed his hand from the cock and balls pulling it from under the thong. He then moved it to the firm young ass pulling the thong out of the lovely crack, placed his finger against the virgin hole, and started to rub around it in loops tormenting the younger boy into moaning. “Who said you could stop sucking slut?” Jasper shouted as he shoved his cock between her tits and into her open mouth, and he groaned.
Candy moaned from around the huge cock that was being rammed down her throat. The boy whore was in an erotic state of mind as Jasper ran his finger around his hole. (I hope he finger fucks me for some reason I want him in my ass so very badly,) the boy thought.
Jasper did just that as he slipped his finger into the boy’s tight asshole and started to finger fuck him. Jasper moaned as the buildup of cum raced up from his balls and down his hard shaft to explode into the moaning mouth and some landed on the face of this hot young slut of a boy whore when his cock came out of her mouth before it was done shooting its load. When Candy was done sucking down the last of his sweet seed he pulled his finger from Candy’s ass and rolled off of her so he could catch his breath.
Candy looked over and saw that even after getting his cock sucked twice and cumin down her throat Jasper was still very hard, this made the boy grin. “That was fantastic I never had anyone finger my ass before. Can you please do it again?”
Jasper sat up on his elbow and looked at her sexy body, “yes we can, and you are right tonight is a night of many first.” With that said Jasper pulled her mini-skirt off and throw it on to the floor and looked at her thong covered cock. On the thong was a pink hart and two words, (I HART BOYS) was what it said and Jasper smiled as he graded it and pulled them off releasing the boy whore’s 6 inch cock. Jasper couldn’t believe what he was about to do, but for some reason he wanted this whore’s cock to give him his first taste of hot boy cum.
Jasper remounted the boy but this time his ass was over his face so his balls hovered over her open mouth and his cock slipped once again between his tits as he started to fuck them again as he licked his balls.
“Yes that is it bitch lick my asshole as I suck your adorable cock.” Jasper said as he moved his cock in and out of her tits. He brought his mouth down and over the waiting hard cock letting his soft moist lips slowly rap around the spongy head as he slowly consumed more and more of the young boys cock. Jasper could not believe just how wonderful this boy’s cock tasted as he licked and sucked his first cock.
Candy couldn’t believe it ether when Jasper swallowed his cock. His mouth felt so good that he submerged his face into Jasper’s ass and moaned. The moan vibrated Jaspers virgin asshole causing him to moan around the delicious cock. When he felt the rough wet tongue flick over his tender hole he sucked the whole six inches of cock into his mouth but when he felt it inter the tight opening his mind went wild with lust as he was getting tongue fucked for the first time making his suck even harder. Therefore, as he was getting tongued and he sucked the best little cock ever he slipped his finger back into the young boy’s asshole and gave him a fucking of his own.
Candy loved the sensations he was feeling from the sucking mouth on his tender cock but what brought him over the edge was when Jasper started to finger fuck his virgin hole. Candy could not hold back any longer as he submerged his tongue as deep as he could get it into the most erotic ass ever. As Jasper moaned around the whore’s cock he felt his cock grow in his mouth and then without warning because he had his tongue concealed deep in his dank hot hole, when Jasper felt the first splatter of warm thick cum hit the back of his throat and he swallowed it and more as this young hot boy whore unleashed the biggest load of his boyhood ever. At the same time Jasper fired his own load of hot sticky goo all over the boy’s face, tits, and chest. Jasper rolled off Candy, letting the softening cock slip from his mouth.
“Damn that was…think you that was the best ever,” Candy said between breaths. The boy turned his head looking at the cum covered cock as it softened. He open his mouth, licked it before he slipped it into his mouth, and sucked it clean.
Jasper moaned as his cock became hard; he started to face fuck the boy. “Fucking suck it you little cock sucking whore,” he cried as his hips moved faster slamming his balls into the boy chin as he wrapped his fingers around his limp cock and stroked him till he was hard. “Ahhh… yes suck it hard slut. Drink my seed whore, milk it dry.”
Candy let go of his cock, “I love it when you talk dirty and call me your little slut whore.”
“Shut the fuck up and suck my cock you little slut whore, you little bitch eat my cum.” He yelled as his orgasm was just about there, “Fuck here it comes you cum loving slut. Oh… Ah… yes I’m going to cuuuummmm.” He screamed as he shoved his cock as far down the boy’s throat that it would go as he discharged another big load of the night.
After his cock was clean of all the cum he rolled over onto his back letting his cock to slip from Candy’s mouth so he could catch his breath. He looked at the clock as he stoked the rock hard cock that was still in his grasp. The clock said that the time was 10:30pm. Therefore, he rolled off the bed and stood up staring down at the boy who just sucked his cock. He smiled as he got down onto his knee between his sexy legs and licked his heirless nuts working his way up the throbbing shaft before he engulfed the sexiest cock that he has ever see or sucked. Candy moaned as he looked down at Jasper’s head moved up and down on his tender cock. It didn’t take him long before he moaned, “I’m going to cum.”
Jasper sucked even harder as he was rewarded with a rush of the hot creamy seed. He stood up then he helped the boy to his feet and they hugged. Candy looked up at Jasper and was about to say something when out of nowhere Jasper pressed his lips to his in a long passionate kiss. Candy could taste his own cum on his lips and tongue as they kissed but he did not care this was his first kiss. Jasper grabbed Candy’s hair and pulled his head back breaking the kiss as he looked at his slut. “You love it when I call you my slut don’t you?”
“Yes I do love it, I’m your whore for the night.”
“I want something else from you tonight.”
“Yes anything,” Candy said.
Jasper turned Candy around pushing her on the bed face down leaving the boy’s ass hanging over the edge. Candy looked back at Jasper, “what are you going to do?” The boy asked with fear in his voice, but he hoped Jasper was wanting to do to his ass that he did to his mouth. Then he felt his hard cock slip in-between the crack of his ass and slowly moved it up and down the hot moist ass.
“You want it don’t you slut?” Jasper asked as he ran his cock across the tender love bud. He also saw the sexiest birthmark it was in the shape of what looked like a small cock and balls pointing into the crack of his ass, as if it was pointing the way for his own cock, and he smiled.
“Yes I do want it more than anything, please,” Candy bagged.
Jasper moved his cock and placed the head of it at the entrance. He let the tip touch the sensitive sex cavity as his cock dripped pre-cum over the hole. “Tell me what you want whore bag for it you slut.”
“Please fuck me with your big cock. I need you in me tonight.” Candy said as he tried to push his ass back onto his cock. “Please I need you to fuck your little bro.” As the last words left his mouth he knew he was in trouble, (Shit) he thought.
Jasper stopped and looked at the boy, “what did you say?”
Candy tried to hide the fear when he replied, “I said please I need you to fuck your little whore.” He hoped that he believed him.
Jasper smacked his ass making Candy to moan. He started to press his cock against his ass when the alarm went off letting him know that it was 11:00pm. “Shit you got to go so next time I’m going to fill your sweet little ass with my 9 inch cock, but before you go.” He grabbed hold of his cock and started to stroke it hard and fast moaning as he was coming close to cumin. “Stroke your cock slut cum for me.”
Candy not wanting to waste his seed he grabbed his thong and jacked-off. When he heard Jasper moan and he felt the splatter of the hot sticky goo land on his ass it drove his own cock over the edge and he fired his load into his thong. Candy got up, turned around dent over, and licked Jasper’s cock clean before he picked up his cloths. He looked at Jasper smiling.
Jasper walked over to his desk for his wallet pulling out some money and walked back to the boy whore. “Okay, let’s see that’s $200 for 4 hours of cock sucking, $200 more for letting me fuck your tits, $200 for having the best little cock and letting me to be the first to suck it, and $200 more for letting me call you a bitch, a whore, and for being the best damn cock sucking slut ever. Oh and here another $200 for letting me to finger your ass hole and for letting me to be the first to fuck you next time .” he said as he counted out $1000 and handed it to the boy.
“This is too much stud,” He tried to hand some of it back.
“No you are worth every penny,” Jasper said as he kissed him on the lips and patted his cum covered ass. “Now you better go whore,” he said with a grin.
Candy took the money as he kissed Jasper one last time. Then he draped the cum soaked thong over his limp cock and smiled. “A reminder of tonight stud, Candy turned and walked out of the room.
Jasper just stood and watched his naked ass thinking to himself that next time he was going to fuck that attractive ass all night long. After Candy left Jasper walked over to his bed, laid down on his back, and remembered the fantastic time, he had and he started to doze off to sleep when Atom walked in.
As Candy walked out, he shut the door and headed down the hall to his own room. He dropped the cloths into his closet to be washed latter and headed into his bathroom that was attached to his room. Candy looked into the mirror as Atom looked back he smiled as he saw Jasper’s cum glistening on his fake tits. He reached up, flattens one of the tits, and then reached under it to release the nipple clamp then he did the other one. His nipples were red and a little tender, he rubbed them as he remembered having Jasper’s huge cock sliding between them. He could still taste his delicious seed as he ran his hand over his cum covered ass thinking that he almost got fuck tonight by his own brother and he wanted it to happen. Atom turned on the water and stepped in to clean up from the best night of sucking cock ever, he just could not believe that Jasper had sucked his cock not once but twice. He let the water wash away the sticky goo from off his body and the temporary dye from his heir as he thought about letting Jasper fuck him next time or not. As the soap, dye, and cum ran down the drain he realized that he was hard again so he stood there pumping his rock hard log of a cock until he came. After he dried off, he put on fresh underwear and shorts and walked to Jasper’s room to see how he was doing after what took place earlier.
Jasper was lying on his bed with his eyes closed when he herd Atom walk in. he opened his eyes to look at him and smiled, “What do you want?”
“Just came in to see how you are doing bro.”
Jasper sat up not bothering to cover his limp spent cock from Atom, “Okay, you were right that little slut is the best cock sucker ever, but if you tell anyone that I let a boy suck my cock I will kick your ass.” He said as he looked at Atom.
“Don’t fret I won’t say a word about it or that you sucked your first cock.” Atom replied, as he couldn’t take his eyes off Jaspers cock as he remembered the taste of it in his mouth.
“You fucking better not or else,” he said, but ten he spotted that Atom’s nipples were rad. “What happened to your nipples?”
“Mm, oh will you aren’t the only one to get his cock sucked tonight,” He said blushing.
“So who, when, and where did you get sucked?”
Here in you room by you tonight, Atom thought to himself, but he did not say that. “At the movies tonight by some boy,” He said turning red.
“You’re gay?” Jasper asked as his mouth dropped open.
“NO… just because I get my cock sucked don’t make me gay. Look at you, you let a boy suck your cock and you even sucked his cock. Did you not?”
“Will…I… will yes okay you made your point.” Jasper said as it was his turn to blush, “do you think I can see him I mean I can I see Candy again?”
“If you want but you don’t have to pay him any more than what you are told he normally don’t get tips but I let it slide this time.”
“You didn’t take it from him did you?”
“Will I did take $400 letting him to have$600, but don’t do it again.”
“We will see, so can I can see him again?” He asked as he looked at Atom. As he was looking he thought he noticed what he thought looked as if he had some lavender, and crimson hair dye streaks on the tips of his long blond hair. The more he looked the more Atom started to look like Candy but it couldn’t be so he dismissed the thought.
“I don’t see a problem just let me know when and how long you want him.”
“How much for the whole weekend?” Jasper asked as his cock started to get hard just thinking about the boy’s tight virgin ass riding his 9 inch cock.
Atom smiled, “You want to fuck him don’t you?”
“Will yes, I do and I know that he wants my cock stuffed deep into his gorgeous ass.”
“Okay I will talk to him to see if he would let you fuck his cherry ass,” Atom said looking at Jasper’s rising cock. He could not help not to smile as he thought, (Hell yes you can fuck my ass.) “Will I better get to bed before mom gets home and so you can spank your monkey,” he said with a grin as he playfully slapped Jasper’s now hard cock. He laughs as he walked out and went to bed.
Jasper watched Atom leave he just could not take his eyes off of his little brothers tight little bubble butt for it reminded him of Candy’s adorable ass. He shock the thought that Atom and Candy was the same boy but he could see the resemblance in the two boys. He stroked his cock as he thought of Candy sucking his cock, but as his cock was about to blow, for some reason he thought of his cock shooting it’s teen sex nectar deep into Atom’s sexy little ass. He moaned as the sticky goo landed on his chest and he fell asleep right after not knowing that Atom was watching from around the door to his room as he too pound his six inch cock to Cuming into his hand and on his own chest.
Atom finished Cuming too his brother’s cock as it spit out the white sex sauce, than he too went to his room and fell asleep naked just like Jasper.

This is the end but if you want Jasper to have sex with Atom let me know and I will see what I can do. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Please leave comments if you want more.