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Banging Anna's Ass

2022-06-07 00:00:04

Banging Anna's Ass

(FF/M+, bi, anal)

by Kysa Braswell

"Jesus H. Christ!" Anna George cried, pounding her fist on the desk top. She picked up the glossy black and white photos and started ripping them to pieces.

"You knew, going into it, that it might come to something like this," Mark Moller said. "If you hadn't been suspicious, you'd never have hired me in the first place."

"I know," Anna said, dropping the torn pictures. She stared at the DVD. The urge was strong within her to yank the disc out of the machine and stomp it with her heels. "It's not you, and it's not the pictures. I'm just fantasizing that I'm doing this to Roger. The son of a bitch!"

She couldn't believe that she was actually in a detective's office, that she had just seen photograph and videotape evidence her husband was cheating on her. She couldn't believe she had hired the detective to get the evidence in the first place. She'd been positive, in the back of her mind, that there was some other explanation for Roger's behavior. Even if she couldn't imagine what it might be. Even if she had, honestly, always supposed that he was fucking someone else.

"Who is she?" Anna asked. "Who is the slut?"

"Her name is Jan Darcy," the detective said, taking a folder from his desk. "This is the profile. She works in a law office. They handle some of the business relating to your father's estate, and I suppose that's how Mr. George first met her. Apparently they've been meeting, mostly at her apartment, sometimes at other places, for about six months."

Anna picked up one of the torn photos. The tramp was attractive enough, she supposed, though it was hard to tell. In the picture she had a mouthful of Roger's cock and she was sucking it with firm concentration, her eyes closed, her lips stretched by the thick hard prick that was shoved between them. The video had been even worse. Anna's detective had gotten into Jan Darcy's apartment and set up a camera. The result had been a half-hour disc starring Anna's husband and his redheaded slut. Anna's eyes filled with tears. She felt betrayed and insulted.

"He's not getting away with it, you know," she said, fumbling for a tissue. "The money's mine. I just hope he and his red- haired tart can get by on what she makes as a law office receptionist. You do have duplicates of these?"

She indicated the torn photos.

He nodded. "That's the normal reaction. Most women tear up the pictures. I can have more when you need them."

She wiped her eyes and dropped the tissue into the wastebasket, then stood up.

"It's not just the cheating," she said. "Don't you realize how this makes me feel? For Christ's sake, am I such a goddamn dog that he'd have to go looking for another woman?"

Mark Moller shook his head.

"No," he said, "you are definitely not a dog, Mrs. George."

"Call me Anna," she said. "And do you have any booze? Detectives always keep a bottle in the desk, don't they? Jesus, I need a drink!"

There was an old-fashioned leather couch in front of a big window. Anna leaned back, holding up her plastic cup. Mark Moller poured some booze into it. He freshened his own drink and looked at her as he sipped.

"Are you staring at me?" she asked, giggling slightly. It was much too early in the day to be drinking, and the whiskey had gone straight to her head. On the other hand, it felt pretty damn good to be giddy and carefree, after what she'd just been through.

He grinned.

"Yeah, I'm staring," he said. "You're worth staring at, Anna." He put down his glass. "I can't imagine where in the hell your husband's mind is. A man that would cheat on you probably doesn't deserve to have a cock."

She put down her own glass, tilting her head as she stared back at him.

"Normally," Mark said, "I almost hope that my investigations don't turn up anything incriminating. When you came in and asked me to check out your husband, I found myself praying I'd catch the fucker with his pants down."

Mark Moller put his hand on Anna's knee, just below the hem of her short skirt. She felt the warmth of him flow into her flesh.

"Age you trying to build up my self-confidence?" she asked slowly. Her eyes moved up and down his body. She saw the shape of a hard cock at his crotch, protruding a good eight inches down his left leg.

He guided her hand onto his cock.

"You're serious," she whispered.

He nodded.

"I hope you're in good shape," Anna said, squeezing hard at his cock-bulge. "I may be more than you can handle."

She stood up, breathing hard. The taste of the whiskey was in her throat, but that wasn't why she felt so heated up. She had led a sheltered life, with a strict and protective father. She'd only had a couple of men before Roger, and she had stayed a virgin till she was twenty-one. But she'd come to love sex and the lack of it had been driving her crazy. Masturbation couldn't kill the fires that smoldered inside her, but she'd never have dreamed of cheating on her husband. Mark watched, idly caressing the erected length of his cock, as Anna undressed. She made a production of it, taking off her skirt first and showing her long, slim legs, the stockings and garters, the skimpy lace of her string panties. Turning, she undid her blouse, then turned toward him, exposing her tits in their flimsy silk bra. She came toward him, a little wobbly from the drinks, and she let his hands discover her body.

He really wasn't bad-looking, she decided, thrusting her tits into his hands. With her heels on, she was an inch or so taller than he, but Mark appeared to be in pretty good shape, and he wore his body well. She eased the jacket off his shoulders while he was undoing her bra. It came loose, and her tits spilled out. "Jesus!" he gasped. She knew she had better tits than the skinny bitch Roger was fucking. She thought she was prettier. Of course, Jan had an ass that looked fantastic on her skinny frame, and Anna couldn't quite compare in that department. And the disc proved that she had no qualms about sharing her ass with Anna's husband. Anna had watched in shock as Roger guided his hard cock into Jan's ass and fucked her wildly up the ass. It was something he'd suggested to Anna, but she'd never been in the mood to try it. Mark Moller took her mind off her problems quickly. As soon as her tits were bare, he started to suck them. He sucked voraciously, slobbering while he fed the big soft tits in and out of his mouth. Anna swayed while Mark mouthed her tits. She stroked his head, urging him to get nastier. She guided his hand down into her crotch and showed him what she meant. His fingers slipped inside her skimpy panties and she purred as he touched her pussy-crack. It was wet and slippery, her clit erect and yearning. His fingers were a little rough, but Anna didn't mind a bit. She squeezed her thighs together on his hand and rocked back and forth, masturbating herself on his eager, excited fingers.

"Yes," she said. "Oh yes, yesssss!"

He speared a finger into her cunt and she gasped aloud. She'd almost forgotten what the touch of a strange hand felt like on her cunt. He added another finger to the stirring, and he worked them in and out of Anna, making her cunt drool.

Mark pulled down her panties, and she wiggled her feet out of them. He leaned back, looking up at her with eyes full of lust and admiration.

"You're fucking gorgeous," he said. "A man would have to be crazy..."

He stood up, and she let her hands move up and down his body. She opened his shirt, leaning in to bury her lips in the hairs on his chest. She'd never really cared for a hairy chest before, but it was totally exciting now, nuzzling him, tasting the flavor of his flesh, the sweat that was oozing from his pores. She licked his nipples the way he'd licked hers, and she felt them harden against her tongue. Her body kept brushing his, and she shivered at the sensation of his hard cock touching her. Easing down onto her knees, she opened his pants and yanked them down, his trousers and shorts coming down together. His cock sprang out and slapped her lustfully, in the face. It was a really big prick. Anna took it in both hands and began to stroke up and down the length of his cock, purring with anticipation. He was uncut, and she played with the foreskin, sliding it back and forth over the purplish knob until his cock had grown so long and stiff and hard that the foreskin would no longer cover his bloated cockhead. She kissed the tip of his cock suddenly, pressing her lips against the drooling cockhead. She left smudges of lipstick on him, but they were hard to see with his knob so red and inflamed- looking. Anna parted her lips slightly and rubbed him with the inner sides, humming as she began to mouth his cock. He sank down onto the couch, his legs spread. She slid forward, still on her knees, her mouth glued to his prick. She was drooling a little now. Until Roger, she'd never enjoyed taking a man's cock in her mouth, but he'd gotten her addicted to the taste of prick, and now she thirsted for it. Her mouth oval, then slid down over the end of Mark Moller's prick. She made a gasping sound as she took him inside her mouth, and her saliva flowed down the shaft while she sucked on his cockhead.

"Mmmmmm!" she purred over and over, moving his cock in and out of her mouth in short, hungry gulps.

He sighed, letting her take control. She pulled it from her mouth, licked him up and down. She moved down, lapping his balls as well. A hair stuck to her tongue and she scraped it loose with her teeth, spitting it out and returning to his balls. Pushing them aside, she licked into the crack of his ass. Her hand was playing with his prick, and she felt it get even harder. She tongued up the length of Mark's cock, up to the fat cockhead. Anna tongued him knowingly, spending a lot of time on the sensitive spot just below his bloated cockhead. She stroked his prick up and down while she licked it, and a little bubble of cum oozed from his slitted tip. She caught it on her tongue and savored the milky taste.

"Your cum is delicious!" she whispered. "Are you going to fill my mouth up with it?"

"You bet your sweet ass I am," he said, putting a hand atop her head and urging her down upon his cock.

Anna smiled and sucked it back inside. She couldn't throat-suck a cock, but she could do a damn good job, and she was determined to prove it. This man knew that her husband had ditched her for a redheaded slut. She wanted to show him that Roger was a dipshit. She gulped at his cock, pulling him deeper, massaging his hard meat with the wet warm muscles of her cheeks and jaws. Her tongue worked vigorously, and she moaned as she sucked. He was big, and hard, and his meat filled her mouth. She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life, and she had never needed to eat a cock as much as she needed it right now. Anna thirsted for his cum, and she sucked hard, urging it from his balls. Her hands were all over his body, and he was feeling her too, pinching at the stiff red points of her nipples, making her whine and squirm as she ate him.

"Oh, baby, you're gonna get it! Gonna get yourself a mouthful!" he moaned as he tweaked her nipples and pushed his prick into her mouth.

She sucked faster, drawing her mouth in around him, and she took his prick as deep as she could manage.

"Now, bitch, here it comes!" he gasped, and grabbed her head with both hands, holding her steady while he pumped his prick into her. She opened wide and sucked it in, and the spurting gush of his orgasm began. His cum squirted down her throat. She guzzled greedily, hot for the slimy juice.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Anna groaned, eating his load. She jerked on the shaft of his cock, milking the scummy spunk out of him and into her mouth. She couldn't taste it but it was thick and hot in her throat, and she gulped and moaned and sucked until he quit shooting.

Roger's cock usually got soft in her mouth after it had emptied its hot load, but Mark Moller's prick remained hard and firm across her tongue. Her blue eyes lit up with arousal, and she sucked him hard, making sure he stayed stiff.

"Now you have to fuck me," she said, raising her face from his hard cock. "Now you have to fuck my ass off!"

He pulled her upward, his hands filling with her hot, sweaty tits. Anna climbed atop Mark Moller, grinding her excited body down upon his. Her mouth covered his. She sucked his tongue the way she'd sucked his cock, and beneath her body, she could feel his prick, as big, as hard, and as eager for her pussy as it had been for her mouth.

"You just passed one of the tests," she whispered. "I won't fuck a man who doesn't want to kiss me after I've sucked him off!"

He kissed her again spearing his tongue into her once more.

"This should guarantee me a piece of ass, then," he said. His hands went down to cup the cheeks of her ass. She squirmed lewdly atop him, spreading her legs to enfold him. The swollen length of his prick rubbed through her dark-furred crotch, stimulating the already-dripping lips of Anna's cunt.

"I wanna fuck you so bad I can taste it," Mark Moller said. "So why the hell don't you let me taste it, bitch?"

He pulled firmly on her asscheeks, and Anna squealed in glee, sliding forward. She rubbed her wet cunt across his chest, bringing it toward his waiting face. He opened her with his thumbs, thrust his mouth upward, and began to lick the splayed coral-pink trench of Anna's aroused pussy. She rode high and eager above him, squirming and squealing as his licking made her clit throb and twitch in response. He sucked at the hot bud, gnawing it gently with his teeth, sending white- hot jolts of sexual frenzy through the woman's body. The tips of his thumbs moved onto the super-sensitive slickness of her cunt- slit, and one of them entered her wet pussy. He thrust as he nibbled her clit, and she screamed in growing abandon.

"Oh, fuck me, you horny bastard! Eat me, and then fuck meeeeeee!"

He fucked his thumb in and out of her, still chewing and sucking and licking and kissing her clit. She came twice, drenching his face with her juices, and he kept on eating, lapping at her steaming pussy as if he were in a contest at some rural county fair.

"Your husband ought to be strung up by the balls!" he gasped, his tongue sliding up and down her cunt-slit. "You got a cunt that tastes like peaches and cream, lady! Mmmm, and I'm gonna fill it with some hot cream of my own!"

He took his thumb out of her and sucked the juices off it.

Looking up at her, he said, "I guess you still feel like fucking, don't you, Anna? I mean, I can call you Anna, can't I?"

"You can call me a nasty fucking cunt, if you want to," she said, "just as long as you get that cock inside me!"

"Okay, nasty fucking cunt," Moller said. "Get your ass off my face and I'll give you what you seem to need."

Anna couldn't remember ever being so excited about a sexual encounter.

She slid back down Mark Moller's body.

"I'm fucking you, stud," she said, lifting herself above his stiff cock. She rubbed the tip through her dripping pussy. "It does feel nice and horny! Let's see how it feels inside!"

She eased the cockhead into her hungry cunt and slid downward, swallowing him with her pussy even more ferociously than she'd gobbled with her mouth. His body stiffened beneath her as she took his cock in her pussy. She strained downward, writhing above his groin. He put a hand on her tits, another on her ass, and he began to fuck hard, straight up into her cunt. He stabbed hard, piercingly, filling Anna's pussy again and again with the swollen meat of his cock. It was hard to believe she's sucked him to a blistering, gushing orgasm. He was stiff and eager, and she was easily as wet and eager to receive him. The knob of his cock fucked deep into her belly, stirring her cunt frantically. Anna swamped his cock with her steamy cunt, riding down to gulp him home time after time. She rocked as she fucked him, and she clutched at her tits, moaning and shuddering and coming down the shaft of his prick.

"Aaaaahhhh!" Mark gasped beneath her.

She could feel the mounting excitement throbbing through his cock-shaft. It matched the fiery arousal that bubbled inside her cunt. She met him stroke for stroke, grinding her cunt down onto his prick, eating it to the balls repeatedly. She came twice more while she rode him. She leaned forward, moving her tits across his chest. He caught them, squeezing the plush mounds, bringing them to his lips for more bites and sucks and kisses. She moaned, her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her hard, hot nipples.

"Drink me!" she moaned. "Oh, drink me!"

His cock swelled inside her cunt. It felt so fucking big she thought her pussy might rip open. But he didn't miss a stroke, and she didn't miss a stroke, either. The fucking wasn't as fast, as jackhammer-like, as it had been at the start. They were down to the slow grinding phase now, but slow didn't mean dull. The head of Mark Moller's prick stabbed repeatedly into the lusting maw of Anna George's pussy, and she chirped and moaned and whimpered, feeling yet another climax building inside her. She ground her hungry pussy against him, accentuating the pressure on her ready-to-bust clit.

"You son of a bitch!" she shrieked, rotating her pussy around his prick. "Oh, you're making me cum!"

"Me too, cunt!" Moller cried, and his sudden thrust almost sent Anna into orbit. He pushed his cock to the very bottom of her cunt, held it there for what seemed an eternity, and then she felt him explode.

His cum blasted into her. He fucked her until his cock went dry. She collapsed on him, her body soaked with sweat, his hands sliding up and down her body until they settled on her quivering asscheeks. His chest hair was matted with sweat beneath her tingling nipples. She sighed, making her tits move through his moist fur, increasing the amount of stimulation that her rigid nipples already felt. Mark's cum was oozing out of her pussy, and his cock, going soft, had just begun to slide out of her sticky-wet hole. She sighed again, squeezing with her cunt muscles, but it was too late to trap him. His prick eased out, and after it bubbled the driblets of spunk he had squirted up Anna. "You saw the tapes," she said. "You saw my husband fuck that little red-haired cunt three times. I want a man who doesn't know when to quit. I want a man who can fuck my mouth and my pussy and then roll me over and fuck me again. How about it? Are you that kind of man? Can you get that cock hard and fuck me one more time?"

She didn't give him time to answer. She grabbed his cum- slimed cock and began to masturbate it. She was forceful. Pressing her mouth against his, she slipped her tongue between his lips and checked out his dental work while she continued to jerk on his cock.

"Right here, right now!" she whispered into his mouth, still working on his prick. "I want it again! I've gone without for too damn long!"

He panted, and she could see concentration in his eyes.

"You're something, lady," he said as his prick began to swell inside Anna's fist. He put his hands on her shoulders and sat her up, rising with her. "Okay, nasty fucking cunt, you've got this thing hard again, so I'll just have to let you have it one more time."

He was on his knees beside her now, his prick sticking up at a sharp angle. It felt a little thinner than before, as if she'd skinned off some of the fat inside her tight pussy, but it was as hard as steel, and she slid her fingertips up and down the length of it, her eyes bright with excitement. She'd never done it three times in a row before, not even with Roger, but this was certainly a day for novelties. Anna bent down to lick it. He still tasted of cum, but there was also the flavor of cunt on his prick. Her cunt. Her juices. She lapped up and down his shaft, nibbling and sucking at the hot spongy cockhead. Her lips seemed glued to Mark's prick. She sucked it a little deeper into her mouth, momentarily unwilling to stop sucking on it.

But she raised her head, licking her lips, and her mouth glistened lasciviously as she looked up at Mark Moller. He pulled her upright and burned her mouth in a kiss, his hand automatically dropping to her pussy. She sighed into his mouth, arching her cunt into his clutching hand. His finger entered her, poking about tentatively, testing the wetness, the desire within.

"Unh-huh," she said wriggling out of his embrace. "You saw the tapes, baby. I want the same thing that freckle-faced slut gave my husband. I never let Roger fuck me up the ass, not one time, and now I'm going to let you have my ass cherry, just for proving to me what a crap my husband is. The one thing he never got from me is yours!"

"Are you sure?" he asked, but she could see the new fire in his eyes. "Are you sure you want my big hard cock up that cute ass of yours?"

She lay face-down on the couch, looking up at him over her shoulder. One of her long legs dangled down to the floor, and her crotch was totally exposed to his eyes. She saw him staring at her, and she liked the way he stared. She also liked the way his prick continued to stick up.

"Hurry, before I change my mind," she said. "I'm crazy with shock and I might regain my senses at any moment."

He slid off the couch, onto his knees on the floor. He cupped her nearest tit while he leant down to lick and kiss the curve of her ass. The wet smacking of his lips sent vibrations through her ass and she began to writhe and squirm on the sofa. Reaching down, she fingered her clit as he tongued her ass, and the vibrations continued. She liked that a lot. He spread her asscheeks and licked playfully at her ass. She had a finger up her cunt by now, sliding it in and out of her wet, sensitized fuck-hole. She turned slightly so she could move her finger more freely. He followed with his head and kept on tonguing her ass. His tongue moved back and forth from her ass to the lower edge of her pussy-crack. As her finger moved in and out, he licked it too. She slipped the finger out and his tongue poked inside her cunt, stirring her juices just a little more. Then he was back at her ass. Mark Moller was eating out her ass now, and it was an incredible feeling. She'd never had a man's tongue back there before. It had always seemed kinda dirty, sexing around with the ass, but not now. He had her asscheeks spread and her ass was dilated, and he was dipping his tongue in and out. She rocked on the sofa, pushing her ass at his face.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh baby, eat me where I crap!"

Her eyes got big as he replaced his tongue with his finger. She moaned when the finger began to rotate inside her ass, turning around and around. Her ass tightened automatically, but he kept on prodding it, and suddenly he entered her.

"Loosen up, bitch," he said.

"I'm trying!" Anna panted, frigging her hot clit in desperation.

His fingertip pushed deeper, and she made a gagging sound, but the panic faded quickly, once she got used to the feel of him inside her ass.

She was tight, and he had to fight her a bit. She strained, anxious to take him despite her apprehensions and second thoughts. And then her resistance broke down, and his finger plunged all the way up her ass. He ground his knuckle against her ass-ring, rotating his finger inside her, and she whined and whimpered.

He reamed her mercilessly. But with each rotation, her ass got a little less tight, a little more excited.

He pulled out of her ass, wiping his finger on an asscheek.

"Okay, baby," he said, "you wanted the real thing, and that's what I'm gonna give you. Stroke my cock once more for luck, and then I'll fuck your tight sweet ass!"

She was still frigging and fingering herself, but she took his cock in her other hand and squeezed, feeling the excited surges that raced through his stiffened meat. He felt a lot bigger than he had a couple of minutes ago.

He mounted the sofa behind her, coming down upon Anna. She spread a little wider, reaching back with both hands to open herself for him.

"Fuck me!" she moaned, "Fuck me up the ass, just like my husband fucked his little redheaded whore!"

He brought the knob of his cock to bear against her ass. She closed her eyes, feeling its blunt snout nosing her there.

"Oh, come on!" she panted. "Do it to me, stud!"

Her hole was dilated from the finger-reaming he'd given her, and he was able to get the head of his cock inside her with no trouble.

"Oooooh, it's gonna hurt!" she whimpered.

"It won't hurt me a bit," Mark Moller said, and drove his cock into her.

She screamed at the force and fury of his sudden lunging penetration. The meaty shaft of his prick rammed hard and deep into her ass, and she screamed again, but she was definitely fucked, pinned to the sofa by the weight of his body and the length of his cock, and there was not a hell of a lot she could do about it now.

"Fuck me, then, goddamn you!" she snarled over her shoulder, and her finger began to fuck in and out of her cunt. She could feel his cock moving inside her ass, and it excited her. Anna stimulated herself harder, and Mark matched her stroke for stroke.

She was as tight as hell back there, but she wasn't constipated against his assault, and the more times he prodded her with his prick, the looser her ass became. It never grew less than snug around his prick, but there were no red bursts of agony now that he was fully imbedded, and his fucking became a little gentler, and a lot more exciting.

She continued to masturbate her pussy, his hand joining hers in the effort. While she finger-fucked herself, Mark concentrated on her clit. The pleasurable sensations grew stronger, more difficult to resist. His prick fucked into her ass again and again, and she chewed her lips, enduring and enjoying.

"Oh, you fucker!" she whined. "Oh, you rotten fucker!"

But there was nothing rotten about the way he fucked Anna's ass. She writhed and swayed, she moaned and whimpered, and she came like a bitch in heat.

She wasn't sure if she was cumming in her ass, her pussy, or both. She only knew that it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

It seemed to last forever, building into new heights each time she thought it was ebbing. He'd poke her again, deeper, with his driving, ass-pounding cock, and she'd suck in her breath and find herself squealing out a fresh orgasm. Her fingers were dripping as they kept up the pussy attack, and her clit was so raw under his fingers that she heard herself begging him to stop.

He didn't stop. He fucked her. It was what she'd asked for, and it was what he gave her.

Suddenly he gasped too, and she knew that he was going to cum, that he was going to splatter her crap with the discharge of his jism. She thrust her ass back against him, engulfing his prick in her tight ass, and she wiggled her ass from side to side, the muscles milking hotly at his throbbing prick.

"So this is what it's like!" she moaned from deep in her crap, the words forced out of her by the belly-busting force of Mark Moller's long cock. And even as she spoke, his cock vibrated within her ass and began to spit out its load of cum.

"So, what are you going to do about this?" Moller asked, indicating the torn pictures and the DVD-disc. "You've got the fucker by the balls. With evidence like this, he probably won't even show up in divorce court to answer the charge."

"I don't know," Anna said, hooking her bra. "I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. But when I do figure it out, I promise you'll be the first to know."

When Roger came home from work, Anna met him at the door. She was freshly washed, powdered, perfumed, and she wore a lush satin robe wrapped around a shimmery sheer nightgown. The curves of her body showed through it, and as she kissed him hello, she let the robe fall open.

"Hard day?" she asked, stroking his cheek.

Roger's job was an executive position with the company Anna's father had created. He didn't have to exert a muscle or a brain cell to collect his paycheck.

"So-so," he said, easing out of her embrace.

She watched him go past, brushing her off as if she were a stray dog.

He turned at the foot of the stairs.

"Something's come up, dear," he said, "and I have to fly to New York for the weekend. I hope we don't have anything planned."

She stared at him.

Roger looked down at his watch. "Damn! I'm going to be late for the plane. I'd better grab a shower now. Sorry I can't talk longer, but you know how it is..."

Anna went up the stairs, listening as he turned on the shower. She went into the bedroom.

She stood by the mirror, examining herself critically in the sheer blue nightgown. She wasn't the most beautiful woman on earth, but she was pretty, and she had a decent body, with good legs, a full chest, and a slim ass. She deserved better than she was getting from her husband.

Anna opened the bottom drawer of her dresser and reached into the back. Roger didn't even know she had a vibrator.

She went to the bed, stretching out across the pink satin sheets she'd had the maid put on it. They were smooth and cool against her skin. She felt glamorous and sexy. Too bad her husband didn't care. She rolled the vibrator between her palms, warming it up, and then she switched it on.

She stroked herself with the thing, through her sheer nightgown, arousing her nipples to pointy erections. She squeezed her tit, forcing the nipple to push upward, and the vibrator buzzed fitfully across the arching peak. Anna began to feel warmer, more excited. She was starting to feel the way she'd felt at Mark Moller's office.

She moved the vibrator down her belly, twisting on the bed as she continued to caress and excite herself. Her juices were flowing already, sopping the crotch of her panties, and there was an uncontrollable itching between the lips of her cunt, even before she began to work the vibrator back and forth over her pussy.

"Ahhhhh!" she gasped, clenching her thighs around the vibrator and pressing it firmly against her pussy. The bed swayed erotically beneath her, and she clutched her hard-nippled tits. She moved the vibrator against her cunt as if it were a cock, rubbing her aroused pussy until her clit buzzed like a bee and the lips drooled a sticky honey that soaked her panties, her upper thighs and the humming vibrator.

She eased down the top of her gown, baring her pointed tits. She squeezed her tits upward, her tongue extending to lap at her nipples. She flogged them hungrily. Straining a little, she was able to take a nipple in her mouth and suck it. It reminded her of the way Mark Moller had feasted on her tits this morning, and the memory sent shivers of excitement racing through Anna's entire body. She bit into the straining flesh of her hardened nipple and her eyes welled with tears of erotic agony.

Down between her thighs, the vibrator was driving her cunt crazy with lust. She kept on sucking at her tit, reaching down with her other hand to grab the vibrator and turn it around. She pressed the point against the crack of her cunt and slid it back and forth, concentrating on the swollen button of clit-flesh.

The shower was still running, and Roger was singing.

She sat up, pulling the nightgown up over her head and tossing it to the floor. She slid out of the matching panties, flinging them aside too. Stretching across the bed again, she began applying the vibrator directly to her naked body.

Anna hunched forward and took a tit into her mouth, sucking it with love and lust, while she scraped the vibrator through her pussy-hair. The fur was matted with cunt-juice, and her cunt-lips were open, as if they were gasping for sex. She slid the tip of the vibrator into her opening and thrust, filling her pussy with the solid bulk of the buzz-stick.

She bit into the flesh of her tit, sucking away the pain her teeth caused, and she jabbed herself, poking and prodding, moaning at the savage pleasure it gave her. A little like the hard nasty fuck Mark Moller had thrown up her pussy on his office couch. But she was getting it from plastic and not from flesh, and it wasn't the same thing, not the same thing at all.

"Oh, Christ," she whined, pulling the vibrator out to use its wet sticky point on her swollen clit. She stretched out, arching upward as she humped the vibrator. Then she hunched once more and pressed her red lips against her aching tits.

That was when Roger came out of the bathroom.

He was in his short robe, his hair damp, a towel across his shoulder. He stopped short.

She didn't stop, not even to look back at him. She was too deep in her lust by now, and anyway, she wanted him to see that she didn't need him or his cock.

"Hello, darling," she said, sloshing her tongue across a hard nipple. She gave her wrist a flip and thrust the vibrator back up her cunt, moaning and growling as it penetrated her pussy once again. Her cunt sucked wildly at the buzzing dildo, holding it so possessively she found it difficult to fuck the thing in and out of herself.

She was glowing now, she knew, as wet from sweat as Roger had gotten from his shower. She could smell her funky pussy scent, and it was intoxicating.

She'd never masturbated in front of Roger before. He stared in fascination, seeing a brand new side of his wife.

Roger took a step closer to the bed. Anna sneaked a look at him. The front of his robe was beginning to tent out, and she knew what was responsible.

She swiveled around, presenting her pussy to his staring eyes. She knew exactly what she was doing. Now he could see the vibrator fucking in and out of his wife's cunt, see the cunt-lips spreading to make room for it, see the wetness that coated the plastic shaft as it emerged. She was fucking her cunt toward the vibrator, eating it greedily, and her clit was enormously swollen, gleaming like a pearl above her splayed pussy-lips. She reached down to frig her clit and Roger came nearer to the bed.

His robe slipped open, and his stiff prick pushed outward. He had a big cock, no two ways about it, but as far as Anna was concerned, Roger himself was the biggest dick around. She'd certainly excited him with her display, and it gave her a tingle of satisfied pleasure.

"This is so unlike you, darling," he said.

He sat down on the bed beside her, stroking her hair and shoulders while she fucked herself with the vibrator. She bit her lip and concentrated on herself.

He took her free hand and put it on his stiff prick. She let her hand be guided, let her fingers be molded around his hard cock, but her hand was limp and loose. He squeezed the fingers down, until they clutched him. She felt the hot pulsation of lust inside his cock.

"Do me too!" he whispered, and he guided her hand up and down, moving his cock inside it.

She was in no mood to cooperate with him. But she allowed her hand to be used, and she kept on fucking herself with her hot, battery-powered vibrator.

The harder she fucked herself with the dildo, though, the more tightly her other hand gripped Roger's cock. His hands were all over her.

"You look so wild and hot," he said. "I can't believe you're doing this. It's not like you at all, mmmmm, lean over here and kiss my cock, will you, dear?"

Anna resisted his efforts to push her face down toward his cock, and she continued to assault her pussy with the plastic prick.

But he seemed to be determined to get his cock into her mouth, and he pried her fingers loose, then brushed the head of his cock against Anna's cheek. She felt the velvety sponginess slide across her flesh, slobbering out a trickle of pre-cum as it touched her.

The dildo was pounding in and out of her cunt, emerging from time to time to buzz her clit again, then slamming deep and hard into her fuck-hole once more. She felt her face being turned toward Roger's cock, and she relaxed, allowing him to do what he wanted.

His prick touched her mouth, and the old familiar scent of him filled her nostrils. She sniffed, then opened up, and he thrust between her lips.

There was a certain pleasure in sucking his prick, and she rationalized that after all, he had taken a bath and washed himself since he'd been with his red-haired slut. She probably couldn't catch anything serious from a little nibble on his dick. And God, she did still so love to suck him!

Her mouth grew wet and slurping on Roger's cock, and he was fondling her tits and reaching low down her belly to frig her clit while she continued to fuck the dildo. He spread her cunt-lips wide, then squeezed them tightly around the dildo, increasing the pressure and the stimulation all at once.

He spread her wide again, and his finger slicked into her cunt, probing alongside the burrowing shaft of the dildo. She got very wet around him. She found herself jerking wildly with lustful responses. Her sucking grew more determined, more intense.

His cock was almost too big for Anna to suck properly, but she knew she was doing a damn good job anyway. He thrust across her lapping tongue, his cockhead pulsing into the upper end of her throat. She gagged a little but kept on gobbling.

He pulled her upper body around and started fucking deeper and faster into her mouth.

"You're acting like a whore," he said. "And I think I like it!"

Now she was on her knees, her head buried in his lap, her ass in the air, the dildo humming away as it protruded from Anna's dripping pussy. She had both hands on Roger's cock as she fed it in and out of her mouth. He reached beneath her and started to manipulate the vibrator, fucking her with it in short but passionate thrusts. He even slipped it out, as she had done, and buzzed her clit, but he gave her a couple of gooses up the ass with the thing, too!

He knew she didn't go for any of that ass stuff! But she couldn't help thinking of what she had forced Mark Moller to do to her today, and each time the vibrator's tip tingled outside her ass, she felt a fresh dribble of pussy-juice trickle down her quivering, sweat-soaked thighs.

She climaxed. The orgasm ripped through her like a chainsaw and she howled around the cock that fucked her wet mouth. The humming sound set off a chain reaction in Roger's cock, and suddenly he was squirting his cum onto her tongue.

"So," she said, lying smug and contented with her head in his lap and his cum dripping from her chin, "do you really have to go to New York?"

"Oh, crap!" he gasped. "I almost forgot about that! I'm going to be late. Listen, Anna, this is major, and I can't get out of it. And when duty calls, you know?"

I know, Anna thought. But it's not duty that's calling you. It's a red-haired cunt.

She sat up.

"Okay," she said. "If you have to, you have to."

"I'd better take another shower," Roger said. "I seem to smell like I've just gotten fucked." He leaned down and kissed Anna on her cum-smeared lips. "We'll have to try this again when I come home. Where in hell did you ever get that dildo, dear? It doesn't seem your style at all. I like it, but it doesn't seem your style."

And with that he went back into the bathroom.

Anna lay on the bed, staring at him with a mixture of lust and revulsion.

"All right, fucker, you got it." Anna said, once she heard the shower water running and the sound of his singing. "If you don't want it, let's find out if anyone else does."

"You don't want any money?" the man asked. "This isn't some kind of weird scam?"

Anna George smiled. "No, it isn't some kind of weird scam. I simply feel like being fucked tonight, and I thought maybe you were the man to do it. If you're not, I can always look for someone else."

She stood up, putting down her drink. She was wearing a red dress, tight in the bodice to show off her tits, low-cut into the cleavage, in shimmery swirls down her long, black-stockinged legs.

"Well?" she asked.

"Don't go," he said, putting down his own drink. Gingerly, still uncertain, he came near. Anna smiled and waited.

She had picked him up in a hotel lounge near the airport. She was on her way back from confirming that Mr. and Mrs. George had boarded a flight to New York.

That had been the clincher. If Roger could go to New York with his slut, then Anna had no qualms about going on the prowl. The Satin Lounge was the top pick-up spot in town. Anna had scored not five minutes through the door, and now they were in his hotel room.

The man was a salesman, leaving town in the morning. He was gorgeous, the kind of big blond stud Anna had always dreamed about in her school days, though she always froze up around them in real life. His name was Mark.

He put his hands on her waist and she leaned in to him, brushing her tits against his chest. Her nipples were hard through the soft clinging fabric of her dress. He couldn't help but feel them touching him. She pushed a little more firmly, making sure he felt them. His hands moved around her waist and down onto the curves of her ass.

She squeezed closer, her belly starting to grind against his crotch.

She kissed him hungrily, her mouth wet and open. Her eagerness seemed to scare him a little, but the more she fucked her tongue in and out of his mouth, the more excited he grew. His hands cupped her asscheeks, squeezing them possessively, and now he was grinding back at her, and his prick was beginning to show some definite signs of interest.

Anna came up for air, licking her lips and smiling. She had her arms around his neck. She swayed, her asscheeks swaying too inside his cupping hands. She felt the surging energy as it flowed into his cock, stiffening him against her.

"I'm for real," she said. "Are you?"

He didn't say anything. She wriggled out of his grasp and took a couple of steps back, wobbling a bit on the heels. Turning, she looked over her shoulder and said, "Would you unzip me, please, Mark?"

He tugged down the zipper of her dress. She leaned forward, easing it off her shoulders and down her body. It fell to her ankles, and she stepped out of it. Under the dress she wore a pink teddy, its front laces undone, with black stockings and bright red shoes. She was sure that she looked good, and his eyes confirmed her suspicions.

"God," he said, staring into the front of her teddy. The undone laces showed tantalizing glimpses of the curves of her tits, and the nipples protruded insistently under the smooth silk.

"Touch them, if you want," she said, taking his hands and placing them on her tits. She forced his fingers downward. "Would you like to see them?"

He nodded, and she slid the straps of the teddy off her shoulders. It fell to her waist, where she caught it, and she confronted him with her tits, bare and tempting.

"Your body is gorgeous," Mark whispered, his eyes alive with lust.

"Now you take something off, she said. "I bet you have a beautiful body, too."

He did. She had to restrain a gulp as he got out of his clothes. His shoulders were broad, his chest smooth and hard- looking, his waist tapering and narrow. He removed his pants, stumbling slightly, but her eyes were on his crotch, not his feet. He wore a pair of tight bikini shorts. The lance-like shaft of his cock was protruding above the low-riding top of the shorts.

His cock was long, not overly thick, but really long, and Anna eyed him, her mouth watering for the taste of his cock.

She dropped her teddy, leaving her naked except for stockings. Her eyebrows lifted, and Mark yanked down his shorts. His cock jumped out, long and hard and ready for love.

She took it in her fists, sliding them up and down the length of Mark's cock. He was almost long enough that she needed both hands to masturbate him properly. As it was, she could wrap two fists around his cock and there was still a little bit peeking out of her handhold. Leaning toward him, she pressed her tits, bare now, the nipples hot and stiff, against his chest.

He took her head in his hands and kissed her savagely.

"I don't even know your name," he said, breaking free.

"It's Noelle," she said, lying. What business of his was her name, anyway? The only thing that mattered between them was the swollen, raging prick she clutched in her fists. The only thing.

They moved to the bed. He picked her up like a bridegroom and carried her over, depositing her carefully on the mattress. She looked up at him, stroking her tits and pinching the nipples even harder. They were blood-red with lust, and so were her eyes.

He knelt by the bed, leaning across her where she lay. He started at her mouth and kissed his way down to her stiffened nipples. She moaned in gratification as he took them in his mouth, one after the other. He squeezed her tits together and sucked his way back and forth, munching, biting, licking, feeding the pointy-capped mounds into his mouth for hungry swallows.

One hand, meanwhile, was down between her legs. He slid his fingers up and down the puffy bulge of her cunt, stretching the taut cunt-lips, opening them, then squashing them shut again. She writhed responsively, her hands all over him, urging him to do more.

"You really do want it, don't you?" he said softly. "You're dripping wet!"

His finger moved through the deep pink cleft of her cunt, tickling the aroused opening. She whined and winced as he poked her fuck-hole, and then he plunged into her, his finger buried in hot tight wetness. Her body bucked and trembled as he finger- fucked her pussy and sucked at her aroused tits.

He moved his lips down her belly. He was finding spots she hadn't even guessed were responsive, but which came alive at the touch of his mouth, his tongue. His hand manipulated her cunt in a smooth, knowing fashion, and her juices puddled in his palm.

"Eat my cunt!" she whispered. "Get me hot!"

"Christ, you must have been born hot," he said, his mouth easing into the upper edge of her pussy-bush.

He licked down toward her cunt, opening her cunt-lips until her clit stood out.

"Jesus!" Anna gasped as he tongued her back and forth, inching slowly toward the rising button of her clit. His finger poked back into her cunt.

She reached down and found his cock. It was as hard and long as before. She stroked it vigorously while he licked her cunt.

His tongue came down onto her clit, finally, and she almost screamed at the electric-like touch of him, lapping the tingly hard button. His finger was deep inside her cunt, and she squirmed, writhed, and fucked his finger with her ravenous pussy.

"Oh, eat me, eat me!" she moaned from low in her throat. "Eat my fucking pussy!"

He spread the cunt-lips wide and thrust his face up into Anna's hot horny cunt-gash, his tongue stabbing ahead of him to enter her as deep as he could lick.

He wiggled into her, and his tongue licked her inside out, reaming softly but provocatively around her pussy. She lifted her ass straight off the bed and she came all over his sucking mouth.

She still had a fistful of his prick, and the dryness at the back of her throat told Anna that it was time to do some sucking of her own.

"Get up on the bed!" she panted. "Let me eat that cock before I die!"

He sidehopped onto the bed with her and she spun around instantly, making for the rigid pole of his prick. She took it in both hands, marveling at the length and stiffness.

He had thighs like granite. She couldn't get over how firm and muscular they were. She didn't know whether to keep on fondling his prick or caress the perfection of his upper legs. His stomach was flat and hard, too, and she stroked her palm across it.

He had little body hair, other than what grew in his armpits and around his proud cock. Anna slid her hand up his thigh again, and over onto the long pole of his prick, then leaned in to suck him blind.

She extended her tongue and tickled the edges of his cock- knob with it. He shivered in her grip, and she smiled. Men really loved to have their cocks licked, and Mark was no exception.

"Noelle, baby!"

She'd almost forgotten what name she had given him.

She made her licking a little more aggressive, and he tasted as good as he looked. She coated his cockhead with saliva.

She traced the bulging shape of his cock straight down to his balls. She pushed his balls aside and licked the area beneath his sac, down toward his ass.

"You're a dirty bitch, Noelle," he said, patting her head. "C'mon, lick my ass, too!"

She rolled him over and took a nipping bite of his ass, then spread his asscheeks and slid her tongue up and down the crack.

His ass was tiny, but it dilated when she pried his asscheeks open, and she smiled at the way it seemed to wink back at her. Leaning down, she flicked it with her tongue, rimming the wrinkly flesh, poking into it as if she meant to fuck him orally in the ass.

"Oh, that hits the spot," he said, but by then she was tonguing her way down to his balls, attacking them from behind.

She reached under Mark and grabbed his cock, stroking it with a growing eagerness while she kept on licking and sucking everything that wasn't nailed down.

She got a mouthful of balls, chirping as she sucked them.

Then he turned over, and she fell on his cock with her hungry mouth, gulping him in and sucking madly up and down his prick- shaft. She couldn't get nearly all of his long cock into her mouth, but she sucked the hell out of all she could swallow, and her saliva ran down the cock-shaft, wetting the entire length of Mark's prick.

She came back up, concentrating on the prick-knob, and she feasted there while her fists stroked and jerked the rest of him. He was reaching for her, and she squirmed around, opening her cunt to his fingers. He speared three fingers up her pussy-hole, fucking Anna while she sucked his cock. It was pretty clear he liked what he was getting. And he wasn't the only one.

Anna's face lifted and she said, "Well, dude, are you going to fuck me or not?" He grabbed her by the waist and spread her on the bed. Her legs spread automatically and she reached down to spread her pussy for him. He came down on his knees, between her thighs, and she caught his cock in her other hand, bringing it to bear against her drooling cunt-crack.

She moved his cockhead in and out of her pussy, teasing herself with the promise of a full insertion till she could hardly stand it.

"Now!" she cried. "Fuck me right now!"

He nodded and thrust, and she got her fingers out of the way just before the power of his thrust would have buried them alongside his prick in her pussy.

"How's this?" he gasped, burying his prick in her ready cunt. His belly slammed against hers, and the sparse hairs he had were in exactly the right position to rub against her clit. She opened her mouth to shriek, but no sounds came out.

Mark was propped above her, supported by his arms and knees. He was stirring her cunt with his long cock, and she tossed her head from side to side, biting her lip and murmuring.

She couldn't remember ever having been penetrated quite so deeply. She couldn't remember ever having been more excited by being penetrated.

"Fuck me, goddamn you!" she growled beneath him, grinding her hips and milking his cock in and out of her churning pussy. "Now! Now, now, now!"

He got the message, and he started to fuck her hard and deep, showing her cunt no mercy with his long prick. It banged to the bottom of her pussy, hitting hard, and she whined like a dog with each stroke. Her feet kicked up into the air. She alternately spread and squeezed her legs, varying the tightness of her cunt around his cock, drawing more and more pleasure from the sensation of being fucked.

Mark gasped, and his prick began to unload inside Anna.

"Noelle, baby!" he gasped, filling her cunt with his cum.

He fucked into the sticky mess, and it oozed out of her cunt each time he thrust home to give her another squirt. She was moaning and climaxing, her legs wrapped around his thighs and her hands clawing at his chest as she urged him to give her more.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy and crawled up her chest, his dripping prick protruding before him. She took it in her hands, relishing the sticky feel of cum that coated his cock, and she fed it into her mouth, sucking hard.

"Why were you so hesitant?" she asked as they shared a shower, soaping each other. "Were you afraid of me?"

"Noelle, baby," he said, shaking his head, "a guy in my position has to be careful. I can't just fuck anything that looks good while I'm on the road. You're a total doll, sure, but there are some girls around who aren't as neat and clean as you. I'm a married man, and my wife would kill me if I came home with a dose of something nasty."

"You're married?" she said, stiffening. Somehow that changed the whole complexion of things. "Why didn't you say so?"

"Hey, doll, my wife is a long way from here, and what she doesn't know can never hurt her, right?"

Anna brushed past him, out of the shower.

"That's what I used to think," she said over her shoulder as she picked up her clothes. "But it isn't true at all."

Downstairs, in the lounge, she tossed down a drink. I'm no better than Jan Darcy, she thought.

A couple of men tried to hit on her, but she wasn't in the mood. She ordered a second drink, took a sip, and a hand brushed her shoulder. She turned and found herself looking at a pretty, petite blonde woman.

"You wanna make a quick hundred?" the woman asked. "I'm in a bind and I could really use some help."

She thinks I'm a hooker! Anna realized, a few sentences into the conversation. She blushed, but the darkness hid her embarrassment, and the blonde didn't notice.

"It's an easy trick," she said. "I've got this john upstairs who wants two girls, and that rotten bitch Daisy has fucking vanished on me. She was supposed to help me, but I can't find her. She's probably blowing somebody's dog for pocket change. She's such a cunt!"

She smiled and ran her fingers up and down Anna's bare arm.

"C'mon, babe, it's no problem. All you have to do