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A Big Mistake..... or Not!

2022-08-05 00:00:04

This is the first part of my first ever story submission. I have tried to create some interest and anticipation in the reader by teasing slowly. If I have failed and if indeed it does not work – I apologise. I do hope though that it will be enjoyed and that readers will want it to be continued.

I had been hooked on internet porn for many years. Though married happily to a gorgeous 46 year old, Jackie, my wife, for 28 years, I had always secretly craved for more adventure. The older I got the more depraved my fantasies. They did though all centre around Jackie herself. I didn’t want to fuck with anyone else. I just desired more and more to see her fucking and sucking other men, preferably with me there.
Slowly I began to find more and more sites devoted to cuckoldry and I was drawn like a magnet to them. I would spend hours scouring the net, while Jackie was asleep and unaware of what I was doing. The stories and pictures, be they true or not, fuelled my ever-growing fantasy.
At first I liked seeing wives sucking on stranger’s cocks with little captions directed at absent husbands. Then I became hooked on interracial sites with white women being fucked by multiple black cocks. The contrast of white skin to black was striking. The huge black cocks looked so thick and long, often covered in the woman’s saliva and so fucking sexy. The pictures were such a turn on. I am not attracted to men at all but black cocks were making my stomach tingle and my knees weak. So I turned more and more to these sites, always imagining my own Jackie being fucked, and increasingly abused by them – sometimes willingly -sometimes not!
I often imagined her on her knees in front of 3 or 4 black men, being throat-fucked in turn and taking their thick cum both down her throat and all over her pretty little face.

The more I surfed, the filthier and more depraved my ideas became. Together with interracial, came now a desire to see her with older men, older black men of course! There were sites with white women being gang-banged by groups of men into their 60’s – all with large bellies, heavy set and with big asses too. Naturally their cocks were huge – much bigger than mine! On these sites too, the women were shown with collars and leads attached to their necks. They would be shown on their knees, often as a prelude to the fucking, being forced to lick the asses of the men, who would be on all fours spreading their cheeks wide, whilst the man holding the lead would be gripping the woman’s head roughly with his free hand, making her push her tongue into the open assholes of the others. Naturally it was my wife’s face I imagined doing this every time. God how I wanted it to be her in the pictures. God how I wanted to witness her being used and abused by men just like this.

Jackie was always happy and willing to let me take pictures of her both sexy and hardcore. These though were for my eyes only and not to be shared. We had taken lots. Of course I should never even have considered it but inevitably I had become a member of some of these sites, and, after posting many comments on message boards where others had posted pictures of their wives, my desire got the better of me and I posted some pictures of Jackie, but fairly soft ones, in sexy lingerie with only tits bared. With the pictures, I wrote a message saying how much I wanted to see her being used by groups of black men and, true to the idea of cuckolding, how I wanted to humiliated by them at the same time.

Jackie is a very sexy 46 year old blonde and naturally she got many favourable replies – both polite and very graphic. It was to the latter I was drawn most of course. I urged responses to be more and more detailed and describe in detail just what filthy acts they would carry out on her. I wasn’t disappointed! Many detailed how they would stretch her cunt and asshole wider than they had ever gone before and fill both with their thick cum. One, a 56 year old black man called Jarvis, said how he would slap her tits around and then make her lick his asshole clean before pissing straight into her mouth. He would, he added, turn her into his slave and experiment with all forms of anal abuse. He had friends too who could join in, he said. He left an e-mail and said that if I was serious and wanted to know more then I should contact him.
Naturally, I wanted desperately to have my fantasy fuelled with more detail. However, I stopped short of replying. My conscience had got the better of me and though I continued to encourage responses from others, I resolved to leave it there and just keep it as my fantasy.

My big mistake though had been to post Jackie’s pictures - 20 of them – and I was soon to be regretting it!

Our computer had developed a recurring fault – it would suddenly freeze and we had to turn off and restart. This was fine – but once restarted it would prompt you to restore your last session. On clicking ‘yes’, the last browsing session would re-appear on screen. Now this happened one night and, it being late, I didn’t restart – big, big mistake!

On my return home from work that night I found my wife surfing the very site on which I had posted her pictures. She was, to say the least, a little angry. There was nothing I could really say in my defence, so I just took all she threw at me in the hope that she would forgive me. It took a while but eventually we started talking again. She changed the password for logging onto the computer so that I would be unable to use it without her there. That would be tough, but it wasn’t as if we didn’t have a great sex life because we did.

However, coming home a few weeks later, I noticed her quickly clicking off a site. This happened on 2 other occasions over the next few days and so, heart thumping excitedly I asked her what she was hiding. She then replied that she had indeed been surfing the site on which her pictures were posted and was pretty turned on by many of the comments and amazed that so many men found her so sexy. I asked if she had noted the comments by Jarvis.
‘Him especially!’ she replied.
‘Have you messaged him at all I?’ I then asked.
‘God no!’ she said.
‘Why don’t you then?’.
‘What now?’ she replied.
‘Yeah, ask him for a picture to see what he looks like. If you tell him it is actually YOU asking, he might reply.’ I urged.
‘Alright then – I must admit I would like to know what he looks like – this man who wants me so much. I bet he’s fat and ugly though!’
I showed her how to send a message and she wrote-‘Hi Jarvis this is ‘Whiteman looking’s’ wife – you know the white bitch you’d love to abuse so much. How about letting me see you as you’ve seen me?’
‘That should shake him up a bit!’ she then laughed.

He wasn’t on line so no reply was immediately forthcoming. The next day on my return home, I was desperate to see if he had replied, but of course I had to wait for Jackie to get home. As soon as we had eaten that evening I casually asked if she was going to check for any replies. I tried hard not to seem excited but fuck was my stomach churning at the thought of Jackie actually conversing, albeit electronically, with Jarvis. She told me to look away as she logged onto the computer and then onto the site.
The reply from Jarvis was there, waiting for her and it was a long one. She laughed, opened it and began to read………..
To be continued!