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Amber’s First Time

2022-06-27 00:00:03

Amber’s First Time A True Story When She Was 11 Almost 12 About Amber written by MorethAntwOlesstHanwHole.

It was a summer day; the sun beat down heavy-handedly, it was a hot day.

Jason he was in High School at the time, I remember watching him get out of his car with his sunglasses and his school jacket one time he looked so hot and cool.

I used to watch him all the time he was so hot and so cool, that’s why I think I swooned

He was paying attention to me, he was pleasing looking with a muscled hard body, he worked out a lot, his big huge arms, big hands, strong facial features, really short light brown hair, brown eyes that seemed to look right through me, he had a tattoo of barbwire around his right upper arm, he was so hot, so cool, I was flattered he even talked with me and before I knew it, it was too late to turn back.

It was all like a dream really looking back, the details are kind of hazy since I was so young, but I can’t ever forget about him and that hot summer day.

He was a High School boy, I a little waif of an 11-year-old girl with pretty long, to middle of my back blonde hair with a hint of brown, blue eyes, very light skin, about 4 foot 8 or 9 inches tall, 80 pounds, and we were hanging out and I was just flattered that he wanted me around.

That day he was wearing aviator glasses as he always did, a white muscle shirt and jeans.

He asked me if I wanted to swim at his pool and no one else was home at the time.

I raced home and put on my bathing suit under my clothes.

I went over.

I was wearing a two-piece yellow bathing suit not revealing under my jean shorts, a white blouse and flip flops I think.

I removed my white blouse, flip-flops and jean shorts.

He was then wearing red swim trunks and aviator glasses; he took of his big aviator glasses setting them aside.

We played in the pool, the water felt so good, I climbed on his shoulders my covered virgin crotch touching the back of his neck, jumped off a few times, it seemed innocent enough, he dunked me a few times, he also touched my breast at them time pretty non-existent breasts, just puffy pink nipples.

We swam in the pool for a couple of fun hours.

We got out of the pool both of us soaking wet.

Suddenly he kissed me, I like melted, our lips pressed together and I was like in heaven, an angel in heaven so high from the overwhelming oral sensations.

He was a girl my ages dream.

I kissed him back, meeting his kiss with my own, I swooned and I was so excited.

We must have exchanged kisses for a good 20 minutes before his hands started roaming over my body lightly he reached down and squeezed my butt lightly.

After that he rubbed my crotch first soft than got harder.

Next thing I knew he had his fingers inside my two-piece bathing suit and it felt so good and he was like my dream guy.

He stopped kissing me and my eyes were closed, and then I felt something I didn't expect or even ever think about, he put me on my back on a towel, his head between my legs licking me with my bathing suit pulled to the side, his fingers spread my labia lips, I wanted to scream but I didn’t.

I felt his tongue he kept licking me, long licks up my slit at first and then he concentrated on my clit, sucking, licking it hard with his tongue for about 5 minutes probably it seemed like a long time but probably was not, and I came so hard I was light headed; I never came like that before, I had came before just nothing as intense, I knew how to make myself orgasm by rubbing my little clitty, God I don’t know how many times I orgasmed before that day, I started playing with myself around when I was 9-years-old I think and my first orgasm was when I was 10.

I thought he was done, but then I felt something hard at my extremely tight little hairless pussy, then he pushed into me and I just lay there on my back next to the pool on a towel under the hot sunlight of summer while he fucked me intensely while I was still in my yellow two-piece bathing suit.

I was kind of shocked, cause it hurt, but only for a bit when he busted through my hymen, he was thrusting hard and was not really concerned how I felt.

I could feel the hard concrete under the towel as he pounded into me, my cute little behind rubbing against the towel hard, his hot breathe on my neck as he fucked me, I remember he was mumbling something as he fucked me I couldn't understand all of it, but I did make out the words "tight" and "bitch," after like 3 minutes of this I just started to feel good again, then it was over he had cummed inside my extremely tight tiny little bald vagina and pulled out.

He rolled off me and told me I had to get going, he didn't leave open the option for talking afterwards, I just sat there for a few minutes, then I left, I walked home with his cum dripping out of my just fucked little slit.

I remember getting home, taking off my swim suit, smelling the bottoms, how it smelled strongly of guys cum, I never had smelled a guys cum before that and like 5 years later when I smelled a guys cum next I had flashbacks of the scent of the first cum I ever smelled on my yellow bathing suit bottoms.

I really felt guilty for a while, but then I realized that he took advantage of me, it was him that should feel guilty that bastard.

After he fucked me that one hot summer day by that pool he hardly ever talked to me again, he pretty much ignored me after that.

Well that was the true story of my first time written by my Owner, the details are all from me, She wrote it and made it into a story.

Please don’t bother me about the story okay?

Post some comments if you want.

Does anyone want me to post stories about me sucking my dog off?

I’m pretty new to the site and like I said above I am Owned.

End of Amber’s First Time A True Story When She Was 11 Almost 12 About Amber written by MorethAntwOlesstHanwHole.