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Alucard: Angela is an Amazing Creature

2022-09-26 00:42:25

Chapter Two: Angela is an Amazing Creature

The next morning, I was met by bright sunlight dancing on the wall of my bedroom. It was common for me to leave my blinds open in order to wake up more naturally. I had a simple breakfast and made my way to the stock house. I needed to find another female to breed. This time, I would install an anal plug in order to mitigate the unfortunate outcome Mia suffered, even as enjoyable as it was to watch. I once again peered into the human female's holding pens. And that is when I saw Angela. Angela had recently given birth to a young female human and was nursing her. Angela had olive skin, must have been Hispanic, at least in part, and was an exceptional breeder. She was unusually horny all the time, possibly due to drug therapy during her younger years. She was currently 38 years of age, but was still in excellent physical condition. She had no body hair, as did none of my human females, was brunette, had large breasts with large, dark nipples, which currently spewed milk, and floppy, brown pussy lips. She was really quite lovely.

Angela sat nursing her young. She lifted her right breast, which was unused currently by her child, and drank from it. Angela held the nipple in her mouth, her eyes closed, and made a humming sound as she drank. I could see her swallowing deeply as she sucked the milk out of her own breast.

I opened the pen and stepped inside. She smiled at me and placed the small child in the crib that was nearby and it slept soundly. Then, she offered me the breast she had been enjoying. I didn't want to be rude and so accepted. Her breast milk was sweat, warm, and rather delicious. Angela moaned pleasantly as I suckled the milk from her shapely breast. I then kissed Angela and she kissed me back, her eyes looking deeply into my own.

She was again sitting on a pillow with her legs apart. I took a knee and examined her soft, wet pussy. She seemed to enjoy the attention. I licked her clit and she shuttered. I drug my tongue through her wet pussy lips, tasting her sweet nectar. I put a finger inside of Angela's cunt, then a second, then a third. She was still loose from birthing. I put another finger inside and soon had my entire fist was in her wet, gaping fuck hole. When my fist went inside, she let out a gasp and then smiled at me with excitement. I fist fucked her deeply and she loved it! “What an impressive woman,” I thought to myself.

I decided to take this opportunity to install the anal plug. I withdrew my hand from Angela's cunt and let her lick it clean. I then retrieved an anal plug. Originally, I was going to use a small plug, but suspected Angela would prefer a larger size. This anal plug started off small at the tip, maybe only an inch in diameter, but then grew to be five inches in diameter! With a length of twelve inches, but at the opposing end was again small, maybe only two inches in diameter, so it wouldn't pop out. When I had returned to Angela, she was rubbing her clit. Her breath was hot and her womanly scent was intoxicating.

I helped Angela lay on her back so I had better access to her lovely ass, which I filled with oil, maybe about a cup worth. I could hear her breathing change. I first stretched her ass hole with my finger and eventually my entire fist. It was very accepting. I slowly inserted the tips of the large plug, I didn't want to hurt her. It went in easily as Angela relaxed her anus, I could tell she was excited and enjoying it greatly. I pushed a little harder and her anus stretched to accommodate. Angela made a humming “Hmmmmmmmm...” sound as I pressed the plug deeper. I was maybe 3 inches in and the diameter was already almost 2 inches. To my great surprise, Angela reached down to the plug and began pushing it deeper and deeper into herself. Her pussy began dripping its juice, which I slurped up into my mouth. I couldn't believe how much there was. Since she was controlling the plug very well, I moved closer to her face and fed her pussy juice from my mouth into hers. She drank it greedily and kissed me.

Angela laid on the floor pushing, now with both hands, the huge anal plug into her deepest regions. I kissed her and fingered her wet pussy deeply. Then, I kissed her huge natural breasts which lay atop her. I grabbed them with both hands and pressed them together, little bits of milk squirted from them as I played. I bit her nipples with my teeth gently and she shrieked, then smiled at me. I sucked them until my mouth was full of her milk. She then opened her own mouth as if she wanted some too. I was happy to oblige. I sucked in as much as I could, then kissed her, feeding her the milk from her own breasts. She grew more and more excited and pushed the anal plug inside of herself more roughly.

I pleasured her while she worked on the plug. The day was turning out to be uniquely pleasant. With my fist again inside of Angela's pussy, I could feel the plug in her ass. She was almost all the way in, just a couple more inches. I decided she could use some help, and gave it a quick but intense shove. It was in. Angela's eyes locked with mine and her mouth opened with shock and excitement. I moved closer to her face and kissed her. Our tongues danced inside our mouths and I could feel the bulge of the plug in her stomach. She seemed, however, to be very comfortable. I fisted her a while longer until she climaxed and squirted everywhere. She was then tired and fell asleep, not at all minding the large plug inside her ass.

Later that evening, after Angela had plenty of time to rest, I took her and the stallion to the breeding chamber. The way Angela walked made it clear she had a huge plug in her ass. When she saw the huge stallion, she turned to me and stared into my eyes. Her mouth then began to smile and she jumped into my arms and kissed me. As we kissed I reached down and pushed on her huge anal plug. She jumped again, shrieking and then gently bit my lip as she raised her leg up and pressed herself against me. I kissed her again and felt her perfect breasts before she went to the stallion.

The stallion was very much in the mood for sex and Angela was too. She started by licking his shaft up and down and then sucking it. She was an incredible deep-throater and had the horse cock down her throat in no time flat. The bulge could be clearly seen in her throat. I was blown away, and, indeed, so was the stallion. Angela then guided the stallion to a bench nearby where she could lay on her back so the stallion could easily fuck her. The stallion then stood over the bench with Angela beneath him. She was excited and wrapped her legs up around the huge horse and rubbed herself on him.

She then rested on the bench and guided his huge horse cock into her soaking wet pussy. It slid in easily, although her pussy must still feel very tight with the anal plug taking up so much space inside her. The stallion thrusted into her and she moaned with pleasure. He pounded her more and more until she was lost in ecstacy. With the anal plug already inside her, I could easily see the outline of the horse's cock. The stallion continued to fuck Angela senseless and he finally came inside her. Angela's stomach bloated. She was herself already close to coming and began rubbing her clit as he unloaded inside her. Finally, she orgasmed, squirting on the horse's cock as his cum gushed from her cunt hole. She kept cumming and clenched her teeth and made a lovely “errrrrrrrrrrrr!” sound. She was still squirting in spurts and squeezing the stallion's cock with her cunt. It was then that the huge anal plug inside Angela's ass was, in an explosion, pushed out! Oil followed the plug closely, gushing out in rhythm as she squirted in pleasure.

The stallion was exhausted and so was Angela. I took the horse back to his pen quickly and returned to her. She was still laying on the bench with horse cum pouring from her stretched and gaping pussy. Her ass was still open, almost inside-out from the large plug. Unable to help myself, I gently pushed my fist inside, which was very easy. She looked down at me, exhausted, and smiled gently. She was oily inside and very well stretched. I could fill her womb and noticed that it was totally filled with the stallion's semen. This was excellent news! I removed my had and as I did her ass made a suctiony sounding “slurp.”

I helped Angela up as she could barely stand. She clung to me and even gently kissed me. What an amazing creature. I took her to the showers and cleaned her and then back to her pen. She collapsed into her bedding. I placed her child beside her, as she was hungry, and the baby began nursing. Angela smiled and hummed, embracing the small human. If all has gone as planned, Angela will soon have another child. I watched her as she slept, so soundly, so peaceful. I knelt down beside her and drank from her breast, the milk was sweet. Angela's pussy and ass were still throbbing. I felt compassion for Angela and rubbed a soothing gel inside and around her ass hole and cunt, very gently as not to wake her. I then made my way to my own bed.